Rhumb Lines and Map Wars

Author(s) Mark Mormonier
Publisher University of Chicago
Date 2004
Pages 256
Format pdf
Size 6 Mb







This is a really rewarding study of map preparation and practical use of maps. The book is intended to offer readers an excellent and very valuable contribution to the cartography. The author has clearly explained the effective established methods of delineating the round earth on a piece of paper that is flat, and these methods have been developed over past four centuries.

The text is rich of clear and informative data diagrams showing every single stage of human's attempts to solve that problem. Though the book is not that big, its content present a very good combination of various elements, such as the usefulness and readability. Note that this is not a textbook on map projection; however, is shall definitely be used as a very handy introduction to this subject because of the amount of the relevant information that will be most probably needed by the non-specialists. There are two sources of fear for the mariners - to get lost and to face a bad weather, and that is why the maps are considered critically important for any mariner.

The publication starts with the introduction followed by the chapters covering the Mercator's resume and early sailing navigation charts, revealing replicas and writing approach, soldiering on, wall maps, worldviews and other relevant areas. The book is very readable and is expected to be used by all people with the interest in the field.

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