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This is the first part of a very useful three-video set. This part of the training is dealing with the housekeeping on deck. Two other parts of the training covers the housekeeping in the engine room, and housekeeping in the accommodation area and galley. Note that there is a training booklet accompanying videos. We do recommend you to go through the booklet as well as every video to have a full picture and duly understand the importance of a good shipboard housekeeping.

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This is an excellent video training that would be greatly useful to anyone whose work involves operating the navigational radars, i.e. marine navigators, and those dealing with the maintenance and repair of these appliances – all of them must have clear understanding of the construction and working principles of the radars as well as of the applicable regulations and standards to be complied with.

Navigational radars use two bands on the microwave spectrum – the X-band and the S-band. Radars using the short wave length X-band exhibit good angular resolution but are susceptible to the effects of rain and snow resulting in greater attenuation. However, attenuation is minimum with radars working on the longer wave S-band making them less susceptible to interference from rain and snow. The IMO has revised its performance standard for navigational radars.

This new standard applies to all such radars fitted after 01 July 2008. What is known as the radar image is displayed in the center of the screen. Look at the upper left-hand side of the screen; here, information such as the range and scale settings, motion display mode and azimuth display mode are shown. On the low left-hand side of the screen the gain, STC, FTC and traffic mode settings are displayed…

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And here is the last, closing part of the training series developed and released by the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office. Each part of the training sets deals with some particular system. And this compilation consists of ten videos and one document with installation instructions, dealing with the Transas Navi-Sailor ECDIS 4000.

The bridge team members of the vessels having this system installed will definitely appreciate the detailed explanations and step by step instructions provided by the authors of this training set. In addition, we would like to remind you that all the other parts of this brilliant series are readily available for download and use.

The remaining parts cover such widely used ECDIS systems as Furuno FMD 3X00, SAM Electronics ECDISPilot, Kelvin Hughes Manta Digital, eGlobe G2, OSI ECPINS, Tokyo Keiki EX 8x00, Sperry VisionMaster FT, PC Maritime NavMaster, Maris ECDIS 900, Kongsberg K-Bridge, TELKO ECDIS, Furuno FEA2X07, JRN-JAN-701B-901B-2000, SAM Electronics ChartPilot 1100Raytheon Anschutz and Totem Plus ECDIS.

You are absolutely recommended to get through the content of each of the parts making this popular and practically useful training resource which has been very well met by the navigators all around the world.

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The present training video set continues the series of training materials released by UKHO, standing for the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office. The documents developed by UKHO specialists are great when used for training and acquainting the people working with different ECDIS systems, with the characteristics and technical features of each of them.

This particular set is dealing with the Totem Plus ECDIS and traditionally consists of several videos supplemented with the booklet providing the installation instructions and other necessary information, from the first steps and up to the troubleshooting – this document shall accompany the system at all times.

As usual, we remind our users that all other releases of the series are also available here – please have a look at the Tokyo Keiki EX 8x00, SAM ECDISPilot, Maris ECDIS 900, Furuno FMD 3X00, OSI ECPIONS, Furuno FEA2X07, PC Maritime NavMaster, Kelvin Hughes Manta Digital, TELKO ECDIS, Sperry VisionMaster FT, Kongsberg K-Bridge, eGlobe E2, Raytheon Anschutz, JRN-JAN-701B-901B-2000 – as you can see, the choice is very wide so feel free to download them all and start y6our training process as soon as possible, as the good understanding of the systems will contribute to the safety of navigation.

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We continue to acquaint our visitors with the series of excellent video training lessons released by the UKHO, i.e. United Kingdom Hydrographic Office in order to let the navigator get themselves familiar with different types of ECDIS and understand all technical features of each particular system.

As it was the case with all previously shown parts of the set, this training package, devoted to the Tokyo Keiki EX 8x00 systems, consists of eight videos supplemented with the booklet with the installation guide, intended to provide users with the equipment-specific information they will need to manage their AVCS ENC holdings.

The other parts of the training set are all available for download, as well – see the sets dealing with such widely used ECDIS systems as the Maris ECDIS 900, SAM ECDISPilot, Sperry VisionMaster FT, OSI ECPINS, Furuno FMD 3X00, JRN-JAN-701B-901B-2000, Kelvin Hughes Manta Digital, Furuno FEA2X07, SAM ECDIS ChartPilot 1100, Raytheon Anschutz, PC Maritime NavMaster, eGlobe G2Kongsberg K-Bridge, TELKO TECDIS. There are plenty of systems to choose from and you are all invited to download them and go through the content to make sure you are prepared to handle any system.

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Here is another part of the popular training series by the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office, or UKHO for short, and this one is devoted to the TELKO ECDIS systems and consists of ten training videos supplemented with the booklet dealing with using the Admiralty Vector Chart Service, or VCS, with this type of ECDIS.

As you can see, the arrangement of the material does not differ from one system to another and this approach makes is quite easy to cover different types of ECDIS. Taking into account the importance of the proper understanding and correct handling of the ECDIS for the safety of navigation, you are invited to download all parts of the video training and get yourself duly familiarized with the content of every single one.

Note that we have plenty of training sets covering various ECDIS systems including but not limited to OSI ECPINS, SAM ECDISPilot and SAM ECDIS ChartPilot 1100, Maris ECDIS 900, JRN-JAN-701B-901B-2000, Furuno FEA2X07, Kongsberg K-Bridge, Kelvin Hughes Manta Digital, Furuno FMD 3X00, Sperry VisionMaster FT, Raytheon Anschutz, eGlobe G2 and PC Maritime NavMaster. As you can see, there are plenty of systems covered so feel free to go ahead and get a good training.

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We continue the series of training sets presented by the UKHO, standing for the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office. This particular part of the series is dealing with the Sperry VisionMaster FT. In addition to eight training and instructional video lessons, there is a booklet included in the set containing necessary instructions on how to use the Admiralty VCS, i.e. vector chart service, with the Northrop Grumman Marine ECDIS.

Note that all the other parts making the series are also available here – these include the OSI ECPINS, Kelvin Hughes Manta Digital, JRN-JAN-701B-901B-2000, eGlobe G2, Furuno FEA2X07, PC Maritime NavMaster, SAM ECDIS ChartPilot 1100 and ECDISPilotFuruno FMD 3X00, Raytheon Anschutz, Kongsberg K-Bridge, Maris ECDIS 900. We would recommend our users to download all parts of the training series and go through the content carefully.

It will allow you not only get familiarized with the modern electronic navigation systems but will also let you get better understanding of the technical differences between models. Note that the similar structure of the training sets makes them even more comfortable and user-friendly. Just do not forget to check the booklets in addition to videos for better results.

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Another guide set forming a part of the ECDIS Video Guides series intended to provide operators of the ECDIS systems with the information and instructions they need to perform their duties in the most effective way. This one is dealing with the Raytheon Anschutz system and its content bases on the E03.12 version of the software. A separate document included in the set is devoted to migrating to the IHO certificate for S-63 1.1 in the subject system.

Note that the other parts of the series are all available and cover the Kelvin Hughes MantaDigital, JRC JAN-701B-901B-2000, Furuno FEA 2X07, Furuno FMD 3X00, eGlobe G2, PC Maritime NavMaster, Kongsberg K-Bridge, OSI ECPINS and Maris ECDIS 900 systems widely used on board seagoing vessels. Traditionally, all video lessons contained in the pack feature remarkably clear and understandable explanations.

The set may be used for onboard training as well as for the general training of the persons willing to get themselves familiarized with the general functions and features of the popular shipboard ECDIS systems. A recommended one to be possessed on board any ship, detailing the whole installation process, data management, updates and all other important aspects.

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