The authors of this short training video are inviting you to have a look at the largest jack-up offshore unit in the world. This video is intended to guide the interested persons to explore this gigantic structure. Of course and first of all this video will be of great interest to the people directly engaged in offshore engineering and various activities.

They will be able to compare the offshore units they work on with this fantastic unit. Though the film is very short, the authors have presented the material in a very concentrated manner and it means that every single second of it will be interesting.

It will be interesting not only to the offshore industry professionals but also to the other people who like engineering structures and want to know how they are constructed and how they operate.

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This short video was prepared in order to demonstrate the real internal arrangement of the typical marine diesel engine.

The authors had made an excellent attempt to produce a very short training video that would illustrate how the engine is constructed and how it actually operates. Only one minute long but so interesting.

For sure, will be appreciated by all people trying to improve their knowledge of the diesel engines, their constructions and processes taking place during their operation. You should agree, it definitely deserves attention.

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This training film was originally produced for the sole purpose of educating seamen against drugs, and particularly the life-changing effects and criminal liabilities of its unlawful usage and smuggling.

The narrated and re-enacted real life events in this video are personal accounts of interviewees, mostly seamen and their loved ones, who have voluntarily given details of their personal experiences and insights, and how these have affected their lives.

May they serve as clear testimonies and lessons to seamen, to properly guide them when confronted with actual situations involving illegal drugs. Absolutely, life is all about being truly alive, and living your life with the ones you love. Existing by choosing a purpose. Not a death dose. Not a fatal choice. Say No!...

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This film is intended to give you much better idea of the reasons for carrying out a Risk Assessment. While 'Hot Work' is specifically discussed, it should be remembered that the lessons you will definitely learn from this film apply to any Risk Assessment, does not matter if it is conducted for Hot Work, Confined/Enclosed Space Entry, Working Aloft or any other potentially hazardous task.

Where anything in this training film differs from your company guidelines, or where specific instructions are issued by your employer, these should always take priority over the content of this film! It is considered essential that you read and understand the relevant section of the SMS, standing for the Safety Management System for your vessel that describes procedures for carrying out any Hot Work.

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This book was written to analyze the set of factors that affect the security of maritime and port operations, including shipping, economics, politics, crime and terrorism. The author of the publication critiques current approaches to the security based on his practical experience of more that twenty-five years in the field.

His intention is to provide readers with a set of tested and proven security recommendation that would recognize the interests and role of both private sector and government in improving security. The fundamental components of the international maritime shipping industry have all been thoroughly analyzed in this book and all potential threats to ports have been assessed.

The author examined approached to the port security in the US, EU and around the planet, and presented the underlying principles for effective port and maritime security. We would recommend this publication to anyone whose current or future profession required thorough knowledge of all aspects of maritime and port security since they will find all necessary information in a single volume, very well organized.

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One of the most popular classic books on the shipbuilding demonstrating the actual design methods and construction techniques. It was originally published so many years ago in order to serve as a reference book when performing training of the woordworkers and carpenters in the fundamental theoretical aspects of the construction of the wooden vessels.

The author of the volume tried to establish a course useful for the shipbuilders and boatbuilders; he did not try to prepare a complete treatise on the subject so please note that there can be some omissions. However, needless to say that the book will be of great interest for everyone willing to improve their knowledge of ship construction principles, as well as people interested in building ship models.

The book is classic and rare; of course, the shipbuilding of today much differs from the one of last century due to the new technologies developed; however, the theory of the process, naval architecture, mechanics, strength, hydromechanics and other remain unchanged...

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An excellent reference book on Greek shipping. Anyone involved in the shipping industry knows that the Greek-owned shipping companies have been at the very top of the world fleet for last decades. The present study is remarkably richly sourced and the author has managed to trace the development of the tramp fleet of Greeks starting from the middle of the seventeenth century and up to today.

She actually argues that the wonderful success of the Greek shipping has resulted from the perfectly built networks and well organized structures dating back to the nineteenth century. The study contained in the present volume will provide interested readers with the truly comprehensive history of the development of the contemporary Greek-owned shipping ever published.

The text part has been illustrated with many photos and maps and also includes extensive data tables for easy reference. A good source of information and data for the people willing to understand how the Greek shipping reached to the top.

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This short training video film was developed to provide the shipboard personnel with the detailed description of the main working principles of the AIS, standing for the Automatic Identification System and considered one of the most important pieces of navigation equipment on board.

It is quite clear to anyone in the shipping industry that in the weather conditions with poor visibility there can be many dangerous situation affecting safety of navigation. A way to avoid such dangerous situations is to present information about other ships such as position, heading and speed, and name on the display.

Fortunately, this technology has been already invented, it exists and it is called AIS. Take some time watching this film and you will significantly improve your knowledge of this system and add to your professional confidence.

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