Fuels, Lubricants and Coolants for MAN Engines

   MAN diesel engines are developed to the state of the art and built using the latest production technology. This results in significant properties such as Economical operation owing to low fuel and lubricating oil consumption, low weight, limited maintenance overhead and spare part requirements and a long service life, future-oriented environmental compatibility, quick load pickup, compact design. However, trouble-free operation and high performance can be achieved only if the specified maintenance intervals are observed and the fuels, lubricants and coolants approved by MAN are used. Please observe guidelines for the protection of the environment when handling fuels, lubricants and coolants.

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MaK M43 Type Engine Operating Instructions

   This is another useful compilation of technical files - it consists of the operation instructions for the marine diesel engines of three MaK types. Subject documents shall be treated as very important ones covering initial operation instructions, operational supervision, running-in and fault tracing, various regulations and recommendations (engine lube oil, effective corrosion inhibiting agents and oils, suitable fresh water etc.), emergency operation and many other issues. Will be of great use for crew members dealing with the operation and maintenance of such diesel engines as the thorough and comprehensive source of valuable technical information.

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Sulzer RTA-38 and RTA-48 Type Diesel Engines Service Bulleetin - Regulation of Cylinder Liner Lubrication

   Basically, the technical settings of the cylinder lubrication shall be checked on the periodical basis, mainly in order to ensure that correct amount of cylinder lube oil is used. Sometimes, it may appear necessary to perform minor adjustments; this shall be done with disturbance done to the basic linkage setting, or the mesh between the toothed segment and the gear wheel. Minor adjustments shall only be done on adjusting screws of the pumps or through changing the fulcrum by moving the connecting bar one hole up/down on the setting lever. The setting and checking procedures of the load-dependent cylinder lubrication are listed for the user's convenience.

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Emergency Diesel Generator WEIFANG WD615 68CD

   Here is the set of technical documentation related to the WD615 series generating set diesel engine. It comprises of the Operation and Maintenance Manual, two emergency diesel generator spare parts catalogues, technical data for the unit, and a complete set of drawings. It is a must have pack of documents for crew members dealing with the operation and maintenance of this machinery piece. WD615 series high-speed diesel engine is made in China by introducing foreign technology. It is characterized by compact structure, reliable operation, excellent power, economical and technical performance, rapid starting, simple operation, and easy maintenance. Especially the advanced emission not only comply with the provisions of EURO I emission regulations but also meets EURO II emission standard. It is an ideal power for heavy-duty vehicles, construction machinery, power generating equipment and fishing vessel and high speed boat. This manual introduces the main technical data, performance parameters, structure features, operation and maintenance of WD615 series diesel engine for power generating. If users operate the engine according to the stipulations of this manual, the Iifespan of the diesel engine should be extended greatly. During repair, disassembly and assembly of the engine, read the Maintenance Manual for WD615 Series Diesel Engine carefully and purchase parts according to the Illustrated Parts Catalogue for WD615 Series Diesel Engine.

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Marine Auxiliary Engine Yanmar 6N21AL-W Operation Manual

   The manual is prepared to address the critical precautions required for the efficient and safe use of these engines. It would be recommended to familiarize yourself with the document to ensure proper and thorough understanding of its content prior to the commencement of any operation. The SI system applies. This manual opens with the descriptions of the terms plus symbols used, followed with the general information about the engine plus structure of its main parts and operation of the engine and standard adjustments. Particular attention paid to the fuel oil and cooling water plus lube oil systems and periodical maintenance matters, dimensions/clearances, tightening torques and troubleshooting tips etc.

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Z80 Family CPU User Manual UM008005-0205

   The ZILOG Z80 components family if the 4th-generation microprocessors featuring highest computational power and offering users much higher output of the system and much more efficient utilization of memory in comparison with the microprocessors that belong to the 2nd and 3rd generations. They suit a very broad range of practical applications migrating software. The internal registers of these microprocessors feature 208 bits of memory accessible to the programmers. Subject registers include two sets each consisting of six general purpose registers - they can be utilized individually at different pairs of registers...

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HIMSEN Engine H17-28U(E) Marine and Stationary Applications

   This informative yet very compact booklet is containing main technical data and characteristics plus other info related to the marine diesel engine of HiMSEN H17/28U model. This publication was developed and officially released by the manufacturer, i.e. Hyundai Heavy Industries company some years back. This engine was specifically designed fully compliant with the common HiMSEN engine philosophy - they are smart, robust and designed simple. Its remarkably huge power density significantly contributes to the space saving and also easy marine applications. The best technological approaches of today have been applied to the engines to provide their best operational performance plus low consumption and lowest possible level of emissions.

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Yanmar Operation Manual - 1GM, 2GM, 3GMD, 3HM Diesel Engines

   This Operation Manual is intended to describe the various diesel engine parts and to prescribe simple checks for day-to-day engine maintenance. The publication covers 1GM, 2GM, 3GMD and 3HM marine diesel engines. We strongly recommend readers to get familiarized with this manual prior to the first start of your engine to insure proper use and handling. The present manual is concerned with the two-cylinder model. Though the 1GM, 3GMD and 3HM look differently, their handling is completely same, that is the main reason why the content of the present manual will be equally valuable to the personnel operating each of these engines.

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