Photosynthesis in the Marine Environment

Author(s) Sven Beer, Mats Bjork, John Beardall
Publisher Wiley
Date 2014
Pages 224
Format pdf
Size 10 Mb







The book provides readers with the remarkably comprehensive explanation of the processes of photosynthesis relating to the special environment where the marine plants live. It has been evaluated by the readers as a detailed, very professional and really up-to-date publication which is nicely written and is also very easy to follow regardless if it is used by students or professionals.

In the first part of the publication the authors introduce the readers to the wide range of the existing and known photosynthesizing organisms among the sea habitats, including the algae, phytoplankton living in open sea waters, different marine angiosperms and others. The authors have also considered the evolutionary origins of the above stated marine organisms.

Then, they have discussed some of the specific properties of the sea water for sustaining the primary production, and examined the two key differences between marine and terrestrial environments in supporting both plant growth and the process of photosynthesis.

This part of the book is followed by the discussion about the needs of the plants for the enhancement of their inorganic supply of carbon, and the description of how the mechanisms concentrating such carbon dioxide function in various marine plants. The third part is dealing with the ways in which the process of photosynthesis can be treated as a proxy for the growth and productivity of marine plants.  

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