Safety of Life at Sea


From a very early age human beings learn about the real hazards of their everyday life. Nowadays, we still continue to learn about safety for the rest of our lives. We have to protect ourselves, our families and friends from life's hazards...

Aboard ship you are responsible for your own safety and the safety of fellow crew members, and this approach equally applies to every person sailing on board, including crew members, officers and passengers - even occasional visitors. A safe voyage for you is the voyage without accident or injury. You shall always remember that your shipmates, your family and friends rely on you...

This video is one of the two instructional videos presented at our website and devoted to the personal safety on board vessels. The other part of this training program is covering the personal safety on deck. We definitely recommend you to have both of them and go through very carefully, as this is the key point to your safety on board any vessel, and safety is the most important task every single person on board is assigned.

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Tell us please how often do you actually think about your personal safety on deck? All the time? Once a day? Once a month? What are you doing to protect yourself and your fellow colleagues. This is the story of for men. They though they would never have an accident on deck, but they did.

The question for you is to decide is why and how did it happen. This training video supplements another we one we have, devoted to the personal safety in the engine room and is intended to portray the accidents that have occurred on decks of the vessels - such accidents involve mooring arrangements, ladders, lifting equipment, electrical equipment, corrosives and many other items - and in most cases the correct procedures were not followed.

The author have introduced the details of each casualty doubling the impact by invitation to try and consider which of the accidents caused which of the human injuries, and this is the most memorable way of presentation of the consequences of carelessness... /span>

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Shipboard fire is of course the greatest danger on any vessel or any other floating facility. Fires are always dangerous as they directly and immediately threaten the safety of people on board. Even a smallest fire can very quickly turn into a disaster. The present film looks at the basics of fire. It examines how fires start and how they spread...

All seafarers shall have a basic understanding of the fires and be able to prevent them from occurring. Of course, it is much easier to prevent the fire than to fight it therefore every effort shall be made by the crew members and any other persons on board in this regard.

The present video opens the popular training series, and the other parts of this training set addressing the basic fire fighting, machinery space fires and command and control at the incident are also available here for your use; it is highly recommended to all people sailing in the vessels to get themselves duly familiarized with the content of each part to know how to prevent and fight the fires on board.

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This training video continues the fire safety related series of films opened by the part dealing with fire prevention. We all know that fires are considered greatest hazard at sea, and most fires start as small ones and, the larger they become, the more difficult it will be to get them under control.

This program deals with the basics of fire fighting, providing trainees with the information about immediate actions to be taken when an incident occurs on board, with different types of fire extinguishers and the general techniques of fire fighting...

The thorough knowledge and understanding of the content of this video is essential for the crew members since it will be of great importance in case any incident occurs on board. Note that there are other parts available for your attention covering the machinery space fires and command and control at the incident, of course all parts are equally important for the provision of the safety of vessel and people on board so they are urged to have a close look.

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This is another part of the fire fighting at sea training set. Though literally any fire occurring on board of the ship causes a major threat to the safety of both ship and crew members, the machinery space fires are deservedly considered the most dangerous.

This training program looks at the main causes of the fires in the machinery spaces of the ships; the trainees will see how the machinery space fires can be prevented and what actions shall be taken to tackle them. Note that the other parts forming the training pack are also available here - they are addressing the fire prevention, basic fire fighting and command and control at the incident.

Taking into account that the critical importance of the due fire prevention and fire fighting arrangements and training, we recommend all crew members and even visitors on board to go through each of the videos very carefully - it will make a greatly valuable contribution to your safety and safety of your vessel.  

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The fires that occur on board vessels are considered maybe the greatest of the dangers at sea that face the seafarers. That is the reason why the basic fire prevention and fire fighting training shall be received by all crew members and ship officers and then all knowledge and skills shall be further refreshed on a regular basis - this is really essential point and is actually required by the STCW convention.

The present video training film forms one of the parts making the Videotel's famous Fire Fighting at Sea series. The content of the film has been updated in order to duly reflect all relevant regulations. It was prepared in collaboration with several fire safety experts, shipping company representatives and seafarers with great experience. The film will add to the people's understanding of how the fires can start and what shall be done to prevent and fight them.

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It sounds quite reasonable that being thoroughly familiar with the surroundings in a vital part of providing the workplace safety. Throughout their marine careers, people may have to go onboard a wide variety of different vessels. That is the reason why it is critically important that they are fully aware of the correct actions to be undertaken in case of an emergency before assuming a shipboard duty.

This is now a mandatory requirement applicable regardless whether you are crew member or not, i.e. you must know your ship and be duly familiar with shipboard safety, emergency and safety routes and important signs and symbols. The present video training video film forms one of the parts of the official Videotel course covering all important aspects of the shipboard work and operating of the vessel, with the particular attention being paid to the safety of the people working at sea.

We do recommend every crew member of every seagoing vessel as well as any other person somehow involved in the shipping industry and related industries to have a close look not only into this film but also to the other videos since they their contents are equally important when we talk about the human safety.

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Another training animation - this short video demonstrates the operation of such critical safety equipment as the hydrostatic release device. Just two minutes of your time spent watching this animation may significantly add to your understanding of the construction and working principle of this item.

Note that this understanding may be vital under certain undesired condition. Moreover, all people onboard including crew members, passengers and visitors shall have a clear idea about all safety equipment carried on board their vessel. In short, take a look and save this video in case you wish to share with someone else to ensure their awareness.

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