Mighty Ships - Umiak I

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This episode will tell us about Umiak I, which is the lifeline to remote nickel mine at Canadian eastern coast. The mine desperately needs supplies. The ship has to get there. Fight through storms and swells, she returns to the mine with one hundred million dollar cargo. Out here in the ice, Umiak I is all on her own. Umiak I is the most powerful ice-breaking bulk carrier on the planet.

Driven by the largest single engine in Canada, she sails just one circuit, the 1100 miles between Quebec City and the nickel mine in the Voisey’s Bay in North-Eastern Labrador. From Quebec, Umiak I brings all the supplies required to sustain the mine and keep it working in the 24*7 regime. The returns loaded up with thirty-three thousand tons of nickel concentrate costing more than 120 million dollars. She makes a trip at least once a month, year-round, no matter what the weather.

Every journey is a heavy-duty obstacle course for the captain of the vessel and all crew members. In 2006, Captain Rose was first officer on her maiden voyage and four years later he was given command… In short, this video will provide lots of interesting information about a vessel of remarkable design and construction, and assigned a top important mission.

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