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Here is a huge collection of the selected raster navigational charts presented in the "BSB" format. All of charts contained in the pack were developed and released by the Maptech. The list of the charts include ones for Adriatic Sea, Canada, France, Germany, Mediterranean, Norway and so many other areas.

These charts are full color digital images of the paper charts. All charts are fully compatible with most of marine navigation software commonly installed on board ships. The charts are approved by the US NOAA, standing for the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration and the format used is quite widespread.

Needless to say that it is recommendable to have such set of navigational charts provided the software you possess supports the format the charts are presented in, i.e. BSB. The charts will be excellent when used for training purposes or for actual navigation of the vessel in the areas covered.

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The weather watcher is quite compact but very useful program developed to allow users to automatically retrieve all weather data at pre-set intervals; the software features the display of the current weather condition and temperature in a tray icon. the users are enabled to designate which of the weather information will be displayed in the tray.

Another useful function of the Weather Watcher is the conversion of all weather data, logging subject data and exporting it in any desirable format. There are several other options which you will see once you have installed the program and start using it. We would note that the program interface is simple and easy-to-use by all people and there are so many ways to customize it as you wish.

An absolutely needful and recommended program which may be used as a supplementary weather informer on the vessel and may actually be installed on any computer. No need for any cracking or activation, the program will be ready for use once it has been launched on any Windows platform.

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This software was developed to work on all Windows platforms - PC Sightmaster is a very compact and user-friendly program; however, note that it is advanced enough to be used for the ocean navigation on the computers. The content was prepared having the end users and their convenience in mind and provides a broad selection of all required functions accompanied with the remarkably extensive on-screen help and guidance, intuitively understandable buttons and input boxes.

One of the features of this application is that it includes memory of all user's navigational data, i.e. the speed, course, last position and past sights, height of eye, routes and waypoints, date etc. The Identify feature is implemented to provide users with the star or planets name from estimated bearing/altitude. The developers have implemented the functions of compass correction and export of waypoints/routes to the plain .txt file for their further inclusion and use in the other programs. Compact and easy-to-use even for the non-professionals. No viruses/malware.

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WXTide 32 is one of the most popular and simple programs used for the tide and current prediction. It can predict tides from 1970 to 2037 using almost ten thousand stations (including 160 of them located in United Kingdom) and, in addition to that, more than three hundred tidal current stations.

The software has originally been developed for the interactive use; however, it can be easily used from other programs. Each of the graphic modes features separate display options as well as window settings. The users are now enabled to add custom tides and subordinate stations.

Taking into account the fact that this software is intended for free distribution, there is no need to crack it or pay for any additional codes or installation passphrases. We would highly recommend this compact yet useful program for both practical use and for training purposes. The software is fully self-contained, it means that nothing else is required. It has been tested and proven workable on all Windows platforms.

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The version of the popular OpenCPN software developed for Android. As it is the case with the regular windows versions, it enables users to create concise chart plotters and navigation software; the program may be used underway or as a planning tool.

Same regular features are available in this release - single-chart, quilted, Chart-up, Course-up display modes, waypoint navigation, support of the most popular formats, OpenGL support, weather routing, AIS input and support for SAT and auto MOB handling, autopilot output support, and so many other useful and necessary functions.

As usual, this software is multilingual with more than twenty languages supported. Note that the version 4.8.0 for Windows and for Mac including all necessary plugins and chart support are also available for download and ready use.

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This very latest stable 4.8.0 release of the open-source OpenCPN software intended to be used for the marine navigation and work on Windows and Mac. The huge number of features of this nav software includes waypoint navigation, route navigation with enabled vessel tracking function, single-chart, quilted and moving-map display modes, support of the autopilot output, anchor watch, alarm functions, incorporated great circle routing, various display themes, as well as numerous plugins and AIS support; this program was developed to support BSBv3 raster and S57 nautical charts as well as CM93 vector charts; BSB4 and NV-chart formats may also be supported by using appropriate plugins.

In short, all available plugins and chart support have been included in the pack. The developers provided the multi-language support including more than twenty languages. There is no need for any type of activation or registration. Nor you will have to send messages to activate it. Note that we have the android app also available. In addition, note this pack includes all files to work on both Windows and Mac platforms.

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Here is a brilliant compilation of thirty three nautical calculators that have been specifically collected in one folder for users convenience. These calculators may be used for solving nautical equations and conversions; they may also serve as a practical reference material for the navigator.

Each of the pages represents one self-contained JavaScript program. There is no need to install anything. the only thing user is expected to do is to open a corresponding file and start making calculations.

The calculators contained in the set may be used for calculating altitude correction and air temperature, relative humidity and dew point, altitude correction for atmospheric pressure, geographic range, speed for measured mile, traverse, distances, compass error from amplitudes observed on the visible horizon, longitude and latitude factors, great circle sailing, barometer measurement conversions and do so many other calculations. Note that the size of the set is next to nothing so just download it and save somewhere for the future use if required.

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This relatively compact but very useful software is very user-friendly and specifically designed to be used when performing draft surveys, passage panning and conducting the lashing calculations intended to help Ships' Officers as well as Marine Surveyors.

The program Mariners Office is easy to operate using either computer mouse or keyboard and complies with all recently released United Nations ECE standards and Maritime Safety Committee 2013 edition of the "Code of Safe Practice for Cargo Stowage and Securing" applicable to the draught surveying.

Note that the results obtained during the calculations can easily be printed to virtually all standard printer types so that you have a hard copy. An excellent application which we would recommend you to have readily available in case you intend to plan your future passage, perform the draft survey or calculations associated with the lashing.

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