Emergency Navigation

Author(s) David Burch
Publisher International Marine/McGraw-Hill
Date 2008
Pages 268
Format pdf
Size 5 Mb







An excellent source of reference for the prudent mariners providing them with the significantly improvised and no-instrument methods. The content has been found to be useful, fun to read, interesting and informative, helping readers to get the proper clear understanding of the general principles of navigation not addressed earlier. The text of the publication is thorough, well-thought and authoritative, making it a very definitive professional work for the seamen of all experience levels.

The seamen know that any instrument can fail, get broken or fall overboard. The present title by David Burch is aimed to show the seafarers how to find a way regardless of the navigational equipment possessed, and regardless of what boat or vessel they operate. The author has made a great job in explaining readers the making use of literally all available means and materials and apply them to the calculation of the speed and direction of the vessel, longitude and latitude and also to deal with all important aspects of dead reckoning and piloting of the vessel.

They will learn about the steering of the ship by sun, wind, swells and stars, finding the sun in the fogbanks, improvise their knotmeters and sextants, estimate the leeway, current and latitude, and a wealth of other vital information.

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