The publication includes description of all basic types of electrical relays and explains in detail their operation principles as well as applications. The scope of the present publication is quite broad and, in fact, unique, in the sense that in this book the author represents the very first illustrated encyclopedia of the electrical relays.

The book also includes some kind of historical background f the design of so many different types of electrical relays, which is not always familiar even to the specialists in this field; in addition to that, particular attention has been paid by the author to this issue taking into account the need for a display of expertise on the present subject.

All major issues that are related to the design and operated principles of the components of the relatively complicated types of the relays have been discussed in this book, too, and this will definitely allow readers to understand the operation principles of such relays better and without the necessity of referring to any additional source of information. The book has been written in a very clear and understandable language, without any math treatment, and includes a huge number of illustrations making it easy-to-use for a wide range of engineers not only to electrical specialists...

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This publication is fully dedicated to the electronic devices and circuit theory; the intention of the author was to offer the students a thorough and comprehensive study of the subject topics. The material that has been provided in this publication will be of use for people willing to improve their technical knowledge and know hot to apply it to the day-to-day operations.

The authors of the book took a systems approach, covering the topics in a special fashion that allows to ensure students comprehend all fundamental aspects like transistors and diodes before they start with more advanced topics. The content of this textbook is mainly based on the semiconductor components. The authors of the book has explained to the readers what the diodes are and how they work, the reason of their function, their characteristics and many application circuits; the book is also intended to describe what the transistors are and shed some light on their most popular applications.

Moreover, the readers will know how to polarizate the transistors, and some other operations. They will get the necessary information on what the operational amplifiers, power amplifiers and oscillator circuits are. The book includes so many problems and illustrations for better understanding of the material...

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Here is a truly excellent and world popular textbook explaining the basics of the electricity and electronics. The readers of this publication will get to know the most important how and whys quite behind the basic course of electronics and electricity, and communications without actual formal training.

This book presents an excellent combination of a good home reference, self teaching guide and classroom text - it has been significantly updated to deliver all very latest technological and scientific advances. It will also be very useful for both amateur and commercial licensing exams. The author of the textbook, Stan Gibilisco, is an electronics legend and one of the most popular contemporary authors. The publication is widely supplemented with more than six hundred illustrations, test questions and practical examples.

This book shall definitely be treated as the expert how-to reference on solving the most popular problems related to the electrics and electronics, such as basic power calculations, simple voltage-resistance-current characteristics determinates, designing electrical circuits and electrical systems, acoustical- and audio systems. Note that this latest release of the book reflects the very latest technological advances in such areas as computer electronics, transmitters, amplifiers, and even the internet...  

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In this release of Electronics for Dummies the text part is supplemented with a huge number of colourful images and detailed diagrams; the publication will provide readers with the very easy-to-follow instructions that will show them how exactly various electronic components function, advice on proper choosing and using of the essential electronic tools, and even some nice projects that the readers can build themselves in less than half-an-hour.

The publication provides necessary information and technical guidance on the circuit basics, including the explanation of the voltage, current flow and power, critical components of the electrical circuit, namely inductors, capacitors, diodes, resistors, etc., versatile chips... The readers will get to know how to perform a correct analysis of the electrical circuit and understand all associated rules governing voltage and current, as well as their proper application.

The safety tips necessary to follow in order to keep yourself safe are also there in the book. In short, this publication is aimed to help interested people in their exploration of the very basics of electronics. You will see how various tiny parts manipulate the electric current, how the transistors switch and amplify it, and get so much more other useful and interesting information.

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We are glad to introduce the fifth release of the Programmable Logic Controllers which continues to be very easy-to-use book, providing readers with the very basic principles of such controllers without tying to any particular manufacturer of PLC.

The present volume contains a truly extensive number of various examples and solved problems intended to assist in better and more thorough understanding of the theory provided, and utilizes various popular controllers, trying to highlight the fundamental knowledge to be used without having to address any of the PLC manufacturers. The publication is intended to help the readers to understand the basic principles of the design and internal architecture, principles of operation of the controllers and to identify the associated safety issues as well as fault diagnostics methods, ways of proper testing and debugging.

Numerous case studies have been included in this edition of the book to supplement the theory; the title also features the extended coverage of the sequences, and much more details have been provided there relating to the programming using the sequential function charts, testing inputs and outputs, comparison of various relay-controlled systems etc.; the IEC programming standard has also been touched in this publication together with the programming devices, security issues etc.​

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Initially, from the very time of its preparation, this publication has been conceived as a revision of another one, also very practical and proven useful to the readers, namely Linear Network Analysis, which was published in 1965. Sometimes, when conducting the study of the electrical systems, is may become appropriate to specifically address to internal structure and the composition of the electrical system in question.

Then, the topology shall definitely be considered the critical analytical tool to use. However, it shall be noted that in most of the other cases the external characteristics analysis would be the one that presents interest. In this book the authors are mostly dealing with the internal composition and port, or system, characteristics. The most important mathematical tools are matrix analysis, complex variable functions, linear graphs etc. The good attempt was made in this book to a very careful development of the network theory fundamentals.

The authors also considered the frequency and time response, synthesis and analysis. Though most part of the book is limited to the linear and time-invariant electrical networks, one of the chapters have been specifically concerned with time-varying and non-linear networks.​

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The present book begins with the very brief intro to the basics of the semiconductor technology, including their structure, band theory of crystals and description of the energy level diagram. Difference between extrinsic and intrinsic semiconductors is explained in this opening chapter, and types (N- and P-) of the extrinsic ones have also been covered together with some other information.

The next chapter has been dedicated to the semiconductor junction diodes while the third one addresses the diode circuits and provides the necessary information about clippers, clampers, rectifiers, comparators, filter circuits, voltage multiplying circuits etc. Then there comes a chapters dealing with the transistors, integrated circuits, and their fabrications.

The rest of the titles include transistor biaising techniques, two-port network theory and circuit models, small signal basic amplifiers, multistage and feedback amplifiers, power, tuned and wideband amplifiers, oscillators, multi-vibrators, basic logic gates, and other information. Definitely needful publication for the electricians and all people dealing with the design, maintenance and repair of the electrical equipment and systems.

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This would be an excellent choice for the people needing a publication that would be focusing on various aspects of troubleshooting and repair of the diesel engines. The book is considerably thorough and full of informative illustrations. This textbook will provide readers with the technical details that they need beyond the general idea of how such engines function.

It really contains plenty of useful info and would definitely help all industry participants, and particularly diesel technicians with a great deal at work in their professional careers, giving much more than would be enough. The author, Paul Dempsey, has presented all recent technological advances in diesel engines. This revised and updated classic guidance is very practical, comprehensive and easy to use, equipping readers with excellent tools as well as proven techniques that are required in order to keep their diesel machinery in satisfactory working condition.

Moreover, the publication also includes so much information relating to the diesel engine diagnostics, fuel oil systems, generators and starters, mechanics of the diesel engine, some basic knowledge of the electrics, engine cooling and lubrication systems, turbochargers, governors, valves, exhaust after-treatment and other critically important aspects. The book is packed with more than three hundred schemes, drawings and images.

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