This useful android-based application was originally developed and then released by Transas Marine Ltd. It will required the Jelly Bean operation system or later to run properly. This nice software is remarkably user-friendly and presents a navigational system - in fact, it was specifically created for the beginner and amateur mariners.

This app should be used on yachts and boats. No malware inside, no problem with this. The app will work straight using the built-in GPS receiver; note, however, that it will also work with any device that can be identified by your android stuff and work as the source of the data for Location Services.

In this case, the Location Services feature on your device must be enabled and allow the iSailor to use it. Definitely useful program for yachters and boaters who will benefit from its useful features and interface making it so easy to use - just install on your mobile phone/tablet, launch and you are ready to go...

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An excellent collection of the relevant documentation presented in the easy to use format. Books - GMDSS Handbook - Introduction, Basic Concepts and Communication Systems, GMDSS Equipment Carriage Requirements, Operational Procedures, Shore-Based SAR Communication Network and Operation, Master Plan, Maintenance of Equipment; Theory - GMDSS, Terrestrial Communications, Inmarsat, Promulgation of MSI, Emergency Radio Beacons, Survival Craft Radio Equipment, Charges for Traffic, Ship Power Supplies, IAMSAR Manual, STCW 95, Master Plan for the GMDSS, Extracts from SOLAS, Abbreviations; ITU Books - List of Call Signs, List of Coastal Stations, List of Ship Stations, List of Radiodeterminations and Special Services Stations; FCC Maritime Regulations - Stations in the Maritime Service; Stations - Navtex, Inmarsat, MF/HF/VHF. as you can see, absolutely everything is included for ready immediate use. This collection can be opened on any computer and features remarkable compactness making it a must-have one.

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Simplified Harmonic Method - tidal prediction program which has been developed and officially released by the UKHO, standing for the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office. The original intention is to prepare the program that would be used for calculating the tides without mathematical modeling - using this calculation method, the observations local to the prediction point are used to properly determine the tidal curve; then, the harmonics should be derived from the curve.

The program will work on every MS Windows system. No need for cracking or activation. No viruses. Just use the disk image file contained in the archive to bun the CD, or, alternatively, you may use the so-called virtual drive to run this program without physical drive. The archive includes the patch provided by UKHO, which can be installed on a computer after the installation of the SHM has been done.

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The present software is the ver. 2.1 of the RYA "Complete Competent Crew, Day Skipper and Yachtmaster Course". It was compiled and released by Longbow Sail Training. This training program is free and does not require any activation or installation codes.

It includes following RYA materials - Teach Me Interactive Course itself, Sailing Courses, Practical Courses Notes. Manual of Seamanship by Tom Cunliffe, VHF Radio including GMDSS and Exams Short Range Certificate, Weather and Navigation Handbooks, Navigation Exercises and many others.

As you can see, there are literally all materials one has to possess for the successful training, included in this pack. This remarkably informative compilation also includes several books on practical navigation covering the basic topics.

In general, this course was developed to address the important issues related to the yachting and navigation techniques - the trainees will be familiarized with the commonly used nautical terminology, get the information about living aboard, safety of the vessel, hull stability, clothing, environment protection, general seamanship techniques, ropes and ropework arrangements, basic principles of sailing, means of signaling and communications, boat handling principles, anchoring operations, passage planning, navigating under conditions of restricted visibility, meteorology matters, visual and also electronic navigation aids etc.

There are supplementary exercises that will help you track the training progress in all of the areas listed above, and many others.

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Here is an excellent compilation of all training course material provided by RYA and published by Henton Jaaback, that is intended to provide all required information to the beginner yachters but shall also be useful for the persons with considerable yachting experience. All files included in the pack are in pdf format making it easy to opened on any computer and mobile device without having to install any additional software.

The pack include the Marine Radio Operator Certificate and Competent Crew and Yacht Skipper courses, all four parts of the Coastal Skipper and Yachtmaster Offshore course and both parts of the Yachtmaster Ocean course. There are all required nautical tables included for ready reference. The tutorial presentation contained in the set address the meteorology and COLREGs, supplemented by the Onboard Skipper Prompts. There are also numerous self-test questions for the yachtsmen with the answers to track the learning progress.

Several mandatory nautical publications have also been included by the compilers of this pack, as well as a wealth of other supplementary information and publications making this training pack a must-have one for all persons interested in yachting regardless of their level, skills and experience.

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Here is a huge collection of the selected raster navigational charts presented in the "BSB" format. All of charts contained in the pack were developed and released by the Maptech. The list of the charts include ones for Adriatic Sea, Canada, France, Germany, Mediterranean, Norway and so many other areas.

These charts are full color digital images of the paper charts. All charts are fully compatible with most of marine navigation software commonly installed on board ships. The charts are approved by the US NOAA, standing for the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration and the format used is quite widespread.

Needless to say that it is recommendable to have such set of navigational charts provided the software you possess supports the format the charts are presented in, i.e. BSB. The charts will be excellent when used for training purposes or for actual navigation of the vessel in the areas covered.

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The weather watcher is quite compact but very useful program developed to allow users to automatically retrieve all weather data at pre-set intervals; the software features the display of the current weather condition and temperature in a tray icon. the users are enabled to designate which of the weather information will be displayed in the tray.

Another useful function of the Weather Watcher is the conversion of all weather data, logging subject data and exporting it in any desirable format. There are several other options which you will see once you have installed the program and start using it. We would note that the program interface is simple and easy-to-use by all people and there are so many ways to customize it as you wish.

An absolutely needful and recommended program which may be used as a supplementary weather informer on the vessel and may actually be installed on any computer. No need for any cracking or activation, the program will be ready for use once it has been launched on any Windows platform.

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This software was developed to work on all Windows platforms - PC Sightmaster is a very compact and user-friendly program; however, note that it is advanced enough to be used for the ocean navigation on the computers. The content was prepared having the end users and their convenience in mind and provides a broad selection of all required functions accompanied with the remarkably extensive on-screen help and guidance, intuitively understandable buttons and input boxes.

One of the features of this application is that it includes memory of all user's navigational data, i.e. the speed, course, last position and past sights, height of eye, routes and waypoints, date etc. The Identify feature is implemented to provide users with the star or planets name from estimated bearing/altitude. The developers have implemented the functions of compass correction and export of waypoints/routes to the plain .txt file for their further inclusion and use in the other programs. Compact and easy-to-use even for the non-professionals. No viruses/malware.

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