maritime archaeology

Author(s) Jeremy Green
Publisher Academic Press
Date 2004
Pages 470
Format pdf
Size 9 Mb







In the present technical handbook on marine handbook the author, Jeremy Green, provides a good and systematic technical overview of the marine archaeology, offering readers a detailed description of this rapidly growing field of marine science. This second edition of the handbook includes wealth of newly added information related to the utilization of the computers together with GPS, newly established methods of data recording and documenting.

The author of the title is treating the underwater archaeology as a completely separate discipline, demonstrating how the professionals, government officials and scientists usually interact and how the today's market for the artefacts creates various opportunities for these professional groups. The text of the publication is perfectly illustrated with numerous informative images; and the approach that has been chosen by the author is very comprehensive. The volume provides readers with a basic information on underwater environments, land structures under the water, and conditions that are created by the sea by the changes in it's level.

This book has been primarily intended to serve as a guide and source of reference info for all people who are working in the field of maritime archaeology. The original concentration on important technical matters is maintained by the author, since this volume is a technical handbook.

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