BMP West Africa

Author(s) BMP West Africa
Publisher SIGTTO
Date 2020
Pages 72
Format pdf
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Taking into due consideration the complexity and dynamics of the current maritime security situation in the West African region, the present document was prepared and released is order to provide required assistance to the vessels and onboard people to avoid getting involved in any security incidents when passing the above mentioned waters.

The document is intended to help the crews when preparing for the voyage, and it will also be useful when applied to detection, avoidance, delaying and reporting any attacks. The best management practices, included in this publication, will help to mitigate or at least minimize the risks originating from the piracy and armed robbery.

Proper and timely application of the instructions provided in this document will eventually result in the improved safety of the mariners. Of course, it shall be noted that there can be different types of attacks and threats involved, requiring different approaches. It shall also be noted that these practices shall not be considered as distracting from the overriding authority of the ship’s Master as well as his responsibility relating to the protection of the ship’s crew and cargo that is carried on board.

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