This is the sixth edition of one of the most popular titles on the maritime law. The publication features a truly exhaustive coverage of all topics and will be excellent for both the newcomers to the world of law and the experienced specialists. Note that all latest changes in the legislation are duly reflected in the pages of this publication. There are thirteen main sections in this book and it opens with the one explaining the ship ownership and registration.

It is followed by the sections on the ship mortgage and ship sale, contracts for the new construction of the ships, bills of lading and charter parties, maritime claims and admiralty jurisdiction, sovereign immunity etc. the second half of the volume deals with such important areas as the ship collision and salvage, towage of the vessels, pollution of the marine environment caused by the oil spills, limitation of the liability, pilotage, and passengers.

The tables of cases, international conventions, and legislation are also included. The appendices to the main content provide additional information, including the texts of the several conventions, protocols, acts, agreements and standard forms. This is a must-have for all lawyers involved in the maritime industry.

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In more than twenty five years of practical experience of the author in the yachting and more than fifty years of cruising, he has had a rare chance to visit the most of the best cruising areas of the planet. That is the reason why the author was frequently asked about these voyages by the people hoping to reach those places as well as by the people who were just curious and willing to compare the subject areas with those familiar to themselves.

Having those questions in mind, the author is now reporting on the best places. Note that only positive reports have been included in the review. However, in the cases where some drawbacks existed, the author did his best to inform the readers about them. The content of the volume has been fully rewritten in comparison with the previously released publication as well as the articles in the other books.

The boats used by the author as varied and in some cases loaned; in addition to them, there were three boats owned by him, and they have been paid particular attention. In short, this is another publication that will definitely attract the attention of the people fond of sailing and cruising, since they will appreciate the material selected and included here.

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It goes without saying that the well maintained ship will have all of the onboard equipment and systems in order and sufficient for all the voyages that the subject vessel is planning to undertake. The engineering items of today are indeed reliable and in most cases they have the failsafe devices incorporated into their construction. In addition to that, there can be some non-serviceable components that shall be paid particular attention at all times.

The experienced and professional engineers are expected to duly meet all of the technical requirements imposed by the manufacturers of the particular shipboard equipment, while the national regulations may require the equipment to be installed by the authorized technicians – this particularly relates to the electrical systems, LPG handling, HVAC and refrigerating systems etc. the engineers are therefore required to possess a good understanding of the mathematics and science, not limited to the essential calculations.

They should be able to assess how the materials cab be changed under the influence of the external heat and pressure, and to know the effect of the forces acting upon the structures. The present book will be of great practical interest to the marine engineers and any other people engaged in the maintenance and servicing of the ship auxiliary equipment, and also a perfect one for the training purposes.

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In their book, the authors are telling the fascinating story of the human trying to find the solution to one of the most serious problems of the day, namely the so-called “longitude problem”. You will read about the world famous invention by Harrison – the best timekeeper – the chronometer. The text can also be considered a history of the navigation and astronomy. The story is told in a very simple and clear way.

The historical background has been laid up in a perfect way making the readers fully appreciate all challenges that were faced by both Harrison, i.e. the inventor, and his son. The content is full of interesting stories and will be useful for those in need for inspiration or some additional motivation. It is great to know how the greatest achievements were done and what led to them. Needless to say that the invention of the chronometer is definitely one of the greatest inventions of all times.

Note that the subject person was always behaving opposite to the whole scientific community of his times and even dared to propose a mechanical solution, i.e. the clock capable of keeping the precise time, and do that at sea, while not all clocks on land could boast such a capability. An easy and recommended reading.

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Those who have satisfactorily completed all sections of this IMO Model Course 2.06 will be able to take active part in provision of the operation/control of the shipboard ballast and cargo installation thus improving the tanker safety and environment protection. They will get familiarized with the equipment and controls that are normally used on board tankers with the purpose of handling cargo.

They will also get fully aware of the importance of pre-planning as well as the use of the checksheets when performing the cargo operations, as well as of the application of the safe procedures. Due attention was paid by the authors of the course to the identification of the operational problems and finding the ways to solve them.

After the basic introduction to the subject, the trainees will proceed to the section devoted to the special procedures and operations involved, including the COW, i.e. crude oil washing, tank cleaning, draining and straining, evaluation of the in-tank atmosphere etc. The ballast and cargo operations are dealt with in the next two sections, followed with the one about the operational problems mentioned above, possible system faults and malfunctions, together with the remedial actions.

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This book by Tom Bowling is definitely an absolute treasure for all overs of seafaring history. The author, who is a prominent expert in the field, has provided the impressive coverage of the naval history with the focus on the pirates and privateers. The book will tell you about the famous pirates of the past, starting from those mentioned in the “Treasure Island” by Stevenson and “Captain Blood” by Sabatini to the “Pirates of the Caribbean” we watch today.

We can say that the pirates’ romantic image has been with people for long time. It shall be understood, however, that the real life pirates differ from the ones in the above mentioned books and movies, and for sure not all of them are that charming so do not think of Captain Jack Sparrow as of the representative pirate. In fact the pirates are normally quickly moving outlaws applying their power by means of the mobile forces.

The volume deals with the history of piracy, told in a very lively way and covering the whole historical period from the ancient times to the pirates of today patrolling the shipping lanes that are not very well regulated. Recommended for reading by all people, no background required, only love to the sea and history.

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The publication features valuable professional inputs provided by the respected specialists in the yachting history and shall be referred to as the perfect record of the experience accumulated through the decades of sailing. The material has been perfectly distributed by themes. They will definitely enjoy that the volume will make them see the important changes that took place in the past.

The numerous reviews submitted by the sailing enthusiasts from all around the world, all recommend the title. The book was written having specifically in mind those people who do believe that the sailing depends solely on their competence and knowledge, coupled with the practical experience. These people will for sure treat the volume as a very informative reading.

The content of the publication is based on the selected articles published in the world famous Rudder Magazine in the period from 1893 to 1950. The articles are grouped under several sections, namely Winter Reading, The Dream Ships, The Ideal World Cruiser, The Care and Feeding of Yachtsmen, and The Hurrah’s Nest. As mentioned above, the book is therefore highly recommended to all people with the interest in sailing and cruising.

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This is a very informative volume developed and released by SIGTTO, one of the most authoritative organizations in the modern maritime shipping world. It opens with some general introduction. Then there is information about the early days of the LPG industry, where the readers will get to know about the trial voyages of the “Methane Pioneer” back in 1959, the “Methane Princess” and “Progress” considered truly exceptional pieces of engineering of those times, cross-Mediterranean trades, containment systems etc.

After that, you will read about the pioneers of the industry, including the key innovators and motivators, shipboard cargo handling appliances, shipbuilding activities in China, South Korea and Japan, etc. The LPG carriers and trade activities are discussed in the next chapters together with the safety regime, including the role played by the SIGTTO in developing the safety record, contents of the IGC Code and its revisions, information about the LPG terminals and other aspects. After going through the info about the middle years and the new millennium, the readers will reach the today of the LPD marine transportation. In short, the document shall be read by all people willing to stay at the edge of the modern technology.

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