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The content of the present guide bases on the version of the PC Maritime NavMaster electronic chart display information system and continues the series of the guide training modules. The previous releases addressed the ECDIS developed by the world known manufacturers, including JRC JAN-701B-901B-2000, Kongsberg K-Bridge, eGlobe G2, Furuno FMD 3X00 and FEA 2X07, Kelvin Hughes MantaDigital, Maris ECDIS 900 and OSI ECPINS.

The material arrangement remained same as it was in the other sets. The booklet accompanying the video training files contains the information covering all important aspects of the use and maintenance of the subject systems. The set will be great when used both onboard any ship with the PC Maritime NavMaster system installed and when used for training purposes by the people willing to get themselves duly familiarized with the arrangement and operating principles of the ECDIS or get better and deeper understanding of this particular one.

All explanations and instructions provided in the booklet and in the videos are very clear and easy to follow so it can be used by both professional navigators and students who will all appreciate the structure of the set.

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An excellent video produced by Hempel - one of the world leader in the field of coating and paint production. The widest range of coatings produced by the company feature easy application and cost effectiveness. This training video was prepared in order to provide ship crew members with required instruction on proper handling of the coating process.

The instructor will guide them through all factors that normally influence the lifetime of the shipboard protective coating systems intended to prevent the hull from corrosion. The good condition of the coating will ensure it effective work and eventually contribute in the overall effectiveness of ship operation. Noting that the time the crew may spend for the maintenance in port is continuously reduced due to the growing intensiveness of activities, it is becoming more and more important to increase their quality.

Any coating system will start deteriorating sooner or later and that is why a good maintenance system shall be established on board every ship. The crew members shall not only understand the importance of the proper and timely maintenance but also have a good knowledge of what, how and when shall be done to keep the vessel duly maintained.

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Another video training resource addressing another ECDIS system. While the previous parts of the program were dealing with the Furuno FMD 3X00 and FEA 2X07, eGlobe G2, Maris ECDIS 900, JRC JAN-701B-901B-2000, Kelvin Hughes MantaDigital and Kongsberg K-Bridge, the present one will concentrate on the features and handling of the OSI ECPINS.

Unlike the other parts, however, this training set does not include pdf files and the compilers preferred to use the video format of presenting the materials. There are ten video lessons making the set and they cover the finding permit number, deleting ENC data and permits, and installing ENC permits, AIO permits and media, AVCS base CD, update CD and DVD media, plus installing the public key for the S-63 1.1.

The information provided in the lessons is presented in a very easy to follow way making it much easier to be understood by the people with little experience of working with this or any other ECDIS system. The set may also be recommended for training purposes and is definitely a must-have one for the persons involved in using this particular system since they will easily get familiarized with technical features and get all necessary instructions for its effective use.

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This set of materials continues the series commenced by numerous training videos dealing with the Furuno FEA 2X07 and FMD 300, Kongsberg K-Bridge, Kelvin Hughes MantaDigital, eGlobe G2 and JRC JAN-701B-901B-2000 systems. The set traditionally consists of two documents accompanied with several videos.

The documents included in the set provide necessary information about migrating to the IHO certificate for the S-63 1.1 in this system and give the instructions on using the AVCS, standing for the Admiralty Vector Chart Service, with the subject ECDIS.

As it was the case with all previous releases of the video guidance sets, this one is also intended to provide users with the equipment-specific technical information that will assist them in managing the equipment and software. The instructions contained in these documents and information presented in the videos will be very useful to the people using subject ECDIS since it will provide them with everything they need to use the system in an effective way.

Even if your are not the active user of this particular system we would still recommend to download this set of training resources and get familiarized with the general arrangement of ECDIS.

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The video guide set to be used by the operators of the ECDIS presented by Kelvin Hughes MantaDigital. The previous guide resources addressed Furuno FEA 2X07, FMD 300, eGlobe G2, JRC JAN—701B—901B—2000 and Kongsberg K-Bridge systems. The information contained in the pages of the guidebook accompanying the video lessons, is based the 3.9.3 version of the KH Manta ZM-1816.

There are two booklets included in the set - the first one will provide guidance to using the Admiralty VCS, standing for the Vector Chart Service, while the content of the second volume is dealing with the migration to IHO Certificate for S-63 1.1. Seven chapters of the main guidebook provide general introduction and then focus on such important aspects as pre-installation checks and emergencies, data management and preliminary system checks including data cleansing, AVCS license and Base CD installation, updating etc.

FAQ section is there for ready reference. There are eight video files making the set - they have been prepared by the industry experts and the instructions contained therein are presented in a very user-friendly way making them very easy to understand and use subject ECDIS system on board.

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We are continuing with our series of video lessons. The previous sets of lessons were addressing the electronic chart systems of Furuno FEA 2X07, JRC JAN-701B-901B-2000 and eGlobe types. The materials contained in this one are devoted to the Furuno FMD 3X00 ECDIS.

Using the booklet contained in the set together with the videos accompanying it, the users of these electronic charts systems will get to know everything they need about using the system and Admiralty Vector Chart Service with them.

The content of the training set is mainly dealing with the Furuno 3000 Series. The arrangement of the material in both book and videos is traditionally same, moving from the brief introduction and information on the data management to the ENC permits and data, installation matters, system checks and troubleshooting. The set will be useful to every single person engaged in the installation and subsequent operation and maintenance of the above mentioned ECDIS.

The instructions given in the pages of the booklet and in the lesson have been presented in a very clear way making them much easier to understand and follow. Get a copy for yourself and use it for your onboard training or for preparation purposes.

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Another collection of the video lessons for the ECDIS system. The content of the present guide and associated video files bases on the ECDIS of Furuno FEA 2108 and 2807 series. the arrangement of the materials contained in the publication is more or less same as in the other training/user manuals, such as the video guides for eGlobe G2, Kongsberg K-Bridge and JRC JAN-701B-901B-2000 also available here.

The users will be guided the whole way starting from the introduction to this particular ECDIS and through the data management, UPN, deleting ENC data and permits, installing ENC permits, AVCS base and update CDs, system checks and troubleshooting etc. In short, this collection of materials will cover absolutely everything that the user of this ECDIS systems shall be aware of.

Any other manufacturer-supplied documentation relating to the installation and managing of the system will definitely contribute to the effectiveness of the training when used in conjunction with this set. These files will be of great practical interest not only to the users of the Furuno FEA 2X07 systems but also to the people willing to get the understanding of the general principles of any ECDIS systems.

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The main purpose of the present guide accompanied with the video lessons is to provide the end-users of the ECDIS system developed and presented by eGlobe with the valuable equipment-specific technical information which will definitely help them to manage the AVCS ENC. The guide will be best when used together with the operators manual or any other document provided by the manufacturer of the equipment.

Traditionally, the user guide is made of several chapters each dealing with some particular aspect of using the ECDIS, and there is a good video lesson supplementing the content of each chapter and giving some visual aid for better understanding. The eGlobe G2 system would normally work with different hardware combinations, for example a touchscreen or non-touchscreen. The present guide is primarily aimed at the eGlobe G2 version featuring touchscreen option. It should be noted that a dongle with the license key is not required in this system unlike many other systems.

The training videos will provide you with the step-by-step instructions making it easy to use the system. In addition to the coverage of the installation matters, two closing chapters of the guidebook are dealing with the system checks and troubleshooting. These two will be particularly useful to the persons engaged in the day to day operation of the system and maintaining it in a good working order at all times.

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