Let us offer you to try the new interactive training set released by Wilhelmsen Ships Service. The developers of this excellent training resource did their best to provide trainees with the tool enabling them to get familiarized with virtually all important aspects of the fuel oil usage by the machinery installed on board vessels.

The main content of this course has been supplemented by the numerous test questions - they will let you ensure you understood the material correctly and track your learning progress. The duration of the video is about twenty-five minutes. The working language of the course is English.

Note that the trainees will have to install the Adobe Flash Player on their computers in order to start training. Also make sure you enter something (no matter what) in the Login field of the program interface, just do not leave it absolutely blank. We recommend this course and wish you training success.

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This training presentation has been prepared to provide the trainees with a detailed guidance to operating AQ type Aalborg boilers in emergencies. It is intended to demonstrate the users the correct sequence of actions to be followed.

In short, following should be carried out: first, the Boiler Mode key shall be changed over from Auto to Manual, and then the Burner changed to manual - this is done by pressing the Burner Auto button (note that the green light shall go off); after that, the selector switch of the Combustion Air Fan shall be changed from Auto to 0 position; make sure that the vanes are completely shut and only after that you may change to Manual position (at this time the fan will start running); then, you shall press the Combustion Controller Off button in order to put off subject controller.

It shall be noted that two potentiometers have been installed on the Panel with the purpose of controlling both Air and Oil flows when the Boiler is being fired in Emergency mode.... A very useful training source for the crew members engaged in operation and maintenance of the subject boilers.

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The present training software is representing the tenth release of the world famous "Marks' Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers". The paper copy of the book has been already appreciated by the engineers from all around the world and found to be one of the best available engineering publications ever.

The content of the handbook is really very useful, making it the comprehensive reference book for engineers of literally any field. The authors of this book had two major objectives when preparing it. First one was to update and modernize the contents, and the second declared objective was to hold to the absolutely highest standard that has been maintained for more than eighty years by the previous editors.

The Marks' Standard Handbook is intended to aim the students and practicing engineers in their everyday operations and is the result of joint collaboration of fifty recognized industry professionals. There is no doubt that this software shall definitely be installed on the computer of every single engineer including mechanical and marine engineers. Thanks to the professionalism of the contributors and developers of this program, it is covering everything and contains all information the engineers may need.

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This training software was developed by Deimos long time ago; note, however, that it still remains absolutely actual and helpful for all people who are studying marine engineering and require some visual training in addition to the information they receive from the books and during the lectures.

This program could be used by the marine engineering students for simulation of the different situations that commonly happen in the course of the operation of HFO/DO, i.e. heavy fuel oil and diesel oil preparation systems installed on board ships.

The program is fully compatible with all Windows operation systems, including Windows 7. It will note require any installation codes, activations, sms etc. and was checked for viruses, trojans and other malware. Just use it and get familiarized with the operation of the ship machinery, it will for sure help in the future.

Not only students, in fact... this program can and shall be used by the marine engineers willing to refresh their technical knowledge and practical skills, or, for instance, when moving from one vessel to another.

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The CoolPack is the software that was specifically developed for the calculation of the refrigeration plant characteristics. It will work without any problem on any Win32 platform. The users of the program will be enabled to perform the calculations of the characteristics of the cool air using the I-D diagram.

The program supports creation of plots and data tables of various refrigerant properties. No viruses inside. No activation codes or any other payment needed. No need for any special background or computer skills, just launch the program and its user-friendly interface will make it very easy for you to operate.

An absolutely recommended supplementary software for every refrigeration engineer including those serving the refrigeration installations on board sea-going and other vessels.

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This training program has been developed and officially released by the FluidPowerZone specialists whose ultimate intention was to provide the shipping and offshore industry peoples, both professionals and students, with a practically useful instrument which, when it is used in a correct manner, will definitely let them improve their skills in the field of the hydraulics.

The trainees who spend some time with this course and satisfactorily complete all training modules, are expected to have an absolutely clear understanding of how exactly the basic hydraulics laws shall apply to the fluid power.

The software describes many components of the hydraulic systems in detail, and the developers of the program have also addressed the way these components interact. In order to be able to use this software, they should first burn the CD; alternatively, they may use any of the virtual drives...

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This official Alfa Laval training program is intended to help the marine engineers and provide some information on the titanium plate type fresh water generators and their installations on board vessels as well as onshore facilities.

We would recommend this training software to all people involved in the operation and maintenance of the subject fresh water generators as this training will definitely help them to develop the necessary practical skills to supplement their theoretical knowledge.

Clean files, no viruses, ads or malware, no need for paid installation or activation codes. Enjoy your training.

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