The present document provides the comparison of the three different releases of the York Antwerp Rules. Subject Rules govern the general average cases. The YAR were originally instigated at the international conference held in York back in 1864. The objective of the Rule is the promotion of the international uniformity when dealing with the general average; another objective is making the whole process involved effective from the commercial point of view.

The content of the rules is subject to periodical update under the auspices of the CMI, standing for the Comite Maritime International made up of the national MLAs, i.e. Maritime Law Associations. This latest 2016 release of the Rules includes numerous minor changes such as the amendments made to the numbering system.

They also feature better consistency in the terminology used. It should be noted that the amendments to the YAR have not altered the meaning of the Rule that is why the authors of the present document have not considered it necessary to highlight them. All important additions and changes have been shown. The new Rules include several variations in the text when compared to the 1994 and 2016 releases. A must-have publication for every party of the maritime insurance process.

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The role of warranties in marine insurance has sparked debate in recent years and there have been calls for reform of this area of the law. This book sets out the current law on marine insurance warranties. It further looks at the position on warranties through the wider perspective of how the defence of breach of warranty fits into the scheme of the other major defences the marine insurer may have under a marine policy.

Whether there is any justification for calls for reform is then considered. The law in other jurisdictions is assessed, before specific proposals for possible reforms are set out. At a time when there is a flurry of cases in the English courts on warranties, when the CMI is considering the law on marine insurance and other marine insurance markets may be growing at the expense of the London market, it would be well for all those involved in the London marine insurance market to consider the points made in this eminently readable and thought provoking book.

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One of the main objectives of this monograph by Michael Ford, one of the world recognized exerts in the field of marine insurance, was to provide readers with a very comprehensive legal analysis of two aspects. The first is the impact that the marine insurance fraud has on the position of various involved parties to a contract of marine insurance, while the second is the cover that is provided by standard policies.

That is why the author of the present volume has divided it into two parts. The first part of the book is dedicated to the analysis of the impact of insurance fraud that is committed b a parties to the contract, i.e. the assured, insurers and brokers. The part two of the book, in turn, is mainly dealing with the analysis of the extent to which the dishonest activities of third parties to a contract (for example, ship crew members or even pirates) is actually covered by the existing standard marine policies.

Note that this volume was initially designed to offer readers a thorough analysis on frauds and that is why the author believes that it shall also discuss all above stated matters. Though the existing marine policies provide some cover against the fraudulent activity of third parties, it shall definitely be taken into account that the relationship between the insured risks and excluded perils could be quite difficult to ascertain...

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In the very first release of this world popular publication on marine insurance it's authors celebrated the introduction of the newly presented set of relevant policy forms covering the cargoes worldwide. In fact, they wee actually designed as stand-alone documents. Subsequent editions of the book have been published to keep it updated with the numerous additions and changes to the marine insurance clauses.

This latest edition of the volume is aimed to bring the readers up-to-date with the today's complex and confusing variations in the  policy conditions. The content of the book has been arranged in five major parts, the first part being pure introductory. the part two is dedicated to the marine cargo forms - it starts with some historical perspective and covers all cargo clauses including the restricted perils and particular commodities, as well as occasional/additional clauses. The third part is dealing with the marine hull forms and covers all associated clauses.

The next part of the book addresses the additional insurances available for the ship owners and covers excess liabilities, extended conditions, freight insurance and other aspects. Finally, the closing part deals with the war and strikes risks forms. Definitely must have one for the marine insurance professionals.

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