Ocean Passages for the World

Author(s) UKHO
Publisher United Kingdom Hydrographic Office
Date 2014
Pages 428
Format pdf
Size 643 Mb







Traditionally, this Admiralty publication provides all mariners with wealth of valuable information related to the planning of ocean voyages. Its content has been prepared so that the book can be used in planning any deep-sea voyage; it includes important notes on weather and other relevant factors that may potentially affect passages, as well as the sailing directions for numerous commonly used navigation routes, also covering the dangers that could affect subject routes.

The authors of the publication have also described the climatic conditions and have provided navigators with the routes that are recommended for the full-powered ships within described areas; the routes for the low-powered ships and ships engaged in eco-steaming have also been provided. Moreover, the publication gives the common routes used by the sailing vessels; note that these routes might have to be adjusted in order to duly reflect all changing conditions and today's regulations.

For each of the routes, the directions contained in the book give a guide for planning; it shall be clearly understood, however, that the conditions will most probably slightly differ from the predicted ones. Data diagrams have been provided for each of the routes in the text of the book. Individual chapters of the book are covering each of the oceans of the world. One of the most important publications.

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