This work is dealing with the rick-based approach applied to the assessment of the fire safety in the various maritime composite superstructures. Sometimes it makes sense to substitute steel used for the construction of the maritime structures with the FRP taking into account such advantages as the reduced weight and easier maintenance, of course provided all relevant requirements have been complied with.

A newly introduced methodology in the applicable regulations opens up for the new and innovative design solutions - again provided they have proven safe and complying with the relevant requirements. The present report is intended to provide the ship construction industry with an approach that would be clearly effecting to the fire safety in case of the FRP composite materials utilized for construction.

This is the fragment of the opening chapter of this book. The chapters of the publication cover the SOLAS fire safety related requirements, concept of risk, structural requirements, need and risk analysis for verification, synoptic application of the proposed approach, etc.

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Here is the set of ASTM/API calculation tables for crude oil and oil products - 5A, 6A, 23A, 24A, 53A, 54A, 5B, 6B, 6C, 23B, 24B, 53B, 54B, 6C, 24C, 54C, together with the American Society for Testing and Materials usage and procedure of calculations (see inside the folder).

The software has been tested for compatibility and was confirmed to be compatible with all Windows systems, including Win 7. The versions that have been included in the pack are 1.0, 1.1, Super ASTM 4.0. Recommended for practical use by all people involved in construction and other related ativities.

No viruses or malware, no need for activation or payment. Needless to say that this program is in the list of the most popular and frequently used by all people in the industry.

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We all know that SAR, standing for the Search-and-Rescue is the search for and also provision of the necessary lifesaving assistance to the persons who are in distress and under imminent danger to their lives. The SAR arrangements developed and implemented by the Australian maritime authorities are actually intended to complement such emergency services as fire service, police and first aid in cases where those services are unavailable due to some reasons, such as the rescues at sea, remote operations etc.

Note that the Australian SAR region covers not only the Australian continent itself, but also includes large areas of the Pacific, Indian and Southern Oceans supplemented with the Antarctic territories of the Australia - all that area reaches nearly sixty million square kms. The present official manual was released to document the standard procedures and established techniques for promoting the effective saving of human lives at sea.

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The present publication is based on the valuable contributions by the recognized industry experts. Their main intention was to perform the proper and thorough analysis of the major aspects of the energy diplomacy and energy security, as well as of the maritime security in the Southeast and East Asia. The current state of the maritime security and energy security has been specifically examined as related to the Japan and Chine plus the whole Southeast Asia.

Subject topics are deservedly considered not only relevant for the high oil prices the world is facing today (note that the book was published back in 2009 when the oil prices were nearly at their peak values rising as high as 140 USD per barrel at some points) but it is also quite meaningful for the regional integration in East Asia. This volume will be examining both theoretical and practical parts of the subject making it useful for all kinds of specialists involved.

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Nowadays, we may all witness the constantly increasing need for the construction of the new engineering structures in the region of Arctic seas. Subject requirement has actually been generated by the rapidly developing offshore oil and gas industry, taking into consideration that substantial reserves of the hydrocarbons are known and confirmed to be there.

Structures designed to work in the Arctic region should be capable of withstanding all severe environmental forces commonly generated by the sea ice - note that this subject is still quite far from being completely understood. The underwater pipelines should be safe against the strudel scour and ice gouging; moreover, they should be build in a safe manner and economically. In addition to that, we have to understand and take into account such important factors as the human environment and social factors plus some others.

The present volume is taking a broad view and accounts for the interactions that occur between different factors involved. Numerous case studies of the actual projects in the Arctic region are illustrating the main content of the work.

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Every welding project is completed one weld bead at a time. From fabrication and repair shops, arc welding is one of the most common and versatile methods of joining the metal. The present video film has been specifically developed for the people who already have some very basic knowledge of the welding processes but lack of the required practical experience.

This video will explain the basic welding techniques, tell them about the proper preparation for the welding and also the welding sequence to be followed in order to establish a high-quality weld seam. Note that the content of the film will be very useful and informative not only to the students and future welders or hull constructors, but also for the people who are already working with welding and wish to improve their welding skills or to refresh them. Take some fifty minutes watching the film and you will know nearly everything about arc welding process.

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Currently, the basis of the revival of world economy is still unsteady with the risks of economic downturn. The developed economies of USA, Europe, and Japan and the emerging market economies represented by China and India are both faced with the pressure to seek the momentum mechanism for economic growth to resuscitate or stabilize economy.

From the perspective of maintaining economic growth rate, the divergence among the economies is quite salient. The impetus to promote the real economy through international trade and OFDI is quite insufficient. For both the developed economies and the developing economies, they are faced with the challenge to adjust the industrial structure and further economic reform to prevent the economy from declining. To a certain extent, this is both the "cause" brought by the globalization and also the "effect" of the globalization of economy.

Faced with the globalization, some are happy and some are worried. The globalization against the background of the entire world not only enables an unstoppable multipolar trend in the world, but also makes the Golden Age of sea right gone forever. As a matter of fact, this world has never lacked in the impetus to progress, and what the world lacks is only the new cooperation concepts and mechanisms to promote economic growth in different eras and at different stages of development...

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This book by Peter Nielsen, who is a very experienced seafarer, provides excellent and perfectly chosen general information about anchoring. The author gives very good and understandable descriptions of the types of anchors that are in use together with the tips on the anchoring itself. The readers will find all information they need here - the answers to all questions on the anchoring they have.

In fact, anchoring is considered a key skill for any yachtsman and boater, does not matter sail or power. The present publication will provide you with the easy-to-follow and fast instruction that will help you to perform the anchoring in a safe and efficient manner. The booklet belongs to the famous Captain's Quick Guide series and is very popular among seamen.

The readers will know how to use the right anchors, how to select and size the correct anchor chains and connectors, and also learn the basic anchoring techniques. An absolutely recommended volume for all boaters - we suggest that you print this one out, laminate and put in your boat to make sure that it is readily available at any time.

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