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This volume was released to be used as a single reference book for all interested parties, covering all relevant aspects of the marine insurance law. The topics addressed within this publication have been arranged in line with the Institute Cargo Clauses and have been explained in detail. the publication has already deserved excellent reputation worldwide due to the clarity and accuracy of its content.

According to the students and practicing lawyers, this is one of the most authoritative titles on the subject of those available today, and that is the reason why this book shall be in the professional library of any practitioner involved in maritime cargo insurance. The main declared purpose of this title is reflecting the aim which was expressed in the Time Charters volume providing practitioners with all legal information relating to the matters they normally encounter.

The list of topics includes but is not limited the history of marine cargo insurance and commonly used definitions, insurable interest, certificates of insurance, jurisdiction clauses, risks and exclusions, duration of the insurance losses and claims, and many others. Some important supplementary information is provided in the appendices.

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The material presented in this book was prepared by the specialists of two world recognized and authoritative entities. The authors of the volume provided readers with the clear and understandable explanations of the different types of marine ship hull insurance claims that would normally arise under the standard conditions of maritime insurance.

They have also addressed the steps that shall be taken by the owner of the vessel to anticipate and respond to the casualties. In addition to that, one real life case study has been included in the content of this nice and informative booklet to demonstrate the actions and responsibilities of all parties involved in any serious casualty at sea. The authors tried to give a sort of general guidance while avoiding any complex and academic issues.

The book covers such important topics as the maritime claims in general including covered claims, proximate clause, burden of proof, recoveries and other risks, general average together with all aspects, practical aspects of particular average including drydock and removal expenses, overtime cost, riding repairs and many other topics. The procedures and info required to support the claims are dealt with in the fourth chapter, while the fifth part addresses the average adjuster. As you can see, literally everything is covered and explained in detail.

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The marine insurance itself was first invented in Italy some five centuries ago and since then has always provided merchant shipping with the protection, facilitating the maritime commerce and trade. The content of the present book is mainly focused on the laws and customs as well as on the organizational structures, revealing the origins of the marine insurance and tracking the spread of the associated underwriting institutions and practices.

The work has been prepared on the basis of the valuable contributions made by the eleven world recognized researchers from seven different countries, sharing their knowledge and experience with the readers. The insurance is expected to provide a sort of contingent capital transformed into the money to allow shipping companies perform the trading with less conventional capital that would be required in their perilous commercial environment.



Opening with the introductory section which covers the study and nature of the marine insurance, the publication addresses different historical periods in different countries of the world, starting from the early development and up to the nineteenth century. This is a good book for anyone dealing with the insurance matters.



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The main purpose of the present book is to provide readers with a sort of initial intro to the marine claims as well as to the role played in the marine hull claims by the average adjusters. The readers are expected to have some very basic knowledge of the associated terminology.

Written by the three prominent experts in the field of marine insurance, the booklet will be of great practical use for anyone involved in the world of maritime transportation; in addition, it may be used by those preparing for the exams in the Association of Average Adjusters noting the amount of useful information it contains. The book opens with the general introduction followed by the section where the main ship types and trades are explained.

The following two chapters are devoted to the commercial operations, risks and insurance. Once this is covered, the readers can proceed to the global markets and basic principles of marine insurance including hull claims, partial and total loss, sue and labor. The closing chapters of the publication are dealing with the salvage, so-called general average, and collisions. The last one gives some useful information on practical handling of the marine hull claims.

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