And here is the excellent handbook specifically designed and released for the environmental managers and policy-makers who are working for the water authorities and will also be useful for the engineering companies directly involved in various water quality programs, especially ones in the developing countries. The book will also be found suitable when used as a textbook or main/supplementary training material for the associated WQM training courses.

The recent years showed the constantly increasing awareness of the water pollution and serious concern about it all around the planet. Numerous completely new approached have been introduced and developed in order to achieve the sustainable and reasonable exploitation of the various water resources. It goes without any saying that the duly worked out policy framework is a critically important element in water resource management. The opening chapter of this volume is intended to propose some of the general principles for the entire process of policy making and of the structure or relevant policy documentation.

The text is supplemented with several real life examples of the policy elements supporting the sustainable management of the resources. The other chapters concentrate on the strategy formulation and outline the major guiding principles for the control of the water pollution.

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The present identification guide is using composite plates of photos readers with proper identification of the offshore marine wildlife, meaning the things that you can see at sea, be they sharks, whales, dolphins, birds, sea lions, or jellyfish. Once you have a name, numerous other resources will help you learn more about the creatures that inhabit the oceans. But that all-important handle, a species name, is the first step in the cascade of knowledge.

This book is an easily accessible and brief guidance covering virtually ass see mammals as well as the sea birds. The descriptions provided by the author are very clear and the photographs are clear.  The reader all around the world have already this work amazingly useful since it is quite small but yet complete. The illustrations are perfect and cover all species.

Great and easily understandable descriptions made this book so popular among the professionals and enthusiasts. In fact, this is the only guide to the offshore sea life having such a compact size, providing about three hundred images and the wording that is suitable even for the beginners. We recommend it to be used as a quick and very handy reference tool for the naturalists conducting the boat trips...

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In the present popular and useful publication, the authors have perfectly presented a very thorough topical research in the study of the eco-systems as well as economic significance and potential threats to the environment of the Mediterranean Sea region. Among the topics that have been covered within this volume, there are the necessity for the business-oriented and economic approach to the associated ecosystem services.

The publication also addresses the matters of marine pollution caused by the shipwrecks located at the bottom of the sea and various effects of the PFW, standing for the so-called "produced formation water" on the marine environment in the subject region. In addition to above, the authors have paid particular and close attention to the environmental modeling plan covering both construction and operation of the marine terminal for the re-gasifying of the LNG in the North Adriatic Sea, and they have also dealt with the study of various biologically active peptides from the venom of the cone snail conus ventricosus in the Mediterranean Sea. In short, this title is expected to be of great practical use for all people having serious interest in this geographic area, together with its ecological system and existing threats to the environment.

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This publication was worked out by Patrick Prouzet in collaboration with Andre Monaco, with the ultimate intention to provide readers with a systemized professional view of the existing wide diversity of the impacts as well as pressures that are commonly produced by the changes in climate and by the actions by humans. The erosion of the biological diversity caused by changing of the chemistry of the ocean, ongoing intensification of the global changes are raising the serious problem of the adaptation of various living resources to the new used conditions.

The land uses are inducing the eco-imbalances that, in turn, lead to the asphyxiation of the true coastal ecological systems. There is a constant necessity for the marine environments and associated food webs to assimilate more than one billion tons of the solid wastes. In addition to that, the discharges of various radioactive materials that are emitting to the atmosphere or water, is also raising the serious question of their future. The book consists of five chapters addressing the continent-sea interface, tracers of the exchanges, eutrophication of the sea environment, marine pollution caused by the debris, and radioactivity having the anthropic origin. Some of the images are there at the end of the volume to supplement the text.

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For a long time and until now, there has been a serious need for the work that would systematically present the whole subject of the acoustic fish reconnaissance and detailing all the most important and major technical aspects of the application of the acoustic equipment in the field of commercial fish reconnaissance, and also offering readers sufficiently deep and thorough analysis of the actual effectiveness of the established fish-finding techniques.

The publication by K. Yudanov and I. Kalikhman was specifically worked out and released to respond to this need through provision of the required comprehensive overview of both theoretical and practical aspects of the acoustic detection and search, as well as the interpretation and estimation of the population, performed for commercial benefit. Particular and close attention has been paid by the authors to the accounting surveys for the quantitative estimation of relevant bio-resources and fishing conditions in the areas considered traditional for fishing activities.

They have also analyzed different applications of the acoustic technique on the basis of the extensive investigations carried out by themselves. The main content of the volume includes the results of the applicability of the various fish-finding tools, and useful recommendations on the improvement of the techniques in question.

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The Baltic Sea is deservedly treated as a unique basin - it is relatively shallow and small, and should rather be looked at a series of separate basins connected to the Atlantic Ocean only by means of the Danish Straits. The water exchange through the above mentioned series of straits is quite limited, and as a result of the positive balance of the fresh water, the water mass of the Baltic Sea is brackish, with its mean salinity being about seven per cent — 1/5 of the salinity of normal ocean waters.

This elongated sea lies between maritime temperate and continental sub-Arctic climate zones. During the winter time, it is partly covered by ice, and at most severe winters it is completely frozen over. The variable coastal geo-morphology and the wide archipelago areas give the Baltic Sea its individual appearance. There are four major brackish water basins in the World Ocean, as further discussed in the book.

The mean depth of the Black Sea is about 1200 metres and, owing to the strong salinity stratification and extremely slow renewal of the deep water, the water masses below 200 m are anoxic... In short, the publication will be very useful for the people involved in oceanographic and other activities in the area because of the information included by the authors.

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Subject work has been released to address all existing contemporary problems of the White Sea together with its basin, and the main focus has been made on the interaction between the marine and social-economic environments. Different technologies are commonly applied to the investigation of the global and regional changes, remote sensing plus various field observations, and methods of numerical modelling plus GIS, standing for the "Geographic Information Systems".

The present volume presents a first attempt of application of the multi-disciplinary quantitative approach to the assessment of various changes that are occurring today as well as of the anticipated changes. The results of numerous relevant researches have been included in this volume. When trying to achieve all goals declared by the authors of this volume, the decision was made to co-author it by a huge team of recognized industry experts.

The main content of this book has been arranged in ten major thematic chapters addressing the geography of the area in question, its watershed hydrology, anthropogenic impact, climate and oceanographic regime, profile of the aquatic eco-system, satellite oceanography, economical issues, GIS, water quality assessment, and numerical simulations.

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This volume presented by Edward Carpenter and Douglas Capone is the result of their remarkable efforts in preparing the publication that would provide the industry with a single volume containing virtually all necessary technical info relating to the numerous aspects of the nitrogen cycle.

This publication is intended to present the results of the very latest technological advances and relevant researches conducted in the field of the ocean productivity, with particular emphasis being placed on the key role that the microbes play in the transformations of nitrogen, with excursion to the higher levels.

The main content of this volume is arranged in twenty-four chapters, starting with a brief general overview of both distribution and abundance of different nitrogen forms in various estuaries. This part of the publication provides readers with a thorough comparison of the cycling of nitrogen of various ecological systems within marine environment. The chemical distribution has been discussed there in the other chapter together with the methodology.

The book also covers the enzymology  of the starting steps of assimilation of the inorganic nitrogen. The closing chapter is mainly focusing on the application and philosophy of modeling treated as one of the investigative research methods in both open-ocean - and coastal environments...

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