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The content and arrangement of this program is quite similar to the another Wilhelmsen Ship Service program related to the engine cooling systems. In this program the users will be enabled to get some interactive training on water treatment for the shipboard steam boilers.

There is some introductory general information on steam boilers, fundamentals of water chemistry, corrosion and scaling issues, and water treatment solutions, while the other sections of the program are covering chemical dosing and control, recording of test results, practical tips for monitoring and guidance, as well as the effective troubleshooting guidance.

Once the user gets fully familiarized with the theoretical parts, he can pass the tests in order to evaluate his knowledge. Noting the remarkable coverage of the important aspects of the water treatment covered in the courses, we would consider both of the WSS training courses recommended to all crew members dealing with the operation and maintenance of the subject shipboard machinery items as well as all other persons, such as the technical, engaged in same on a regular or even occasional basis.

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The present application was prepared and released by WSS (standing for the Wilhelmsen Ship Service) specialists to serve as an interactive training resource. The duration of the course is approximately 25 minutes so it will not take too much of your valuable time. The content of the course starts with the general introduction to the cooling systems of the engines and basic information about the water chemistry as this knowledge is pre-requisite to proceed further.

Then, the trainees will go through the problems commonly caused by the scaling and corrosion, dosing and control of chemicals, different water treatment solutions, safe water sampling and testing techniques, troubleshooting, monitoring, servicing etc. The Adobe player will be required for the program to run. The user will have to launch the start.exe file to commence the training process, and type something in a "login" field, no matter what exactly.

The self-assessment test also there so the trainees will have a chance to evaluate their knowledge upon completion of the course. note that we have another WSS training course devoted to the water treatment for steam boilers which is also highly recommended for the students, trainees and practicing engineers.

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This training simulator was developed and released by MOTIA is order to provide practical assistance to the trainees willing to get some real experience in operating of subject boilers. The program is divided into two main parts, first of the parts is covering the Automatic Operation of the Kangrim boilers while the second one is devoted to its Emergency Operation.

The automatic sequence controller governs the starting sequence, while the steam pressure controls the load modulation. The signal goes from the controller to the servo-motor regulating the oil compound regulator... There are many moving images provided with valuable comments demonstrating the operating principles - they will help users to get to the better understanding of the fundamentals of boiler operation. No need to install and no activation codes required. The pack was verified clear from any sort of malware. Have a good training.

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This nice and interesting simulation software has already proven to be effective training tool for those studying the fundamentals of marine engineering; note that it is also good to the professionals of marine engineering willing refresh their technical knowledge of ship machinery.

Designed to work on all Windows, it will let the trainees operate a slow-speed turbocharged MAN B&W marine diesel engine as the propulsion engine driving the fixed propellers and CPP. The model has been developed on the basis of the real diesel engine data making the dynamic behavior incredibly close to the one of real engine response.

Two diesel generators have been included in the electrical plant, together with the one shaft generator, one turbo generators, and of course one emergency generator. In the meantime, the steam plant consists of the steam and exhaust boilers, one ballast turbine and four cargo turbines, and water systems. Excellent and recommended training resource for everyone engaged or intending to get engaged in the operation of subject shipboard equipment.

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This is nice and very user-friendly simulator of the LNG, i.e. liquid natural gas carrier. We are all aware of the fact that that such tankers commonly carry liquefied gases at temperature -163C.

These unique vessels require very qualified crew and anyone who wants to work onboard such ships has to pass the conventional courses as well as specialized training courses.

This program will be very useful for the crew members of the vessels carrying LNG since it will allow them to have some practice and use their theoretical knowledge obtained earlier. It was developed by Yusen Marine Science Inc.; it is fully compatible with all releases of Windows OS. Launch it and enjoy your training.

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Please try this 4.2.2. version of the Integrated Boiler Plant Simulator; though release quite a while ago, this training software remains actual and continues to be useful for the persons willing to get familiarized with the boilers installed on board marine vessels.

This program can still serve as the perfect training instrument for many categories of trainees - from students, i.e. future marine engineers, to the professional engineers working as the crew members and sailing on vessels with their duties including operation and routine technical maintenance of the boilers - they may wish to use this simulator to refresh their knowledge.

The software will operate on all computers provided there is any of the Windows installed, it is fully compatible with latest releases system. Note, however, that the program only starts with the 1024*768 screen resolution. Please use the "12345" password in order to get full access to the admin settings. Free. No activation codes or anything like that required. No viruses inside. Have a good training.

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FRAMO Training System CBT (standing for the computer based training) is an excellent and very popular educational program specifically developed and released to be used by the crew members of chemical tankers during their familiarization with the pumping arrangements on board.

The content of the present training pack includes two nice and informative video films, scan copy of the training manual to be followed during the learning process, as well as the special software.

Though the primary audience for this course consists of the people working on the chemical carriers, we would consider this course equally useful to the crew members of all vessels; obviously, every single vessel has pumps installed and their general working principles do not differ too much from one manufacturer/model to another.

The format is mdx so the trainees will either have to burn the CD or use any virtual drive which is very simple to do.

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This training software consists of three parts which cover the main components, operating principle and troubleshooting for the oil servo mechanism. It was released by MOTIA. The troubleshooting section will demonstrate users how they should proceed to identify the component giving problem as well as individual components.

The procedures in the program are explained in details and will be understandable to everyone. This small program will be useful for students or crew members willing to get the knowledge about the basics of the oil servo mechanisms troubleshooting.

As it was the case with similar program devoted to the Air Servo Mechanism, it is recommended to the people engaged in the operation and routine technical maintenance of the equipment, and is considered equally useful for the beginners and professionals.

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