Sulzer RTA-54 Diesel Engines Service Bulletin - Electronic Variable Injection Timing Troubles and Remedies

   The results obtained from the recently performed investigations show that the VIT positioning unit moves in and out with each injection under the forces in the fuel injection pumps. Subject movement can have a peak-to-peak amplitude of up to 1.5 mm and eventually results in excessive wear on the positioner's feedback transmitter. To make this system robust against these small but frequent movements, that have to be accepted and shall be considered normal for this arrangement, a backlash of 2 mm was introduced between piston rod and feedback potentiometer. The resulting loss in positioning accuracy stays within the acceptable tolerance for the VIT system. In addition the solenoid valves were changed to a rigid design based on the experience with sticking valves of the previous design. However, those internal changes are not essential on all engine types and trouble-free operation of the original VIT has been experienced in many installations.

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MaK M43C Type Engine Operating Instructions

   Engine Operating Instructions for MaK M43C diesel engine. As usual, following is included - safety instructions and emergency stop of the engine, technical engine data - working temperature, acceptance test records, governor data, torsional vibration analysis and working pressures of aux equipment, operational instructions - initial operation, heavy fuel operation, running-in, frost tracing, operational supervision, emergency operation and removal from operation, operating media - recommendations and regulations, maintenance, tools and spare parts list, supplemented with some external documentation.

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MaK M451, M452, M453 Engineers Handbook

   The present engineers handbook is aimed to addresses the MaK M451, M452 and M453 diesel engines at the same time. There are following chapters in this book: General Engine Data, Cylinder Cover, Running Gear, Engine Housing, Timing Gear, Control, Exhaust System/Supercharging, Fuel System, Lubricating Oil System, Cooling Water System, Starting Air System, Monitors, Ancillaries, Special Tools and Devices. It will definitely serve as a very useful reference source for marine engineers, technicians and crew members involved in day-to-day operation and maintenance of subject engines.

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MaK Service Information Compilation M20 - M601

   This pack of documentation released by Caterpillar includes "Engines in Service - Facts and Information on Diesel Engine Operation" releases nos. 01 to 11 supplemented with the Service Information for the following marine diesel engines: M20, M25, M32, M32C, M43, M282, M332, M332C, M453, M453C, M551, M552, M601, VM32. Such information is the must-have for marine engineers, crew members dealing with the installation, operation, maintenance and repair of ship machinery of the daily basis. It will also assist newcomers and students in marine engineering in getting familiarized with the basic aspects of machinery.

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Wartsila 46F Marine Diesel Engine Project Guide

   This project guide for the Wartsila 46F marine diesel engine is intended to provide necessary data and system proposals for the early design phase of subject engine installations. Its first issue was released by the manufacturer in 2007. This document covers general data of the engine and outputs, technical data, operating ranges, engine description, piping design, installation and treatment, fuel oil and lube oil systems, compressed air and cooling water systems, combustion air and exhaust gas systems, turbocharger cleaning, exhaust emissions, automation, foundation, noise and vibration, power transmission, engine room layout, transport weights and dimensions, project guide attachments, unit conversion tables, collection of drawing symbols used in the engine drawings.

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Wartsila 6L32 Marine Diesel Engine Manual

   This book contains all data and instructions required for the safe and effective operation/maintenance of the engines plus the instructions for handling- personal protection and first aid when fuel-, lubricating oils and cooling water additives are handled during normal operation/maintenance work. Basic general technical knowledge has not been entered. Consequently, we assume that the engine operation/maintenance personnel is already informed of the care of diesel engines. A really must have document for crew members dealing with the routine operation/maintenance of the diesel engines and for professional conducting installation and repair.

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Fuels, Lubricants and Coolants for MAN Engines

   MAN diesel engines are developed to the state of the art and built using the latest production technology. This results in significant properties such as Economical operation owing to low fuel and lubricating oil consumption, low weight, limited maintenance overhead and spare part requirements and a long service life, future-oriented environmental compatibility, quick load pickup, compact design. However, trouble-free operation and high performance can be achieved only if the specified maintenance intervals are observed and the fuels, lubricants and coolants approved by MAN are used. Please observe guidelines for the protection of the environment when handling fuels, lubricants and coolants.

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MaK M43 Type Engine Operating Instructions

   This is another useful compilation of technical files - it consists of the operation instructions for the marine diesel engines of three MaK types. Subject documents shall be treated as very important ones covering initial operation instructions, operational supervision, running-in and fault tracing, various regulations and recommendations (engine lube oil, effective corrosion inhibiting agents and oils, suitable fresh water etc.), emergency operation and many other issues. Will be of great use for crew members dealing with the operation and maintenance of such diesel engines as the thorough and comprehensive source of valuable technical information.

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