The ship disasters that occurred in the past all serve as reminders to the professionals of the maritime industry of the serious need for the cost effective enhancement of the safety and also as strong indicators of the gaps existing there in the stability safety of the vessels. The latter problem is actually very complex, and practically meaningful solutions to it can be feasible only in case of close international co-operation and combining the efforts made by all members of the maritime community.

A CRP, standing for the Collaborative Research Project, was launched some thirty years ago as a response to the above mentioned problem. The authors of the present publication have included selected and most valuable technical materials obtained from the first four CRP workshops. The book contains nearly fifty documents representing all currently available professional expertise related to the stability of the vessels, spanning seventeen different countries of the world.

All of the papers included in this volume have been arranged in four groups, dealing with the stability of the intact ship, stability of a damaged ship, covering the special problems of ship stability, and addressing the impact that stability has on design and operation of the vessels. Definitely must-have book for all those people who wish to be kept updated with all recent happenings in the field of contemporary naval architecture, and ship stability in particular.

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This excellent publication has appeared as the result of more than twenty-year work of the author collection and preparing all required information and then presenting it in a straightforward and pretty digestible manner -  this all has eventually made this volume very popular among the construction engineers. The present third release of the title continues to serve as one of the most authoritative and modern guides in the field of the offshore construction.

The content of the volume is based on the huge professional experience of Ben Gerwick, the author, and is also incorporating the technical information that has been already published in the several relevant sources. It has been significantly expanded and duly updated in order to reflect all recently introduced methods and materials, as well as technologies. The author has also covered the new information about such important and practical topics as the liquefaction of the loose sediments, high-performance steel, and even the damage occurring as a result of the terroristic attacks and sabotage.

The book is featuring a remarkably comprehensive coverage of the liquid natural gas transportation terminals and offshore wind-and-wave energy producing structures. The way of explanation is very clear and concise making the material easily accessible to everyone and allowing readers to successfully implement the principles that can bring their offshore and marine technical projects to life.

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Conning 3500 serves as main input and visualisation device for any SMC configuration, such as NavPilot 3500 or DPT 3500. It provides the operator with valuable primary navigation information grouped in a set of functional or 'Conning' mimics. Each mimic is designed for a specific operating condition. It is built from a collection of components from Imtech's extensive SMC library, and may be completed with any ship specific special functionality.

In addition to the visually presented navigation information, the system may be configured to generate acoustic support such as alarm signals. Conning 3500 is a client application that, depending on the configuration on board, may be installed on a DPT 3500 Server, a dedicated Conning 3500 client system, or a a multi-purpose workstation. In principle, the application can be installed in two hardware depending versions - a version for a system with track ball or mouse, and a touch screen version providing a pop-up dialog whenever the operator wants to enter settings-Several clients may run in parallel on a number of operating positions. Depending on the configuration, operator accessibility may be limited to avoid conflicts between the operator positions in different rooms.

A Conning 3500 client requires a server application for providing data. A DPT 3500 DP2 class configuration contains two servers in a master/slave set-up and an independent joystick server. The Conning by default shows data from, and provides access to, the Master server; however, provisions are available to temporarily address the Slave server.

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This very informative and useful textbook is intended to outline and discuss the most important details of the fundamental principles and established methods that are considered central to any of the studies related to the fish condition. The publication will describe all potential capacities of the indicators in question, and provide numerous live examples illustrating the use of the subject condition indicators to solving various practical problems directly relating to the fish ecology and associated researches.

The authors of the present volume, Josep Lloret, Malcolm Love and Georgiy Shulman, have focused on populations of the wild fish, and the book will duly complement the constantly increasing number of works that contribute to show how exactly the studies related to fish condition are important to reveal the underlying problems in the field of marine aquaculture, fish diseases, various effects caused by the marine pollution, and significance of fish in medicine as well as in human nutrition. The book also provides readers with a comprehensive info assisting the students as well as pros and researchers who are working in marine biology and other relevant fields. 

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This nice title shall be treated as the informative resource for everyone who need to know everything about the concrete applied in the offshore structures working in the sea-water environments since it is providing all necessary info related to these structures, chemical composition, microstructure and mechanical properties of concrete, gives some interesting historical background of concrete commonly used in the sea-water, frequent causes of the concrete deterioration in the seawater, proper selection of construction materials, proportions for the durable concrete mixtures, repair works on various marine structures, concreting practice, and future applications of the concrete offshore.

The author limited the use of specific terminology and added numerous real-life examples and also many supplementary illustrations. The concrete is deservedly considered a practical and durable material and its utilization in construction of various maritime/offshore structures is quite beneficial from economical point of view. Same applied to the reinforced concrete considered a perfect material for constructing the advanced marine structures. The present title provides crystal clear explanations of the relevant technical aspects of concrete use in building the maritime/offshore structures together with its behavior...

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The purpose of this book is to provide a basic understanding of the compressed air systems, equipment, and technologies that are available on the market today. You might have many years of experience with a specific compression system, but the catalogs and sales literature just aren't providing you with the information you need.

Maybe you've just been assigned the compression system as part of your responsibilities and you have no experience whatsoever with this type of equipment. Oftentimes, the compressors are the bastard child of a company's capital equipment and no one in particular is responsible for them. If you head up the company's maintenance department, the compressors probably fall under your responsibilities.

You may be a salesman who works with pneumatic-powered equipment and, from time to time, are asked to comment on your customer's compression systems. In any case, this book will give you the baseline information that will allow you to make well-informed decisions about specifying, expanding, or assessing a compression system.

Like many technical people, I felt that I had a clear conceptual understanding of air compression, I mean, what's to know? You suck in some air, you smash it into a tank. Simple! I even built an air compressor from an old auto AC pump and a piece of pipe when I was in high school.

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One of the key declared functions of the ILO is the adoption of the international conventions and recommendations of the issues directly related to the labor and the work. The preset publication was issued by the ILO and it addresses such the important topics as tripartite consultation, collective bargaining, forced labor, industrial relations, labor inspection and administration, wages, social security, working time, employment policy, promotion of the employees, elimination of the child labor, protection of young persons and children, maternity protection, equality of the opportunity and treatment, social policy, migrant employees, AIDS/HIV related issues, vocational training and guidance, seafarers, dockworkers, fishermen, tribal and indigenous people etc.

This collection contains a huge number of the useful relevant documentation and will definitely be of great use to any person working at sea and willing to be aware of his or her rights. It will also be helpful to the shore workers of the shipping companies, human resource departments, ship officers and others responsible for continuing compliance with all requirements of the labor-related conventions and associated recommendations.

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This is one of the most popular books on commercial shipping. The author of this volume tried to achieve the three main objectives, namely the competent handling of shipping contracts, accurate calculation of the transportation costs and effective commercial communication. It has been recognized and proven useful as a very handy reference tool and a sort of guide bridging the gap that is there in the knowledge between the office personnel and the ship's crew.

It will be equally useful when used for education or as a reference book for everyday work. Should you face a problem, just check the index and the chapters of the book and we are sure that you will find some explanation. The volume opens with a review of the basic shipping terms and ship characteristics, and then the author proceeds to the optimization of cargo capacity. The following chapters address the costs of voyage, liquid cargo measurement, draft survey of the dry cargo, bunker management, finance planning applied to shipping, computerization and other important aspects of commercial shipping.

Two separate chapters have been specifically dedicated to the bills of lading and charter parties. And, finally, the last one addresses the disputes. Apart from the theoretical part, the publication is full of real practical advice adding to its value as a reference source. In addition, there is some supplementary information included in the appendices, e.g. terminology used in charter parties, abbreviations, sample calculations, guidelines for invoicing and other useful information.

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