The main declared objective of the present volume was to introduce the engineering and mathematical approximation schemes to the readers and describe both kinetics and thermodynamics of the electro-chemical systems considered the fundamentals of the corrosion science. The material in each of the chapters has been given in a very easy-to-follow manner.

The readers will be provided with the clear explanations and definitions of all theoretical concepts involved. Every effort was made by the author to keep the mathematics as simple as possible to make sure that the students do not experience too much of difficulty when trying to understand the basics of the electrochemical processes relating to the corrosion. The readers are offered an opportunity to learn and understand the corrosion using the theory clearly explained with the aid of numerous images and figures, schemes and graphs.

Several example problems have been included in the book to better illustrate the application of the math and electrochemical concepts to solve the corrosion problems. The corrosion is one of the most serious problems to be paid attention in shipbuilding and exploitation and we would therefore recommend this book to every person involved in construction, handling and repair of ships.

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The present naval architecture and ship stability textbook was released to provide naval architects and students with a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of ship stability. The past decades showed the evolvement in the assessment of the ship stability. The volume will enable readers to get themselves duly familiarized with the modern methodologies.

The author gives excellent explanation if the probabilistic damage methodology, detailing the relevant requirements applicable when assessing the newly introduced ship classes and sizes. The volume contains very useful and up-to-date information and this makes it useful to the students of naval architecture and marine engineering. The content is perfectly illustrated and includes numerous chapter studies.

The material of the book has been arranged in fifteen chapters. The first one introduces readers to naval architecture while the next thirteen chapters make the main body of the volume covering all necessary aspects of the modern ship stability. Finally, the closing chapter provides several examples for better understanding of the theoretical part. An absolute must-have for all naval architects and anyone with the professional interest in ship stability.

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The author of this publication has successfully adopted a practical approach and has presented all recent researches and also different practical applications in the real-life design and operation of the submarines. The list of topics covered within this volume is including the hydrostatics and maneuvering of the submarines, and their resistance and propulsion problems.

The author has conducted a brief review of the fundamental technical concepts in ship hydrodynamics and then proceeded to the demonstration of how exactly subject concepts could be applied to the submarines, covering the use of the physical model experiments. He has also clearly explained all issues commonly associated with the maneuvering of the submarine in the vertical/horizontal planes allowing readers to discover the suggested stability criteria, together with the effectiveness of the rudder and also hydroplane.

The publication also is including a separate section covering the design of the hull appendages including all technical info relating to the sail design and arrangement of the bow planes plus alternative configurations of the stern part of the submarine. Among the other topics that have been addressed in this volume we would mention the hydro-acoustic performance, different resistance components and hull shape effect. The content reflects a great experience of the author in this field of submarine design.

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The sea trade has always played a significant role in both the business success of shipping companies and the welfare of the nations. The container storage yard is the geographical and operational centre of the container terminals in most seaports. As a result, it is very important and plays one of the major roles for the trade and transportation flows.

One of the very latest developments in the operations relating the storage of the containers is the implementation of the automated rail mounted gantry crane system offering the very dense stacking of the units and lower labour costs. This publication was written with the purpose to investigate if the operational performance of the above mentioned seaport container terminals is influenced by the design of the storage systems and find out to what exactly extent this performance is affected by the framework conditions at the terminal.

In addition, it is discussed the strategies applicable to the crane scheduling and stacking of the containers. The authors present a very detailed simulation model in order to compare the performance effects of some other storage designs as well as innovative planning strategies. This is a very useful and informative publication for people involved in storage and transportation of the shipping containers. 

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Here is the essential reference book defining the most commonly used terminology and principles usually found in various engineering papers and drawings from various fields. All of them have been explained in this publication in a very plain and unambiguous English.

The purpose of the book was also to distinguish how some engineering terms take on different meanings in different contexts, and this is of course critically important when people start working on collaborative projects with many colleagues and diverse elements. The book provides general technical definitions of various engineering-specific terms.

It clarifies all most popular technical terminology usually misused/intermixed and may serve as a very handy reference for all engineers; in addition, this publication provides a reference materials collected from the recognized and authoritative sources, including various standards and commercial specs.

Ron Hanifan, who is the author of this book, did his best to span a range of engineering disciplines covered by this publication so that it could include electrical and mechanical engineering as well as materials. It will be ideal for engineers, students and any other people who require due understanding of the engineering language.

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The maritime container transportation has grown significantly in the last forty plus years. As a result of that, it become an important mode of the intercontinental cargo traffic. Container terminals always played a major role as the multimodal interfaces between land and sea transport. The dimensions of the container vessels have dramatically increased during the last decade, in order to benefit from the scale economy.

Some of the large container vessels may require thousands of lifts in a seaport cargo container terminal during a single call. Taking into account the fact that the container carrier involves huge capital investment as well as high daily operating costs, customer service is now a critical issue for the seaport terminals - as a results, so many terminals are making attempts to improve the throughput and reduce the turn-around time. The containerization is growing constantly, and the number of port terminals is increasing, correspondingly.

As it is meant by the name, the aim of this publication is to reflect the major latest developments and also to present the most important insights; in addition to that, the efforts were made by the authors to check the various successful solutions to the existing operational problems of the transportation systems and terminals. ​

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This work by Jason Burns is focusing on the shipwrecking events and on the history as well as the archaeology of a single vessel. The publication provides readers with the information on the international shipping and struggle for dominance in the maritime shipping in the XIX century.

The author has successfully used a wealth of the historical information and data together with the results obtained in the course of the numerous archaeological surveys to shed the light on the wreck of a XIX-century merchant ship off Pensacola, Florida, US, offering readers a very interesting story, well-written and researched... Stroll along the white sands of Santa Rosa Island on Florida's Panhandle, gaze out to the clear emerald waters of the Gulf of Mexico, then close your eyes and imagine this scene: at daybreak the storm has abated, but heavy seas still pound the beach...

In his book the author, Jason Burns, used the very wide assortment of historical data along with the results of various archaeological surveys in order to tell the readers the fascinating story of the shipwreck happened to a XIX-century merchant vessel "Catharine" not far from Pensacola, Florida. He offers a very interesting reading, well written and researched.

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Nowadays, the maritime transport plays a truly dominant role in the international trade, serving it and significantly contributing to it's development. More than ninety percent f the traded goods are transported by means of vessels, making these vessels an essential asset, one of the fundamental ones for the global commerce.

Merchant ships are becoming more and more complex to meet the increasing demands of the world economy. This work by Lief Bleyen is focusing on a very specific aspect of maritime claim enforcement - judicial sales of ships, as it is stated in the title. This is a procedure that the creditors commonly resort to in the cases of the irreversible default situations. A significant portion of this volume approaches the above mentioned topic from a comparative perspective, and the main goal is the assessment of the existing differences and similarities of this procedure between the jurisdictions of Belgium, England & Wales, and the Netherlands.

In the present volume, the comparison is used by the author to conduct the further analysis of the potential impacts these differences might have on the reliability and effectiveness of the sale procedure in each of the named jurisdiction, forming the basis for the assessment of the feasibility of harmonizing procedures as well as fostering the acceptance of these procedures...

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