Introduction to Engineering Mechanics

Author(s) Jenn Stroud Rossmann
Publisher CRC Press
Date 2014
Pages 467
Format pdf
Size 5 Mb







This book is intended to provide any engineer with the essential technical knowledge of the integrated mechanics. The authors of the present release of the book are using the continuum mechanics to demonstrate the connections existing between the engineering structures and design and also between fluids and solids, helping readers learn how they can predict various effects of stresses, acting forces and strains.

The "continuum checklist" provided by them gives a framework for a broad variety of problems in the mechanics of solids and fluids. They are trying to assist the readers in developing a proper physical intuition for the behavior of fluids and solids and other materials, including bio-materials, through building the formulations from the one-dimensional to 2D and 3D. The content of this book shall serve as a very accessible and easy-to-follow first introduction to the engineering mechanics, incorporating a broad range of real real-life cases to highlight its relevance in all contexts.

The volume is also offering a very useful and practical perspective for all engineers who are concerned with mechanical, chemical and other fields of engineering. This edition of the book contains even more live examples and problems; its text part defines and presents the template to be used for continuum approach, introduces stress/strain in one dimension, extends the existing concepts to higher dimensions, connects fluid and solid mechanics, considers applications in mechanics etc.

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