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Maritime Acronyms and Abbreviations

   This nice collection of the most popular and frequently used maritime abbreviations and acronyms, prepared and released by the professionals of the Bangladesh IMA (International Maritime Academy), is perfect to be used together with this Maritime Glossary of Terms from the same team of pros. The publication has been recognized worldwide and is in wide use by all people whose day-to-day job activities involve communicating in English on technical topics or preparing letters or preparation of any other technical documentation. In addition, the booklet will be very useful to future professionals, i.e. students making their first steps. Needless to say that proper and thorough knowledge of the maritime acronyms is critically important to all participants of the maritime activities, i.e. ship builders, personnel of the shipping companies, crew members, port state control officials, classification society inspector. It is definitely recommended to anyone who is not necessary the shipping industry professional but intends to improve his or her knowledge of the marine terminology, including the most used abbreviations/acronyms to read the documents, papers or technical publications.   

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ABC of Common Grammatical Errors

   Here is another popular grammatical book released for both teachers and students of English learning it as the foreign/second language. The main declared intention of the author, Nigel Turton, was to provide the learners of intermediate/advanced levels of proficiency with an easy access to the required info in order to correct their grammatical mistakes and avoid them in the future. Talking specifically about teachers of English, this title gives a practical checklist of students' errors, provided with the explanations of the related grammar points. The textbook is covering both errors in system and word grammar, together with the so-called "common" errors. The author of the guide employed the standard (British) English, describing the differences between American and British English at the relevant entries. All the entries in the guide feature the good examples of correct vs. incorrect usage, followed by the clear and easily understandable explanations of the grammar rules which have been broken in the particular cases. This reference addresses the errors that students of English make regularly. The errors collected by the author have been gathered from a huge number of various written texts that have been produced by the students at different proficiency levels.

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Business English

   The latest tenth edition of the award-winning Business English by Mary Ellen Guffey and Carolyn Seefer. The publication will help learners of English refresh their knowledge of grammar to make them more confident today, where the communication skills are becoming more and more important. It has already helped so many students over past three decades to improve their written and oral communication skills and served as a leading source for all that time because it really works. The authors have applied the three-level approach making the grammar less intimidating and much easier for the students to grasp. Such approach allows to provide smaller learning blocks proceeding from simple items to complex, helping learners to understand and remember the material. The readers will find the useful learning tools and some completely new features included to ensure the improvement of their grammar and punctuation, as well as the language usage skills. Th authors bring a truly outstanding feature called "online reinforcement exercises" - the readers will now be available to complete their homework much faster. In addition, there are numerous pre- and post-tests included to keep learners informed about the progress; self-help exercises, in turn, provide more opportunities for the improvement through continuous practice.

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Technical English Student's Book and Workbook with Audio

   The present training set is made of two books supplemented with the audio CD. This "Technical English" training course was developed and released by Longman professionals and addresses not only the grammar itself, but also the pronunciation providing users with the numerous recorded examples. The course has four levels and is aimed specifically at the students in both technical and vocational educational entities; moreover, it will suit the employees of the companies for use during their internal training. The present course is covering the core English language and the important skills that all learners require to possess to be able to successfully communicate in all industrial and technical specializations. All technical concepts that have been dealt with in this course have been presented very clearly, using various motivating texts and supplementary clear and informative illustrations. The topics covered within the course are reflecting the very latest technological developments and are all relevant to learners' needs. The grammar is regularly practiced; note that there is a comprehensive grammar summary chapter included in the course. Just try this course and you will see how your grammar skills improve, or use the material provided in the course to refresh the knowledge of the grammar rules; note that in all cases you will get to much better pronunciation.

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Career Paths - Electrician

   The title of this publication is pretty self-explanatory - it is aimed to people involved in electrical engineering, whose everyday activities require proper knowledge of all involved terminology. This volume is an excellent educational resource for the professionals of electrical industry who wish to improve their English communication skills in their work environment. The book incorporates context and vocabulary specific to the electrical fields, while each unit offers step-by-step instructions immersing students in the following four key language components, i.e. reading, listening, speaking, and finally writing. The book was mainly intended to address the most important topics including electrical concepts, electrical service entrances, types of electrical wiring, installation of various appliances, and wire codes. The present series has been organized into 3 levels of difficulty; it offers a minimum of four hundred vocabulary terms and phrases to learn. The book will serve as an excellent reference source for professionals who have to work on preparation of the electrical inspection reports and other related technical documentation. Fifteen chapters of the volume deal with the general and specialized electrical tools, power tools, basic elements of electricity, electrical safety issues, provide all required information on the electric wires including their types, codes and electric wire connectors, materials used in electrical engineering, etc. The glossary is also there explaining the specific terms.

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Effortless English

   The book by A. J. Hoge, one of the leading and recognized experts, released it to teach readers the most effective methods for learning to speak this language fluently and with enough confidence. The book will tell you how to speak without any nervousness and shyness, experiencing no fear at all, how to achieve high scores when passing IELTS and TOEFL tests, how to build up the vocabulary in a short period of time; you will also feel much stronger and calmer when speaking English, if you follow all recommendations provided by the author. The book has been specifically designed and released for the people who have already been studying English for years but still don't speak well. The materials in the book are very interesting and authentic - they are not too difficult to use. It is really worth reading and is full of truly wonderful tips. Huge amount of useful information will help you learn English language effectively. You will see how fast your knowledge of English will be improving once you have started using this book every day. Your vocabulary will grow up, and grammar skills will improve, it will be much easier for you to communicate the other people, write letters, read texts and understand then properly.

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The Regularity of the Irregular Verbs and Nouns in English

   This book presents an explanation for the IVA system in Plural Nominal (umlaut) ("foot-feet", "mouse-mice") and Past Tense (umlaut) verbal formations ("give-gave", "take-took"') in English. The IVA forms, which share the morphophonemic process of IVA, are considered to be irregular in Modern English, since the IVA appears in a very limited number of forms: i.e. approximately seven Noun Plurals and, approximately seventy-six "irregular" Past Tense verb forms divided into fourteen subclasses. The author of the publication uses the inductive methodology. The publication consists of seven parts. The first part is pretty introductory and provides the general overview of the concept and comparison of regular and irregular verbal and nominal forms in English language. The second part is named Background and, as it is implied by the title, it contains some historical background of different grammar systems, and also some overview of tenses. The next two parts have been dedicated to the non-irregular and phonological hypotheses. The fifth part addresses the semantic non-irregularity, while the last two parts of the book cover further evidence for both above mentioned hypotheses, and discussions/conclusions.

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Just Enough English Grammar Illustrated

   This book does not require any formal exposure to the practical grammar of English language. It was designed and released with the intention to provide all learners of English with some basic grammar foundation. This publication will serve other students as a review or reference tool. It takes a very practical approach and does not focus on definitions and rules. It studies how English words work and what they do in sentences. The authors made their best to present material an easy and step-by-step format. As the readers/students move through this book, they gain a good and thorough understanding of the basic principles of the English language. Gabriele Stobbe, who is the author of the book, uses fun and informative illustrations together with the colourful diagrams and schemes for easier learning of the very essential grammar points. as a result, this publication will definitely give readers proper understanding of the parts of speech and teach how to use them. The book is written very well and the concept used by the author is truly well-thought. It is also very useful and practical for people willing to build up their vocabulary, refresh their grammar skills or just get to know something new.

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A Handbook of English Grammar

   This publication is a descriptive grammar of modern English grammar. Originally, it was written as a sort of English grammar manual for Dutch students of English language. The book is dealing with syntax and accidence, without too much of accent made on the idioms. It is very valuable to all students of English since it covers literally all aspects of the grammar that are important in the day-to-day usage of the language. The author has divided the book into nine parts covering verbs, nouns, pronouns, adjectives and adverbs, structure of sentence, order of words, concord, conversion and word formation. The appendix at the end contains the list of irregular verbs, and some other supplementary information. This is the seventh edition of the book incorporating all changes and updates. Needless to say that the publication is one of the most important and must-have books for all students of English taking into account the amount of information it provides to the readers. We would definitely recommend this remarkable handbook to everyone who are intending to improve their skills in writing, reading and communication in English. Numerous references to the other publications are contained in the book.

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Fundamentals of English Grammar

   An excellent and classic textbook for those developing their grammar skills - it can be used as a reference book for both classroom training and self-study at home. This third edition of the book features same approach to the material contained in it, as it was the case with first two releases of the book. The publication by Betty Azar contains many realistic communications, features numerous options for interactive work, so many error-analysis exercises, some fully revised and updated material. Teachers of English found this book very useful because of the way the tenses and other grammar aspects have been explained. There are also so many practical and useful charts on different grammar topics. This publication is considered by the customers a good review tool for improving ESL grammar skills. In particular, this book would be very highly recommended for the oral practice of various point of English grammar. Note that while most of the grammar books are full of boring exercises, this one goes well beyond that and is therefore much more easy to use and interesting. All explanations provided in the book are very clear, making the book one of the most popular of the ones available at the market today.

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Preposition Placement in English - A Usage-based Approach

   Well, it definitely goes without saying that proper placement of prepositions is one of the most complex but interesting areas in English grammar. The present title prepared by Thomas Hoffman was released specifically for those learners of English who are willing to thoroughly investigate placement of the prepositions across various types of clauses. The author of the book is drawing on more than a one hundred informative examples. Although the book has been written within the frames of the "usage-based" construction grammar, the outcome is presented using the theory-neutral grammatical terminology; such approach used by the author makes the material included in the book easily understandable to all learners representing nearly all syntactic schools. We shall note that the present title will be of great interest to all syntacticians; however, the info that is contained in the publication will also be very useful and interesting to the researchers of the second language as well as to the people who are working on variation in English language. Moreover, it could be used by and is recommended to people studying English grammar and willing to concentrate on this particular subject to gain some confidence when making decisions on placement of the prepositions. It may be used as the textbook but also as the reference book.

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Building a Strong Vocabulary - A 12 Week Plan for Students

   The author of this book, Carl Smith, who is one of the world recognized and popular experts in the field of children's writing and reading. By following all instructions contained in the book, children may significantly increase their vocabulary which, in turn, will let them raise their IQ level, boost their success at school, college or university and improve their job opportunities in the future. Yes, this is all true, because all recent studies have proven that the success at school, university and at the job is directly linked to the vocabulary, and this is not that surprising. We all know that all our ideas are expressed with words and, the more words you have in your vocabulary, the more precise you will be and the more easily you will communicate your ideas to the other people. You have to do your best in sharpening your vocabulary skills as it will definitely let you gain control over the school, and, in the future, over the various workplace issues - this all makes the strategies presented in this book very important. each of the techniques presented by the author will help readers expand their vocabulary and, when followed, they may double the vocabulary of the average given person.

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Say It Better in English - Useful Phrases for Work and Everyday Life

   One of the most popular ESL books specially designed and released for busy people willing to improve their English skills. Use this book and you will be familiar with the most important and useful expressions to be used in your everyday life. The book contains a huge number of informative cartoons to show readers how each of the expressions is used in various everyday life situations. In addition to that, two examples are supplementing each expression included in the book. There are also more than fifty interesting crossword puzzles. The book can be used for self-study or serve as a supplemental source for EFL/ESL classroom training. The format of the publication makes the process of learning English phrases and expressions funny. All of the explanation provided by the authors are very concise and clear. The guide contains more or less all expressions required for the everyday life. The language used is very simple and easily understandable even for the beginner students. The readers will definitely be excited with the way material has been presented in this book and will f course find this guide practical and useful. The training process will be very smooth and pleasant if you use this guide.

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Longman Dictionary of Scientific Usage

   All the entries in the book are arranged into sets of terms that are closely related in meaning or subject area. This allows an entry to be compared or contrasted with related entries to make the meaning of a term clearer. There are two main sections in the book. The first comprises over 1300 basic terms commonly used in all branches of science, and which have different, and usually more precise, meanings in scientific contexts than they have in general speech. Included in this section are 180 prefixes, suffixes and general affixes of use in understanding many scientific terms. The second section defines over 8500 technical terms from the fields of biology, chemistry and physics. The entries contain other information, besides the definition, which will be of assistance in the usage of the term. The terms for biology, chemistry and physics are not divided into three separate sections; instead the sets of terms are presented according to an overall framework of scientific principles, as can be seen in the list of Contents. The Contents shows the arrangement of terms in different subject areas. Each area is indicated by a two letter code, and within such an area or set, the terms are numbered consecutively. The set codes are placed at the top of each page showing the numbers of the terms covered. An alphabetical index at the back of the book lists all the terms and their place in the book, and indicates the subject field of the term where relevant.

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A Boatload of Idioms - Over a Thousand English Expressions

   Idioms, i.e. the informal expressions that are used in our everyday speech, are often referred to as the spice of any language due to the way they can describe the idea; it shall be noted, however, that they can be one of the most complicated areas of the language. They are one of the most colourful ways to sum up what you want to say. Of course, you have to clearly understand what each of the idioms means in order to be able to use them correctly. This book presents approximately one thousand of various interesting and popular English idioms provided with the clear and understandable definitions, so it will help readers become much more familiar with the most popular expressions of the contemporary American English. The definitions and explanations are supplemented with exercises and sample sentences. The search index was also included in order to serve as a quick reference tool. Once you understand the idioms easily, speaking language will not be difficult for you anymore. You will not be disappointed with this book since the idioms provided in it will enrich your vocabulary and let you speak much easier, expressing all your idea in much better English which will be easier understood by anyone.

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The International Maritime Language Programme - An English Course for Students at Maritime Colleges and for On-board Training

   At the great number of workshops and conferences I organised or co-organised worldwide, one inevitable question was always asked: when will a Maritime English textbook be available covering the essentials to be taught to and learnt by future deck and engineer officers of the merchant marine? The excuses for not having such a book were numerous; insurmountable problems of different national educational systems, lack of time and funds, no publisher interested in that specific field, etc., etc.. Peter van Kluijven, however, Maritime English lecturer at the Shipping & Transportcollege in Rotterdam, not at all impressed by all these arguments, sat down and did what others kept putting off. Originally meant to provide a sound foundation for his own teaching he was encouraged by the Maritime English Sub-Committee of the International Maritime Lecturers' Association (IMLA) to kill two birds with one stone, namely to let the Maritime English teaching community in his classroom and share his ideas. The outcome is convincing: a well structured, English-monolingual textbook with diversified texts, tasks and projects complemented and supplemented by a CD-ROM reflecting an up-to-date content based communicative methodology of language teaching and learning titled The International Maritime Language Programme (IMLP). It is also suited for distant learning. The topics cover the essentials a ships officer in a multilingual crew needs to master in order to successfully meet the communication requirements at sea and in ports; the book even introduces the recently IMO adopted Standard Marine Communication Phrases (IMO SMCP 2002) embedded in a well thought out context and with appropriate exercises such as role plays.

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Check Your English Vocabulary for TOEFL

   As it is clearly implied by the title of this publication, the intention of it's author was to provide all readers with all training materials required for preparation for the TOEFL examination. Satisfactory results of this exam are the requirement for the entry for non-native speakers of English language at thousands of universities all over the world. The author has included a range of activities to make the learning process easier for the students and let them increase their vocabulary. The material is supplemented with the exercises. At the end of the book there is a search index. The program is intended for ESL students at intermediate-to-advanced levels. However, it will of course be very useful for native speakers of English. This is a remarkably helpful and practical book - you will definitely wind everything you need here. It will not only help you with your vocabulary but will also assist in improving your writing skills; of course, your thinking and speaking fluency will also get improved - just check the material chosen by the author, and follow the instructions in the book and you will see the results shortly. We do recommend this publication for both classroom training and self-study at home.

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A Dictionary of Science

   Here is an excellent reference source designed specifically for people reading or writing articles relating to various areas of science. The declared intention of Elizabeth Martin, the author, was to provide the students and other learners of English with very accurate explanations of unfamiliar words and/or terms which the students may come across during their studies. It offers the full coverage of terminology, as well as concepts and laws relating to different sciences, such as physics, math, chemistry, paleonthology, biotechnology, computer technology and so many others. All of the entries that have been chosen by the author for inclusion in the book are very brief and clear and it makes the publication a very handy and readable reference source. The publication would appeal not only to the professional scientists and students but also to any other persons, who are interested in science - it is definitely worth browsing. It is one of the best selling dictionaries available at the market today, and it contains more than nine thousand entries, well-arranged and covering a wide range of areas; all of the entries are up-to-date and supplemented with some additional useful data lie the biographies of the prominent scientists, illustrations and diagrams, charts, figures etc.

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English Grammar for Dummies

   Another perfect publication for those wishing to find an easy and interesting  way to improve their grammar skills. The book will let you enhance both writing and speaking. You will never experience any problems with writing papers for college, prepare a presentation, or even when communicating with people. This book will also provide readers with the very latest techniques for enhancing their efficiency with the grammar and punctuation of English grammar. In addition, it is intended to teach the basic rules or verbs, adjectives, adverbs and other topics. The grammar is explained very simply and clearly. It will be very good for people willing to review their grammar due to the wide coverage of the grammar areas. The book also contains correct answers for all worksheets contained in it; moreover, each of them is supplemented with the explanation. The publication is really up-to-date with regard to the grammar. It will definitely ask all your questions about English language and will be a great help in untangling the whole maze of this language. Note that is absolutely not "dry", as it is usually the case with most of the other, regular grammar books. We would rate this grammar book as excellent and recommend it to students as well as for self-study.


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A Practical English Grammar

   This training material has been prepared and is intended for both intermediate and post-intermediate students of English. However, the authors of this publications hope that it will be equally useful for more advanced language learners. It is a thorough and comprehensive survey of structures and forms, written in very clear modern English; in addition, they have been illustrated with numerous examples. Special attention has been given to difficult areas. Differences between grammatical formas and conversational usage are shown in the present book with the emphasis on conversational forms. You may read this book from the very beginning to the end or just go directly to the topics of your interest. It will also be ideal for all people learning English as a second language. We would say that it is a truly excellent exercise book for everyone, and maybe one of the best available today. The publication is good for people willing to refresh their grammar skills. In fact,this title might easily serve as the main source of information for people studying English grammar, since the amount of the info provided in this book is enough to exclude the necessity of using any other supplemental publications. Try this one and you will see the result.

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World Englishes - A Resource Book for Students

   The ultimate intention of the author of this publication was to provide readers with the source of info that covers all core areas of the English language. The book is a remarkably comprehensive intro to the subject, and it is also exploring the ongoing debates in world Englishes, their testing and teaching. The publication draws on a wide range of tests, examples and other data, e.g. articles from world popular newspapers, and it also includes some classic readings. Most of the important sociopolitical and historical developments in the world Englishes have been covered in this book. The title is very interesting and very well-written. The layout is perfect and makes this book very easy to read. It covers most of the related topics in a very clear format. The complexity of the English language must never be underestimated and readers should not take the sensitivities surrounding it lightly. The efforts made by the author have resulted in an excellent resource for the students to introduce them to the rapidly growing field of world Englishes. Note that references have been made to the materials straight out from our everyday life, and such approach made the whole content of the volume easily accessible for everyone. 

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Grammar at Work for Technical Communication

   This book is responding to the serious need for supplementary learning materials as well as good exercises aimed  to help all writers to enhance their grammar skills, and it is mainly focusing on the English grammar, structure of the sentence, vocabulary together with its usage, and the language mechanics, e.g. spelling/punctuation. The publication is also providing all readers with the valuable learning instructions/exercises that they could use in order to get their mastery of technical English language significantly improved. The exercises provided in the book will definitely allow readers to test their current knowledge of English and track the progress; and this, in turn, will let them determine which exactly areas need improvement. Each section begins with the review of the basic grammar rules and principles. These exercises are selected specifically for the self-study and are supplemented with the keys. It should be noted that this title is not intended to present the complete coverage of whole English grammar and for the exhaustive coverage the readers would better refer to the other publications presented at our website. In short, we do recommend the present publication to all people who are willing to improve their skills using some supplementary training materials.

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Fifteen Thousand Useful Phrases

   This is a practical and very comprehensive handbook of literary, oratorical and conversational terms, striking similes, pertinent expressions, for the embellishment of literature and speech - it will be very useful for all people who are trying to speak, read write and read in English. The writer of this publication, Grenville Kleiser, was famous for his numerous works on inspiration and positive thinking - he is also the author of several exceptional guides on personal development and oratorical success. The title of the book is pretty self-explanatory. It presents a dynamic and very powerful method that may easily be used by all learners of English willing to attain a large vocabulary. When applied in a correct way, the book will help readers to significantly increase their inventory of words. According to the customer reviews, the book shall be top rated because of the incredible work that has been performed by the author. It is a very handy publication as it contains so many colourful phrases an will also be very useful for the public lecturers. Let us underline that this book will be a good choice for all lovers of the English language and prolific readers. We recommend this book to anyone working on the vocabulary and proper usage of words.

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Terminology on Combined Transport

   Brief contents as below - General Terms - Multimodal Transport; Combined Transport; Road-Rail Transport; Accompanied and Unaccompanied Combined Transport; Roll-On Roll-Off; Lift-On Lift-Off; Feeder Service; Logistics; Short Sea Shipping; Consignment; Limit of Liability; Combined Transport Actors - Shipper/Consignor/Sender; Forward Agent/Freight Forwarder; Consignee; Transport Operator/Carrier; Actual Carrier/Subcontractor; Principal; Multimodal Transport Operator; Transport Units - Articulated Vehicle; Road Train; Trailer; Semi-Trailer; Pocket, "Basket", "Spine", Low Floor, Rolling-Road, Double Stack Wagons; Bimodal Semi-Trailer; Panamax; Overpanamax; Loading Units - Intermodal Transport Unit; Container; Land Container; Maritime Container; Air Container; High and Super High Cube Container; TEU; Swap Body; Stacking; Stuffing/Stripping; Corner Fitting; Twistlock; Tara; The Unit Load - Palette; "Big Bag"; Infrastructure and Equipment - Terminal; Logistic Center; Hub; Freeport; Dry Port; Rail Loading Gauge; Track Gauge; Loading Gauge; Private Siding; Crane; Gantry Crane; Straddle Carrier; Reach Stacker; Fort Lift Truck; Ro-Ro Ramp; Spreader.

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Glossarium - Fishing Vessels and Safety on Board

   The present Glossary is mainly dealing with fishing vessels and it also deals with all issues relating to the safety on board. It includes terminology on so many types of fishing vessels and considers passive ship safety (i.e. parts and structures of the vessel, different installations on board the ship, requirements related to the ship stability etc.) and active ship safety (i.e. lifesaving appliances, signaling equipment, pyrotechnics etc.). The content of this dictionary was prepared with so valuable input from the leading European experts in the subject field. It shall be noted that the terms included by the authors in the book are highly specialized and therefore quite difficult to find elsewhere. The team of authors has also sought assistance from many prominent national experts, in order to provide maximum possible reliability. Though most of the marine glossaries can only provide approximate translations of the specialized terms, in this publication the accent is made on the clarity of the translation. As a result, this book is one of the best available sources of technical terms related to the fishing vessels. It is indeed popular and may be recommended to anyone whose day-to-day work requires clear understanding and knowledge of such terms.

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