As it is clearly implied by the title of this publication, the intention of it's author was to provide all readers with all training materials required for preparation for the TOEFL examination. Satisfactory results of this exam are the requirement for the entry for non-native speakers of English language at thousands of universities all over the world.

The author has included a range of activities to make the learning process easier for the students and let them increase their vocabulary. The material is supplemented with the exercises. At the end of the book there is a search index. The program is intended for ESL students at intermediate-to-advanced levels. However, it will of course be very useful for native speakers of English. This is a remarkably helpful and practical book - you will definitely wind everything you need here.

It will not only help you with your vocabulary but will also assist in improving your writing skills; of course, your thinking and speaking fluency will also get improved - just check the material chosen by the author, and follow the instructions in the book and you will see the results shortly. We do recommend this publication for both classroom training and self-study at home.

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This is a truly useful and remarkable publication for every person involved in shipping. The author, Kevin Stephens from PPG, standing for the Project Professionals Group, did a huge work - he managed to collect hundreds of the important and necessary chartering terms and provide proper and understandable explanations for all of them.

We would strongly recommend this book to everyone dealing with such specific terminology in their day-to-day work, operations or correspondence; it is really a must-have reference publication for such sort of professionals. All shipping and chartering terms are arranged in alphabetical order for easier reference.

Subject book will be equally useful for the industry professionals in the field of marine business and economics, ship operation and management, marine insurance and law, and to the people studying the subject disciplines in universities to use in their future career. It is indeed one of the best collections of general shipping and chartering terms and abbreviations available today. Since the file containing the Glossary is small file, it should not be a problem to get it transferred to you mobile device and have it readily available whenever necessary.

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We are glad to introduce the latest edition of this popular and recognized Dictionary, which is mainly based on the 1999 release which, in turn, incorporated the panel entries providing some additional details of a very wide range of so important topics. This volume has its origins in 1940 under the first name Chamber's Technical Dictionary. As it is quite clearly implied by the title of this popular Dictionary, it has been fully dedicated to the technical terminology. The entries included into the dictionary are arranged in alphabetical order.

The dictionary itself consists of more that thousand pages. In addition to the main part, there are numerous appendices providing some supplementary info, such as the SI prefixes, derived units/conversion factors, units of measurement, math symbols, Greek alphabet, planets together with their satellites, major physical constants, electromagnetic spectrum, the constellations, geo-time, amino acids, the Periodic Table, the list of Nobel Prize winners, chronology of the most significant inventions and discoveries, taxonomy of living organisms, radio frequencies, graphical electronic symbols etc.

The book is covering various areas of technology and science and this is what makes it so popular among the professionals from mechanical engineering to medicine and from electrical engineering to environmental sciences.

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This interesting and practical volume has been intended to cover both types of pumps, namely rotary and centrifugal pumps, and offer the learners of engineering and, in fact, all of the involved industry participants a concise yet enough detailed reference tool touching all aspects of the design, technical performance, and main operating principles of the different types of pumps.

The author has made a brilliant attempt to address all areas, starting from the brief historical overview and to the very latest developments and recent technological trends, focusing primarily on the information that would bear the practicality and applicability to the real-world situations, as well as to the techniques that the users could implement immediately. The text part starts with the chapters providing readers with some fundamental technical knowledge required to understand how pumps are working. Then, there are some illustrative and informative practical case studies that address the pumpage, pump system interaction, applications, reliability of the pumps, together with the popular practical solutions proven effective, failure analysis methods etc.

This truly comprehensive title also includes the critical specification parameters and applicable criteria for various types of pumps. The materials provided in the volume will definitely be of great practical use to all members of the maintenance staff.

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The original intention of the author of this volume was to prepare a book that would be used as the useful self-teaching instrument for the people having a desire to learn more about the celestial navigation from both academic and practical points of view. The content of this volume will for sure interest the experienced marine navigators who have got tires of "turning the crank" with the navigation tables and who are willing to have some better technical knowledge of the subject.

The author has intentionally not covered the old-fashioned methods implying utilization of the sight reduction tables together with the pre-computed solutions, taking into account the wide usage of the electronic calculators and computers. The reference has been made by the author to the H.O. 229 and H.O. 249 methods and the author presented the fundamental background as well as the equations enabling readers to perform their own calculations and come to the correct answers having a proper understanding of the process and using only the calculator, note that the scientific one will be required having the trigonometric and inverse functions.

The book starts with the historical overview and some basic information, followed with the description of the concepts of celestial navigation, using the sextant, corrections commonly made to the measurements, sight reduction, lunars, star identification, and other topics considered important.

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This is a truly excellent reference book that covers all important aspects of the maritime business and law, including registration and classification issues, crewing matters, transportation of passengers and cargo, marine insurance, and so much more. And, what is the most important, it has been specifically designed and released for the shipmasters.

The authors note that the readers of this publication shall clearly understand that it has not been prepared by the professional maritime lawyer and that is why it should not actually be intended for students studying law and possessing a full range of good textbooks.

The chapters of the book provide necessary information about the maritime law, the ships, master and crew members, liens, contracts, log books, protests and other relevant records, safety and seaworthiness of the vessel, public welfare, accommodation and provisions/water, carriage and delivery of cargo, passenger transportation, arrival and departure procedures, pilotage and towage, lichterage issues, marine insurance, average, lighthouses, limitation of liability and others, In addition, there is a Glossary of Terms, List of Abbreviations and some relevant calculations. The main body of the textbook is supplemented with the major Acts and Clauses.

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The present title was prepared by a seafarer specifically for seafarers, in order to assist in their studies of the various types of maritime law. It has been designed to provide all students with some kind of awareness of the maritime law in general; in addition to that, the author tried to give deeper knowledge in various specific areas in which ship Master's knowledge is expected. It took several years to write this book because the legislation keeps changing all the time.

It shall be noted that the book is primarily intended not to the students of law but to the mariners. Nowadays, the importance for the mariners to have a good understanding of the maritime law is obvious. The publication is divided by the author into twelve major sections. The opening section provides some introductory info on the maritime law; the second section mainly addresses international marine conventions, classification rules and other related items. This section is followed by the one covering port activities.

The other sections deal with the commerce, matters related to the salvage and towage, marine insurance, further legislation including ISM, ISPS, risk assessment, employment at sea and associated employment law, engaging seamen, repatriation-related issues, and safe manning of the vessels.

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As it is required by SOLAS, each ship must comply with the requirements of the IMSBC Code, as applicable - the purpose of the subject Code is to provide necessary technical guidance on the procedures that have to be adopted during the transportation of various solid bulk cargoes, and it applies to all solid bulk cargoes, with the sole exception of grain. Nowadays, the cargoes falling in the category of liquefaction risk continue to be transported.

Liquefaction related accidents cost the marine insurance industry more than hundred million dollars in the period 2010-2013. All details of the mineral cargoes are listed in the Appendix 1 to the above stated Code together with the info related to their properties and handling and carriage peculiarities. The Code draws the attention of the shippers to the hazards that are associated with the transportation of damp/wet mineral cargoes.

Such cargoes often have high density - thus, their distribution in the cargo holds of the vessel must be specifically considered since any error may inevitably lead to the structural damage of the ship. In addition to that, these cargoes are often loaded at a quite fast pace and such loading may stress the plating of the cargo hold.

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