This instruction manual was officially released by Kongsberg Simrad AS for training purposes. It covers such areas of the underwater acoustics as transducers, sound propagation, sound paths, acoustic noise, positioning principles, examples, performance of the acoustic positioning systems, and basic acoustic formulas.

The first, introductory, chapter of the manual provides users with the general information about the underwater acoustics and transmission. The sound propagation principles have also been covered in this chapter with specific attention paid to such aspects as the pressure and intensity of the sound going through the waters, transmission loss etc.

One separate sub-chapter has been solely devoted to the transducers, their construction and efficiency, beam pattern, source level and other relevant items. The rest of the sub-chapters are dealing with the principles of positioning, sound paths, acoustic noise, performance of the systems, basic formulas relating to the underwater acoustics, etc.

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This is the instructional video produced and officially released for distribution by the B&W, one of the world leaders in production of the marine diesel engines. This film is devoted to the main bearings installed on the engines of S-K-L 60-80MC series.

It will demonstrate how to perform the inspection of the main bearings in the most effective and correct manner. The content of this video will be greatly appreciated by all crew members involved in the periodic maintenance and repair of these marine diesel engines as it provides invaluable visual instructions that will perfectly supplement the information obtained from the books and instruction/maintenance manuals for the engines.

The more information you have, the better will be the inspection you perform. An absolutely recommended one for the marine engineers working on the vessels with B&W engines installed.

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This is the ver. 11.10.05 of the IMDG Code by IMO; the content of the program was specifically developed by the specialists of Exis Technologies Ltd company and released some years ago. This program was prepared to work on all Windows systems. In order for the installation process to commence, the users shall first open the pdf document which is included in the archive.

Generally, this program should be treated as the computerized version of the Amendment 36-12 to the IMDG Code; it also and includes the Supplement and the Dangerous Goods List; moreover, a list of IMDG substances is also there supplemented with the index for easier reference, as well as the necessary facilities to print the particular DG Note. We have checked the archive and have not revealed any malware. No activation or registration is required, just launch it and feel free to use for for or training purposes.

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Here is the computer-based version of the most popular and useful maritime document - "IMDG Code 37-14" for Windows. It contains unabridged and complete text of the Code itself, incorporating Amendment 37-14. The Dangerous Goods List is also inside. The software is compatible with all versions of Windows.

This software is expected to serve as an excellent supplement to the paper copy of the document; it may even substitute the paper copy in case of necessity. Very good when used for quick reference, taking into account the availability of search function.

Indispensable resource for training of the crew members and even for the classroom. In short, a must-have program to be possessed on the computer of the vessel transporting dangerous goods under the IMDG Code. All crew members are highly recommended to get familiarized with the content of the Code using either hard copy or this software.

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This Marine Insight publication contains the forms/checklists considered most important when reporting and for other practical use by the crew members and officers. There are three main areas that have been covered by the paperwork included in this pack.

The first is general and safety-related, including Safety Committee Meeting, tank opening checklist, PSC (i.e. port state control) inspection report, tank condition report, bunkering checklist, hull failure scenario. The second area is the deck department, and this part of the pack includes such forms and checklists as the bridge before arrival/departure checklists, GMDSS familiarization checklist, United States waters navigation checklist, and stevedore damage report.

Finally, the third area to be covered is the engine department - and here we such docs as generator test report and main engine bearing report, centrifugal pump report and engine before departure checklist, and even the bunker note of protest. We would recommend you to download the complete pack to make sure that all of the papers you might require are readily available at any time.

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For several decades, the practical application of the high-power lasers in the industry have been significantly increasing; nowadays, lasers are considered quite well-established hi-tech industrial instrument. And one of the main industrial applications of the lasers is welding.

The technical potential of such high-brightness sources of energy as lasers to establish high-quality welding seams at high rates is really outstanding and that is the reason why so many welding applications of lasers and electron beams have been developed.

The main problem of using lasers for welding was the stringent tolerances applied to the joints as demanded by the welding processes involving electron beams and lasers. The laser beams normally heat only the welding seam itself plus some very limited area around the seam. Should the wider gap be there, it may eventually result in such defects as undercuts and underfills, while sometimes the beam partly transmits through the gap instead of welding the metal.

Thus, for years people considered it impossible to use the above mentioned techniques in the industry. Long story short, it took many years and several brilliant technological advances to enable people to use the electron beams and lasers for welding. And this video will demonstrate you how the welding is made covering the most important aspects of the process...

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This is just the official booklet of the Fifteenth Chesapeake Sailing Yacht Symposium. The document was released back in 2001 with the intention of the compilers to combine the materials presented in the course of the Symposium by Stephan Harries, Karsten Hochkirch and Claus Abt from Berlin Technical University.

Today, the geometric modeling applied to the yacht design is commonly related to hydrodynamic performance of the hull shape of the yacht taken together with the appendages. The traditional shape design is quite expensive and time consuming, and in this paper a complementing approach to the design will be discussed.

It is called hydrodynamic modeling as it combines the geometric modeling with hydrodynamic analysis in the design process... This document will be of interest to the people engaged in the design of the yachts and wishing to be updated with all happenings in the field. Very small but concise and informative publication.

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This is a live webcast supported by the Port Authorities of Singapore and devoted to the MLC, i.e. Maritime Labour Convention 2006. You are all welcome to this special broadcast by ILO Television, marking the entry into force of the MLC 2006 or, as it is more popularly known, The Seafarer's Bill of Rights.

On 20 August 2013 the International Labor Organization, or ILO for short, market the entry into force of this convention, with the event which brought together the ship owners, seafarers and port authorities... In order to mark this historic occasion, we have arrived at one of the busiest sea ports in the whole world, Singapore. Literally dozens of thousands of seafarers and vessels pass through Singapore port every year... A good video training for marine lawyers dealing with the ILO.

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