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Another training video prepared by Walport specialists. Lifeboats are there to save lives, except that occasionally, through poor design, lack of training, lack of familiarity with the equipment, communication failure or simply operator's error lifeboat drills may actually take human life or cause serious injury.

So, what are the most important things you need to know? Firstly, whatever job you have to do on board the ship, anything that threatens the safety of the vessel will put you in the position to know how to operate the lifeboat. as a professional mariner, you know that any lifting operation has its hazards, especially if you are launching or recovering a heavy lifeboat... It is only four minutes long video but still gives you some information to start with.

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This short video was produced to demonstrate how the wet part of the HUET (which is standing for the "Helicopter Underwater Egress Training" in United Stated and "Helicopter Underwater Escape Training" in all other countries) training is conducted.

The common purpose of this safety course is to prepare people engaged in offshore activities and traveling over the sea surface (in fact, regardless of their job position), for emergency exit from the chopper crash landed over water. This film is mainly focusing of the simulated sinking of the helicopter cabin in the pool.

Watch this video if you are really interested in offshore life and if you are planning to assign yourself to the HUET course - in this case you may catch some general idea of what this course is about and how it is usually conducted, what to expect etc. Note that the program of the course is more or less standard and the country and provider do not matter too much.

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We invite you to have a look into this official training video which has been prepared by Fossmer specialists. Freefall Lifeboats are designed for crew abandoning vessel or offshore installation, and to provide people on board with a safe, swift and reliable means of evacuation.

They have been in use for years and have been responsible for saving many human lives. As this is safety item, we would recommend every single crew member and visitor of the vessel or rig having the freefall lifeboats on board to watch this one as part of their mandatory training on the lifesaving appliances.

Obviously, it is very important to be thoroughly familiarized with the general construction and correct procedure for launching since this knowledge may have critical importance in case of emergency and your preparedness may eventually result in someone's life saved, which is the ultimate purpose of every lifesaving arrangement.

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Another short training video. It was prepared by Walport staff intending to let people get easily familiarized with the dangers commonly associated with the fires occurring on board marine vessels.

Obviously, one can never overestimate the importance of being duly prepared to fight the fire and, what is much more preferable option, to prevent it.

The safety of all people on board the vessel and the vessel itself is the responsibility of every crew member and guest.

Spend just two minutes watching this one and maybe one day you will benefit of the content of this short marine training video film.

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As the title implies, this short video film is intended to provide the crew members of the vessels as well as all other interested persons with some basic training on the launching of the marine inflatable liferafts, namely ones requiring the davits for launching. Such liferafts are the the important and integral part of the lifesaving appliances set of any vessel.

The number and capacity of the liferafts is governed by SOLAS Convention. The proper training is very important since the qualified crew will be one of the security blankets providing safe launching and subsequent survival of the ship personnel and passengers in case of the disaster.

Thorough and deep understanding of the construction of every single piece of lifesaving equipment and associated appliances is one of the key factors that may play a critically important role. Every crew member shall be aware of the lifesaving arrangements on board and get familiarized with their working principles, be able to launch and operate them.

We would recommend to watch this video to every crew member; however, it will be good even to the people not normally sailing but visiting the ships and offshore installations on a regular basis - you never know what may happen and would better be prepared for the worst case scenario - who knows may be you will be the one to save your own life and the lives of people on board.

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Regretfully, it is still a fact that so many people working at sea have been, and, what is the most frightening, continue to be either killed or very seriously injured in the accidents where the various failures of the lifeboat on-load release mechanisms are involved.

The main objective of the present briefing booklet is to give the responsible officers a proper outline of the whole content of each of the four sections in the DVD (it's content is also included in the pack) so that the officers can get a clear idea of the key safety messages and can think about how to conduct the pre-lifeboat drill briefing.

The responsible officers should confirm the correct understanding of the crew by discussion of the safety messages. The main declared purpose of this DVD was to highlight the growing body of support for FPD, standing for the fall preventer devices as well as a potential hazard of not being able to release the painter.

Some of the relatively simple control measures have also been suggested to supplement the basic requirements outlined in SOLAS - that will hopefully reduce lifeboat accidents that keep killing or seriously injuring seafarers. Note that this DVD can actually be restarted at any desired time for discussion.

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The instructional video prepared by the Survival Craft Inspectorate and containing the operating instructions for the 6T lifeboat release hook. This training video shows the step-by-step operation of the release hooks. Will be very useful as a source of training for marine cadets and everyone dealing with the maintenance and periodical inspection of subject part of lifesaving equipment on board.

It will be very good and useful when used as a supplement to the mandatory training of the people involved in operation of the subject systems. Moreover, the information provided in this training video will be practical to all specialists dealing with the lifeboat launching appliances, their maintenance and periodic inspections, testing etc.

Obviously, the release hooks are considered critically important pieces of equipment that is why we highly recommend all crew members to get familiarized with the content of this training film, this is something every single crew member and person on board the vessel shall be aware of. You may actually with to check another training video dedicated to the maintenance of the on-load released systems to have even better picture and get yourself prepared.

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The present film is one of the training videos forming a world famous and popular Videotel course. The proper safety training is considered a critically important aspect of every seaman's life. The safety of people working on board seriously relies upon each person following the recognized safety codes and regulations. That is why it is very important to hold the drills, including fire drills, muster drills and survival craft drills on a regular basis and in an effective way. In case of an emergency, the lives of the people on board will directly depend upon their knowledge of the safety procedures and following them.

Reports submitted by the various port state authorities are showing that huge number of vessels that enter their waters are actually not able to effectively carry out all above mentioned drills. The drills are either too relaxed or too long, they are sometimes not done safely and are not taken seriously by the crew members; in some cases, the equipment is poorly maintained. The drills shall be treated as a very serious matter.

Each emergency case is unique and during the emergency situation several different incidents may potentially arise. There can be fire on board and the fires can be of different types requiring different treatment. Launching the lifeboats and rescue boats, in turn, requires particular attention and special approach...

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