The present IMO model course is mainly intended for the ship officers willing to be certified and chief mate and master on vessels having a gross tonnage of five hundred tons or more. All entrants should have already completed a pre-requisite course on the minimum standards that is required for certification as the officer-in-charge of a navigational watch on the vessels of same size.

In contrast to this Model Course 7.03, the present course is covering the navigation, cargo handling and controlling the operation of the vessel and people care not at the operation but at the management level. In general, the declared purpose of all IMO model courses is to help all training institutes together with their teaching staff to better introduce ad properly organize the new courses and also improve the existing materials.

Again, the Table A-II/2 of the STCW Convention is being referred. The background technical knowledge supporting the tasks, relevant duties and associated responsibilities are listed in the appropriate sections of the training program and are more or less similar to the Model Course 7.03; however there are some differences and you would better go through the contents of each publication to have a clear picture. 

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The Annex VI to the IMO Convention on Marine Pollution Prevention (MARPOL) is dedicated to the air pollution. Here is the Nox Technical Code 2008 with Guidelines to Implementation. This publication is must-have on board any vessel (since above named Convention applies to the vast majority of ships) and will be of really great use to every specialist of the maritime industry - crew members, marine engineers, independent surveyors and inspectors and many others.

You can definitely never overestimate the value of the environment and that is the reason why all of us shall take care of the nature. One of the main causes of the pollution of the atmosphere is the pollution by the emissions resulting from the operation of the marine diesel engines. Taking into account the growing number of the vessels and increasing sizes of the marine diesel engines, the necessity for establishing the regulations governing the amount of allowed emissions to the atmosphere was quite evident.

We would definitely recommend every crew member involved in the operation and maintenance of the marine diesel engines as well as the supporting personnel to go through this document and get a clear knowledge of the allowable limits of the emissions in the different areas...

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The second edition of the training booklet from the leading provider; this publication is best when used together with the corresponding video film. The document contains all required information on how the shipping industry is polluting the planet's atmosphere, and what exactly the regulations contained in the revised Annex VI would mean for your vessel.

The program of this training is mainly aimed at the ship masters, shipping company superintendents, deck and engineer officers, PSC inspectors, Flag officials and other people, who, when following the instructions outlined in the content of the book, will gain sufficient knowledge as well as the due awareness of the different emission types, which vessels and marine engines this Annex applies to, how the limits stated in the Annex can be achieved in the real life, understand the purposes of the Annex, know how the pollution of the atmosphere affects the surrounding environment and people's health, get the information on the controls and emission limits and, of course, will see the potential consequences of not complying with the requirements of the Annex.

The book is arranged in ten chapters covering the general information, oxides of nitrogen and sulphur, i.e. NOx and SOx, particulate matter, incinerators, fuel oil controls, VOCs, ODCs, and other relevant aspects. There are five appendices to the main course, containing the glossary of terms, VOC management plan, and some other supplementary material.

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Topics covered in this volume: WMU - Working towards gender equality; Intro; Maritime policy and women's advancement; Career development and associated gender issues; Maritime education and research - women's impact; Global leadership for maritime women; Sustainable issues in shipping industry - contribution of women; Maritime women - Global Leadership Declaration and the Programme of the Global Leadership 2014 Conference.

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This publication was written by Tingting Yang and Sherman Shen who made an attempt to cover the constantly emerging networks of maritime wideband communications. The authors are trying to describe to the readers how such networks facilitate the applications like general communications, urgency, maritime distress etc. This book was initially intended to provide a good insight to the scheduling of the maritime data transmission and to the protocol design for the network that has been mentioned above.

The book starts with some brief intro to the networks including their principal architecture, framework and operation principles, and it also includes a survey on current developments in this area. The next part of the book will present the resource allocation as well as the scheduling for the video transmission with the aim to maximize the weights of the video packets being uploaded and transferred. The duet of authors are also proposing an energy and content-aware scheduling scheme for better packet throughput.

Basing on the real vessel route traces received from the navigation programs, the results of the simulations are demonstrating the true viability of the schemes proposed. In addition, the conclusions and valuable suggestions for the future researches have been discussed in this book...

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A truly authoritative guidebook expertly addressing the important issues of the maritime safety together with the instruments available to help people bring about improvement. It will be very useful for everyone who are directly engaged in the design or operation of the vessels.

The ambition of the author of this volume was to provide the students with a wider and more thorough understanding of all associated safety aspects of the vessel itself and as a transportation system. For Svein Kristensen it was quite important to address the known fact that maritime safety is not something only about the techniques and methods but it also concerns with the knowledge related to the save behavior. Engineers are commonly engaged in operations influencing risks and they may also be assigned the responsibility for the safety management in competition with the relevant time-pressure and economic considerations.

The content of the book has been organized in four parts, The first part provides the background, providing the introduction, giving the picture of the maritime risk and addressing the applicable rules and regulations. The second part deals with the statistical methods, including monitoring of the risk. The third part covers the risk analysis, including the estimation of damage, various risk analysis techniques, traffic based models, formal assessment of safety and cost benefit analysis.

Finally, the closing part of the book deals with the safety management and operations, covering the human factors, occupational safety matters and accident analysis, safety management and emergency preparedness...

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This standard has been developed and released by DNV GL classification society with the intention to provide all necessary requirements for training providers within both offshore and maritime field, and offer academic and vocational training/education, leading to the issuance of associated certificates ensuring the quality of development and delivery of training programs and training courses. It shall be applied to all providers of maritime and/or offshore training who develop the educational programs and offer training courses and programs. Training providers fully complying with all requirements that are stated within this standard may be considered certified for the relevant type of service they offer, and issued the certificate - this may be maritime academy or maritime and/or offshore training center, maritime and/or offshore simulation center etc. Such certification would include thorough assessment of the relevant documents of the provider's management system and implementation audit, followed by the annual and renewal audit of the training providers. The very first section of the booklet gives info on the application and certification, followed by some general information. The other three sections cover planning, development, preparation, operation and result phases.

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Really worthwhile volume that should definitely be read by all people with the serious interest in the Greek trade and economy of the ancient time. The book has been deservedly treated as a very important and valuable contribution to the understanding oh the maritime trade activities of those times. The content of the publication is well-balanced and sensible.

The author is dealing directly with the subject and the introduction to the book has been mainly devoted to the point of organization and procedure. All of the passages and terms covered within this documents have been translated from Greek to English; however, when reproducing the original Greek the author has resorted to two scripts - ancient Greek and the one transliterated into English, with corresponding decisions being made depending on the nature of the particular passage.

The sections covering the abbreviations and providing the references to the Greek terms have also been provided. The books provide all required information on the classical exchange patterns and modes, juridical place and wealth of the maritime traders of the ancient times, as well as the official and unofficial attitudes towards the maritime traders and archaic exchange modes. There are several appendices with additional information. In short, a good one for naval historians and enthusiasts...

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