This perfect volume provides wealth of useful information and data for the engineers in any fields. The author included the numerous data tables and charts, informative diagrams and formulas, as well as the problems supplemented with the solutions, to enable the engineers feel more confident when dealing with the design and developments of the products, conducting the evaluation and analysis, operation activities etc.

The content of the book can easily be applied to the huge variety of the engineering problems, including but not limited to the mechanical and marine engineering, electrical engineering and electronics, metallurgy and many other important areas. As you can see, literally all engineering fields have been covered in the pages of this volume, which shall be used as a comprehensive and easily applied working tool for the modern engineer.

Spanning all of engineering, the book can be treated as a sort of summary useful to any typical engineer. We would definitely recommend this one to be used as a readily available reference manual rather than a handbook for the future engineers; it is good to open it and recheck the things you studied in the past, to refresh your knowledge.

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Today, we can say that the international maritime shipping industry is at a crossroads. Back in 2018, IMO adopted the so-called Initial Strategy with the intention to get the greenhouse gas emissions half-reduced by 2050. In addition to that, the scene was set for the future happenings.

In this book, the author tries to take a cross-disciplinary look at the different dimensions of the sustainability problem of the modern maritime transportation industry, conducting the thorough review of the models for evaluating the major decisions and policy alternatives.

To get to the desired degree of sustainability, the wide range of different measures shall be implemented in order to attain the required environmental performance. The author has analyzed the competition distortions to find better solutions. In short, you will find all necessary information on sustainable shipping in this volume, providing the complete knowledge supplemented with the technical reports and statistical data as well as the scientific references.

The content of the volume is arranged in thirteen sections, starting with the introduction and greenship technologies, EEDI and ICT, oil pollution and ship recycling, sulphur emissions and speed optimization, and many other critically important aspects.

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With more than seventy percent of the surface of our planet covered by the water, the maritime transportation of people and goods is deservedly considered one of the critically important ways of moving them all across the continents. The international maritime transportation has always been in the extensive use, throughout the history of the mankind since it allows numerous achievements that would otherwise not be possible in the other ways, including the technological, commercial, social and other areas.

This has eventually resulted in the necessity of getting to the better understanding of the ship design, starting from the very moment when the human decided to board the first boat. There have been thousands of ship designers engaged in the process of making the boats safer and faster.

However, it was always too difficult for the people to develop a due knowledge of all aspects of the marine engineering. This is where the engineering mathematics came to help them though the application of the math methods and different techniques of solving problems. In this edition of the “Engineering Mathematics” title the team of experts attempts to employ the subject knowledge in order to get proper recommendations related to the various areas of the ship design

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This is another brilliant title by Alan Branch, famous for his “Elements of Shipping”, selling all around the world. After the success of the “Elements” the author received thousands of requests for the readers willing to get a sort of companion volume addressing the work of the sea ports.

The present publication was prepared with the intention to provide them with the practical knowledge of the basic elements making the port management and operation, reflecting his experience the field of ship and port management, as well as the international maritime trade and transportation. In a plain and easy understandable manner, the author explains the very basics of the roles played by the sea ports in today’s international trading, and of their functions.

Among the other topics dealt with by the author there are such important ones as the port traffic control and computerization of the operation and management processes, marketing aspects, calculation of the tariffs, finance and economics of the today’s international trade, etc.

The content of the volume will assist readers in getting the necessary knowledge and professionalism in the subject areas; the volume will be equally useful for the students of the associated disciplines and the people working for the port authorities, actually for everyone involved in the operating sea ports in any way.

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This volume will be greatly appreciated by all lovers of boatbuilding, particularly those looking at fiberglass as one of the most perspective materials for the boat construction. The content of the publication features impressive coverage of the efficient hull construction methods used today; however, the other methods have also been paid attention.

The text part is full of detailed and clear explanations provided by the author willing to share his experience in the field of the boatbuilding, taking readers step by step through all stages of boat hull construction and repair. Moreover, it is supplemented with nearly two hundred drawings for better understanding of the subject.

The topics covered by the author include, but are not limited to the materials used for the construction, tools and instruments, associated costs, supplies, and so many others. Note that the author has also addressed the cost issue, which is traditionally omitted in most of the books of this kind.

The readers will even be duly guided through the calculation process to be able to conduct proper estimation of time and expenses needed for the project, and be prepared for same with no any last minute surprise.

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You are all encouraged to have a close look into this nice volume compiled by one of the most respected experts in the field of boat building, as released by the Mystic Seaport. The author did a truly brilliant job, providing interested readers with the detailed descriptions of the important portion of the whole collection possessed by the Mystic Seaport.

Note that there are numerous text explanations, and all of them are supplemented with the brilliant illustrations so you will actually see how it all looks. There are in total almost hundred-and-thirty boat designs dealt with in the volume, each of them very interesting for those who are fond of the sea, including ship model makers. The collection is truly impressive – more that hundred and twenty different ship designs supplemented with the detailed and clear descriptions and images.

The perfect commentaries provided by Maynard Bray are invaluable and cover every single aspect of the design. We definitely recommend the present publication and advise our visitors to make sure they have their copy of the volume, taking into account the wealth of useful information it provides in a very easy to understood and fascinating manner.

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This publication is in a very wide use in the various industries, including ship building, construction and repair. The volume is intended to provide readers with a good and thorough intro to the most important areas of contemporary welding engineering. The topics included in this book have been explained in a really simple and clear manner and the main accent was made by the author to the essential engineering matters.

The book features a remarkably comprehensive coverage of the different topics considered important. It was prepared as a good reference book to be used by the students; however, it will definitely be equally useful to the professional engineers. While it was not designed to be used as a handbook, it provides all basic information they may need.

The publication has gained worldwide popularity and not only among welding engineering students but also among the representatives of different areas, considering the fact that nowadays welding is applied virtually everywhere and having a good understanding of the welding concepts is a real prerequisite to the good handling of any design or construction activity and shall be possessed by any engineer, specialist and technician.

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An excellent title for the industry readers; its content is addressing all of the covered topics in a practical manner  making the publication one of the best available ones for the people dealing with the integrated navigation solutions. With the information compiled and presented by the world recognized and respected authorities, the present release of this popular work will provide the practicing engineers as well as computer scientists and all other categories of interested readers with a required working familiarity of both theoretical basics and modern practical applications of the GNSS, INS and Kalman filters.

The authors have been focusing on the real life problems with the main emphasis being placed on the effective utilization of the contemporary integration techniques for the above listed systems, particularly Kalman filtering. The authors have explored the commonly occurring failures and various subtleties, together with the inherent theoretical limitations applying to the real situations, and also covered many practical problems including GBAS, SBAS, GNN-aided INS, modeling of the accelerometers and gyros etc.

The book contains all updates to the GNSS and other relevant systems being under development, features expanded coverage of the fundamental design principles for antenna and receiver, inertial navigation, math models and so many other topics.

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