The set offered to your attention comprises of the navigational charts which have been developed for the following three geographic areas - Atlantic General, Belgium & Holland, and Portugal. These are Maptech raster charts made in PCX-based format.

These navigation charts are expected to be of some use for mariners navigating intending to perform voyages to the above stated areas. They may also be used for training and educational purposes by future mariners. The format of the charts is pcx.

Save them in case you need when navigating in the above mentioned areas, as a reserve source of info.

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The present training set was developed and released by ARI. The supplementary pdf version of Manual is divided in three main parts - Starting Up (explaining how to create new user and properly log in), Understanding User Interface (containing tutorial, help file, multiple choice test, validation/certification information), and Annexure - Group, Chapter & Section Classification - Tree Structure.

In order to start the application, the users should double click the FMD CBT.exe file. Note that this is the official release by Furuno, and it means that the content of the program is reflecting the professional expertise of the Furuno specialists. Feel free to use this training, no cracks or any kind of activation will be required. We have checked the file for viruses and made sure it is absolutely clean.

Take a look in this one if you are intending to operate these models of the equipment or will be engaged in the routine maintenance. Will be particularly useful to the radio specialists servicing the subject equipment and navigational team.

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Here is one of the best GMDSS simulators offered by the world leading manufacturer of the associated equipment. The developers of this training pack have tried to provide trainees with the general idea of how to work with the GMDSS. The explanation of the basics of COSPAS-SARSAT system has also been provided.

The way the training has been arranged will make it time saving and stress-free. This simulator shall be treated as the excellent jump-start to the professional knowledge without having to follow the trial-and-error path. The engine of the simulator gives trainees an absolutely realistic experience and lets them develop all skills required for the independent operation of any GMDSS equipment.

Highly recommended for use by the navigators, radio specialists dealing with the maintenance of the equipment and all persons willing to understand what the GMDSS is and how it actually works.

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The complete set of electronic charts which have been presented in the "S-57" international exchange format. These digital vector nautical charts are produced to the IHO standards. The fully vectorised charts were developed using the best data currently available for the areas covered.

This set includes the charts for the following areas: Austria, Denmark, Croatia, Czech Republic, Serbia, South China Sea, Italy, Netherlands, Romania, United States and Spain.

This pack is intended to be used by the ship/boat/yacht navigators and trainees providing them with all necessary information. Use these electronic charts and have safe navigation.

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Here is the specifically designed and developed computer-based ECDIS training. Introduction; ECDIS interface; ECDIS setup; Installing data; Charts display; Voyage preparation; Navigation; Navigation information tools; Other navigation tools; Troubleshooting; List of input sentences; List of output sentences; Algorithm and examples of manual position fix by range and bearing LOPs.

The present pack includes the practically useful User Manual for the Dolphin ECDIS, numerous official Danelec study exercise, plus the Installation manual for ECDIS hardware, etc. Needless to say that the content of the training course will be greatly appreciated by the people whose day=to-day activities are connected with the use of the electronic charts. In addition to that, this training will be very recommended to be taken by the students.

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This is an indispensable source of real-life information about sea accidents and seamanship techniques. The file presented to your attention is the image of the official compact disc with the content compiled by the GLA, standing for the Germanischer Lloyd Academy.

All information which is contained on this disc has been presented in a popular pdf format which will let the users open the files on any laptop, tablet or even mobile phone. The material included by the authors is covering such critically important areas heavy weather, groundings, ship collisions, sea areas, managing risks, stability issues, marine engineering matters, handling of the cargo carried on board, fire safety issues, explosions, personal accidents and so many others.

Plus, the file provides some introductory info about the GL Academy itself. This disc was created to explain the users the fundamental principles of seamanship and clearly show what the disregard of good seamanship practices can cause...

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The Celestia EP (Extended Pack) is in fact the extended compilation of software, originally based on the latest 1.7.0 ver. which was released by the Celestia Development Team. There have been many significant changes and additions made to the original program.

This pack will be of great use for everyone interested in astronomy and space - it can be used for education purposes as it contains the finely detailed textures of the various space objects and features numerous tools that are making the usage of the present software easy and simple even for the novices with little to no practical experience in working with this type of programs.

Try this program and make use of its advantages. Traditionally, we do guarantee that the installation pack is absolutely free from any malware; nothing required for installation/activation.

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This program has been developed to be used as a definitive astronomical reference, a sight calculator or just for the daily printout of the Nautical Almanac pages (for the full range of dates). The sights can be easily plotted and combined. Enter the altitude and bearing and you will get the list of potential bodies, and the ambiguous lights will get apparent immediately.

The other data available, such as twilight information, Eclipses, Moon phases or a Star Chart, are comprehensive. An absolutely recommended piece of software for the marine navigators, very simple and easily used, such approach of the developers has made this program very popular among navigators, since the user interface is clear even for the beginners.

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