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This officially prepared and released publication will provide all interested readers starting from the enthusiasts to the specialists with the valuable results of the annually conducted assessment of the global military capabilities together with the defence economics.

The publication starts with the information about strategic and financial matters followed by the conflict analysis and trends including building capabilities and geopolitical priorities, unmanned maritime systems, measuring the cyber-capability; comparative defence stats have also been addressed and the results presented in the book together with the supplementing data diagrams and graphs. In the meantime, the main portion of the document is covering the navy fleets of the world specifically grouped by countries.

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The 2013 issue of The Military Balance publication providing the results of the annual professional assessment of the global military capabilities as well as of the defense economics. The content of the book is arranged in two parts.

The first major part is made of ten chapters describing the capabilities, ongoing trends and economics including conflict trends and their analysis, defense capability and industrial base, comparative defense statistics including budgets and expenditure, key statistics, sea-denial capabilities etc., and covers North America and Europe, Russia and Eurasia, North Africa and Middle East, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean region, and Sub-Saharan Africa area.

This part of the volume concludes with the comparisons of the force levels and economics of different countries. The second part of the book provides references and explanatory notes, abbreviations and other additional information. The publication is very popular among people having the interest in navy feet of the world and willing to keep themselves in line with the very latest happenings in the military world. note that all other released of The Military Balance are also available in this section and recommended for familiarization because of the amount of information and good expert analysis they provide.

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The Military Balance presents an excellent quantitative assessment and professional analysis of the military power together with the defence expenditures of the countries throughout the planet. The authors of the publication are providing a good and thorough examination of the available facts of military power. The countries have been grouped by geographical areas.

Each section of the volume has been provided with the brief description of multi- and bilateral pacts as well as military agreements. The layout is standard throughout the book in order to enable easier comparison of the data - the information contained covers the manpower and GNP, defence expenditure, military formations etc. There is some additional information presented in data tables comparing nuclear vehicles plus nuclear balance, major naval shipbuilding, transfer agreements and divisional establishments.

A separate section has been devoted to the assessment of the balance between the Warsaw Pact and NATO presenting a perfect summary of statistical data related to the weapons and forces that used to face each other across the famous Iron Curtain. This issue of the Military Balance is the first one and will be continued within several more issues with each one addressing particular historical period, in most cases issued annually.

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This is the official publication released by the U.S. Navy League. The 2016 Almanac opens with intro containing the dedication and list of corporate-, business associate- and nonprofit/government agency members plus a message from the President of the League, followed by the directory of sea services.

The main content of the Almanac opens with a section devoted to the vessels of American navy fleet including aircraft carrier and cruisers, destroyers and littoral combat ships, frigates and cruisers, surface crafts, submersibles and submarines, command ships together with the changes on status. The next two sections are addressing the navy weapons and aircraft covering the vessel weapons, helicopters and fixed-wing, air launched weapons, various shipboard systems, unmanned, airborne, communication and command & control systems, etc.

These sections are continued with two more dealing with the U.S. Marine Corps and USCG, i.e. Coast Guard. The rest of the sections in this publication are covering the Maritime Administration and Flag Officers. The Almanac concludes with the information about the Navy League and contains statement of policy of this organization. A good publication for those willing to be updated with the latest happenings in the navy.

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Here is the very latest release of one of the most popular military publications. The content of the book is arranged in a way traditional for all previous releases of The Military Balance. The book starts with the introduction by the Editor describing the existing challenges to defense cooperation. The major part of the book addresses the military and defense analysis including special operation forces and XXI century challenges to XXI century deterrence, comparative defense statistics containing information and data about the anti-submarine warfare, missiles and rockets, and other weapons.

Then all parts of the world are covered in subsequent chapters providing the information about defense policy and economics of each region, armed force data, procurements and deliveries, and region-specific information. This part of the book concludes with comparison of different countries including their defense expenditures and military personnel, patrol ships, surface combatants, main battle tanks, training activities etc. The second part of the book contains the references and explanatory notes, followed by the list of figures and data tables. The publication will of great interest for the persons willing to know what is currently happening in the military world of today.

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Another Special Report by SeaPower, this one is devoted to the maintenance, repair and overhaul. The paper opens with the President's message followed by the Editor's note and historical perspective, latest Navy League news and Council Digest.

The special report itself is dealing with the ongoing challenge of managing proper ship maintenance at sea, development of the new ways of fighting back against ship hull corrosion, addresses some technological advances in the field of innovative maintenance solutions etc. Corporate membership directory is also included in the volume.

The publication will be of great interest to any person chasing the latest happenings in the naval shipping, particularly looking from the technical perspective - they will find all necessary information and industry update in the pages of this document.

All supporting information about the organization itself has also been provided by the authors and is available for ready and easy reference; such supplementary information covers, for example, Canadian Navy and some other issues.

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The content of the present Special Report by SeaPower is devoted to the partnership. The document starts with a section addressing the features including an article on voice multiplier followed by the interview with Rear Admiral David Hahn who is the Chief of Naval Research, information about the newest installation of the Navy, amphibious combat vehicles, and P-3C, EP-3E aircraft.

The main part of the Report is covering the Fifth Fleet of the United States Navy and effectiveness of coalitions demonstrated by the international partners, another interview with Rear Admiral Francis Morley of Navy International Programs, Canada extending naval operations to Africa and Indo-Pacific region, stakeholders focusing on the Bering Strait, importance of the role played by the smaller nations in Naval Exercises, Marines Training in 2017, program snapshot, historical perspective and other areas. The publication will be useful for the people with the interest in the modern navy fleet and all happenings related to the international navy; they will find all recent updates and information in the pages of this special report.

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Another release of the Sea Power Special Report which is the official publication released by the Navy League of the United States. The Sea Power reports are presenting real practical use to the people having interest in the navy matters who want to be in touch with the industry and be duly informed about all recent happenings.

The present volume addresses the network-centered warfare and communication, including integration of the sensors and how it can potential assist in increasing the maritime domain awareness, Canadian satellite program which is expected to bolster the situational awareness, newly introduced technologies making resupply pipeline work more effectively, marine research tactics etc.

The second part of the document is called "profiles in service" and provides information about and interviews with the prominent persons on the American Navy, including Coast Guard officers, Navy Commanders etc. In short, the publication will give some interesting information which for sure will be highly appreciated by the people in the industry, that is why we recommend them all to have a look and find something useful for themselves noting that the content of the volume was prepared by the recognized experts.

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