The book is mainly meant for designers of new drive mechanisms; however, it also provides a valuable practical explanation of the way in which the different mechanisms described here work. The book contains interesting chapters covering hydraulic energy converters, hydraulic energy control (conductive part), piping and fluids of the conductive part, hydraulic accumulators and fluid conditioners, AC induction machines, control technology, both closed-loop and open-loop linear drives, heave compensation, rotation drives, subsea drives, and safety design rules.

According to the opinions of the readers, the publication will give you all information you may need related to the heave compensation offshore. It covers literally all aspects starting from the materials of the cylinder rods and up to the electrical motors, and all that is in addition to the hydraulic information providing which is the general intent. since the motion control is applied in so many installations including subsea and offshore, proper understanding of the its underlying theoretical principles and implementation is very important for safe and efficient operation of subject installations.

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Here is a brilliant compilation of thirty three nautical calculators that have been specifically collected in one folder for users convenience. These calculators may be used for solving nautical equations and conversions; they may also serve as a practical reference material for the navigator.

Each of the pages represents one self-contained JavaScript program. There is no need to install anything. the only thing user is expected to do is to open a corresponding file and start making calculations.

The calculators contained in the set may be used for calculating altitude correction and air temperature, relative humidity and dew point, altitude correction for atmospheric pressure, geographic range, speed for measured mile, traverse, distances, compass error from amplitudes observed on the visible horizon, longitude and latitude factors, great circle sailing, barometer measurement conversions and do so many other calculations. Note that the size of the set is next to nothing so just download it and save somewhere for the future use if required.

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A really unique new comprehensive reference book which was released aiming to provide readers with the professional insight into the modern freight transport modelling. The authors of the book focus on models that are used to analyze the support public transport policies, introduce the recently developed approaches and describe the main techniques and methods established at operational models.

The freight transport is considered an important part of the world economy since it bridges the distances existing there between the seriously separated places of demand/supply. In the past, the associated transport flows grew continuously taking into account the increase in the human population and fall of the trade barriers.

The authors of the volume have tried to disseminate better instruments of evaluation of the freight transport policies giving concise descriptions of the mathematical models with the main focus being made of the fields deviating from the passenger models, supporting the policy design in a number of ways including performance assessment, design/optimization, forecasting of flows mentioned above, and their description on a base year...

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Here is the second part of the two-volume set - the first part devoted to the jurisdiction and risks is also available at our website. The book addresses the management of the risks and liabilities. Among the key features of this third edition of the book we may note the explanation of the applicable Rules of liability attribution, professional analysis of the regulatory regime together with the newly introduced IMO and EU legislation.

All recent developments have been reflected including economic torts, ship managing risks, fiduciary duties, shipbuilding and ship sale risks, newly implemented BIMCO standard contract terms, mortgagees risks, piracy risks, general average, pollution liabilities, performance bonds and many other important aspects of ship risk management.

As it was the case with the first book of the set, this document is must-have book on a bookshelf of any professional practicing maritime lawyer.

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Nowadays, the naval engineering is considered the area of professional study and expertise concerning the important aspects of design of the naval vessels, their construction as well as operation and routine maintenance. The ONR, the abbreviation standing for the Office of Naval Research provides all necessary assistance to the specialists engaged in the technical and scientific researches supporting the naval engineering.

The main content of the present study is made on the basis of the information obtained from the meetings at the Marine Board of the TRB, i.e. Transportation Research Board. Subject discussions have highlighted the significant role played by the ONR in education and research activities in the field of naval engineering and have also identified the demand for the assessment of the effectiveness of the Office in fulfilling this important role...

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The present unique title is examining the issues related to the jurisdiction as well as maritime law and practice looking from a modern perspective. The authors of the volume are highlighting the significance of the risk management making an attempt to avoid the pitfalls in arbitration/litigation and also to minimize the exposure to the associated liabilities.

This edition is fully re-structured and revised. The book now consists of two separate volumes each of them being self-contained. The first part of the set offered herein covers the important juridical issues together with the risks. In turn, the second volume is exploring the various critical aspects of maritime law, liabilities and risks. The book is tackling a real wealth of very complex and widely ranged jurisdictional aspects.

It features the professional analysis of the recent cases, particularly those of international nature. The book is expected to be of great use for the academics and practicing lawyers as well as other shipping industry specialists worldwide. An excellent and practically useful volume which shall be there in the professional library of any maritime lawyer for easy and ready reference.

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Here is an excellent interactive management system produced by NALFLEET Marine Chemicals. The main parts of the system are sea shield applications, product information, technical manual, worldwide directory, programme details, test methods, electronic log sheets, and electronic ordering.

Nowadays, the water systems on board any seagoing ship are used in evaporators, seawater cooling systems and engine cooling systems, steam boilers etc. This software features remarkably user-friendly interface and requires no installation codes or activation.

No viruses inside. In order to start, just launch the Home.pdf file. Definitely recommended, noting the amount of the information contained.

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Methanol is is very wide use everywhere in the world as an effective chemical commodity and fuel. This video is the information source for methanol. It has been originally developed with the aim to promote the maximum safe handling of methanol and minimization of health-related risks to employees, work places, environment, and the community.

It is supplementing the Methanol Safe Handling Manual which is also readily available at our website. The key points covered in this video are the fundamental physical properties of methanol, the key risks associated with handling of methanol, ways of minimization of the exposure to methanol, fire, release of the methanol into the environment, and what shall be done in case of an event involving the methanol.

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