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This video supplements the training booklet on the transfer baskets. When carried out properly, following all procedures and safety precautions, this method is considered safe and practical. The operators of the baskets as well as the personnel being transferred must have sound knowledge of the process to avoid the accidents.

Such accidents can include but are not limited to the falling of people into the sea or onto the ship’s or platform’s deck, parting of the crane wires, heavy landing of the basket to the deck, slipping of the personnel on their way to or from the basket, etc. Most of these can be avoided by taking necessary safety measures, for example wearing the lifejackets, providing good illumination when transfer is done during dark time, providing necessary training to both crane operator and crew members, removing any obstructions between the transfer basket and station etc.

In addition to that, it is absolutely imperative to keep all equipment used for the transfer in good technical condition and this would imply thorough periodical checks and tests of the cranes, crane wires, hooks, basket itself, nets and any other part – all of them are equally critical. Moreover, the personnel in charge of the transfer shall have adequate experience…

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