The lore of ships

Author(s) Tre Tryckare
Publisher Gallery Books
Date 1975
Pages 288
Format pdf
Size 107 Mb







We dare say, this is one of the best publications ever released on the subject of the ship model making and this is for sure a wonderful choice for all people interested in ship modeling. The author provides even more information than one would actually need on the ships, starting from the construction and up to the salvage including absolutely everything that is in between.

The text is perfectly written and very reader friendly, and is supplemented with the numerous prints and informative drawings, that would be appreciated by the modelers. The details provided by the author are actually quite hard to find in the other volumes of this kind, that is why it is recommended to have a copy of this book.

The exploded views are just brilliant and so helpful since they provide additional view and information. Having gone through the content of this volume, you will be able to start building the ship models featuring the historical accuracy which, in turn, required knowledge of the historical details, and all of them can be found readily available in the pages of this book. Make sure you have got your copy of it, take your time reading it, get prepared, and start – you will not regret getting into this.

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