Liquefaction Around Marine Structures

   Looking into this volume, we have underline the main purpose of this well-written plus remarkably comprehensive publication is to describe physics of the seabed liquefaction processes taking place around marine structures, together with their implications for the pipelines and sea outfalls, plus quay walls, caisson breakwaters and different other marine structures. We would recommend this title to literally all participants of the ocean as well as marine and coastal engineering industry and anyone with the practical interest in the liquefaction/stability of marine structures. Professor Mutlu Sumer, the author of the this title, has also included numerous real-life examples with the sole intention to duly illustrate the possible catastrophic consequences of the liquefaction of soil as applied to the various marine structures; moreover, the author has also addressed the matters of math modeling of the liquefaction. Some other live examples are directly supporting the discussion on the proper assessment of potential the liquefaction has, as well as the investigation of the benchmark cases. A must-have reading to any specialist in different areas of ocean engineering and any associated disciplines, including students, pros, scientists/researchers taking part in the activities of marine and ocean engineering.

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Ocean Sensing and Monitoring - Optics and Other Methods

   This publication was prepared to familiarize readers with the major techniques of the optical ocean sensing. It is mainly covering the most important topics relating to optical monitoring as well as sensing applications and is expected to be equally suitable for managers and professionals in all related disciplines. Bearing in mind the variety of the specialized areas in the oceanography science, it was nearly impossible for the author to include all of them in the single tutorial so the main emphasize was made on the science and reasons behind specific approaches and methods without getting too deep into the details of issues. The volume contains a pretty explanatory text presenting the very major techniques of the optical sensing of the ocean. The publication will definitely be found suitable for both pros and managers in the relevant fields, plus for the students with the serious interest in exploration of the career in ocean engineering or remote ocean sensing. The book opens with some short overview of the key branches of ocean research, and this would include the geo-oceanography, covering chemical, physical, biological and other related aspects. That is why we would not limit the target group for this volume with the people mentioned above.  

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Seabed Fluid Flow - The Impact on Geology, Biology and the Marine Environment

   As the name of the book implies, it involves the flow of the fluid, i.e. liquids and gases, through the seabed, describing the processes and features of such flow and demonstrating the vital importance of the flow to natural environments and human activities. The authors target it to all professionals and research scientists working in the field of marine environment protection. Among the topics discussed in the book there are origins and nature of flows, seabed fluid flow around the world, migration and the contexts of the seabed flow, seabed fluid flow, biology and mineral precipitation, various impacts of the fluid flow in the seabed on the atmosphere and hydrosphere, and implications for man. The initial intention of the authors of this volume, Martin Hovland and Alan Judd, was to describe the main features of the seabed fluid flow and associated processes, and also to demonstrate their significance to the human activities as well as to the natural environments. The target group for the publication would consist of the professionals and researchers with serious interest in the field of marine environment. The content reflects the exceptional job done by the authors explaining the processes taking place in the seabed in quite well-written and easy-to-follow way, that made the book so popular.

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Progress in Modern Hydrology - Past, Present and Future

   In their publication, the authors intended to review the latest developments in the field of hydrology through the experiences of the team of engineers and scientists; it addresses the study of extreme fluid flows, water resources, data handling, basin studies and instrumentation, terrestrial hydrological processes and modelling, water quality, eco-hydrology and climate change, hydrological data acquisition and exploitation, future prospects etc. There are some images provided at the last part of the publication to supplement the text. The hydrology itself is considered truly vital to the whole civilization and to the natural ecological system; however, it became a separate science during last fifty years or so. The publication is mainly intended to provide interested readers, both the specialists and enthusiasts, with the comprehensive technical review of the recent developments of the contemporary hydrology via the experience gained by the multi-disciplinary team of recognized professionals, including the engineers and scientists, who have actually been there at the very forefront of many of advances. We think it is needless to underline the value of the information collected and presented by the authors of this volume.

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Modern Water Resources Engineering

   This title is deservedly considered to be among the best ones in the famous Environmental Engineering series - the present volume is providing reader with all necessary information related to the hydrology itself, open-channel hydraulics, river ecology and restoration, transport of sediment, river morphology/engineering; GIS and remote sensing applications, plus making the decisions under uncertainty condition - a brand new paradigm for planning/management of water resources, upland erosion modeling, some of the very recent technical advances achieved in the field of water resources systems engineering, potential impact of climate changes on water resources, wetlands for waste water treatment and also re-use of water. In addition, the Glossary has been provided, explaining the terminology used. The publication will definitely be considered practical and informative by the specialists with the need for ground-breaking and truly innovative technological advances in the subject fields. The volume has been specifically worked out by a panel of recognized industry experts to serve as the supplemental textbook covering all important aspects of the water resource engineering. Lawrence and Chih Yang - the authors of the title - strongly hope its content of the volume will be useful for all people involved.​

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Hurricane-Generated Seas

   Hurricanes are deservedly considered to be among the most serious aspects of the ocean environment, and we do know that the can potentially cause significantly disastrous events for marine systems. This work presented by the expert in the field, should be treated as a very informative and valuable source of reference for all persons directly involved in the naval, ocean and even coastal engineering field. The author clarified the conditions of the hurricane generated seas required for the design and also proper operation of relevant marine systems and provided the necessary and data relating to the protection of both onshore and near-shore structures plus the environment during the hurricane landing. The book by Michel Ochi covers all important aspects of the subject; it has been specifically designed by the author to serve as a reference tool for the students, technical managers, scientists, researchers and designers in various areas of ocean, coastal and naval engineering. The publication presents the technical information covering the hurricane-generated seas in different conditions and areas, including deep ocean and finite water depth of the shelf. The theoretical information has been supplemented with the practical wave data collected during the relevant researches conducted by NOAA by means of the buoys and aircrafts.

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Springer Handbook of Marine Biotechnology

   This Handbook provides a remarkably complete and truly consistent technical overview of the methods, products and applications in marine biotechnology. We know that the large portion of the earth surface, more than seventy percent, is covered by water, and more than eighty percent of all organisms living on our planet are found there, in aquatic eco-systems. We may thus say that the aquatic ecosystems constitute a very rich natural reservoir for the various chemical/biochemical materials and processes. This handbook has been edited by a world recognized expert and was prepared owing to more than sixty invaluable contributions provided by the world leading international scientists - this made the book a major desk reference tool for all people with the interest or working activity in marine biotechnology, bioprocessing or any other relevant fields, including professionals, scientists and students of all levels. Se-Kwon Kim, the editor of the handbook, has divided the content into ten chapters, each of them is organized very consistently and, as a result, the publication can provide a sound intro to the marine biotechnology, starting from the historical overview and basics, over the technical descriptions of the established methods and technologies, and to the applications of these methods and technologies. Note that it is also perfect when used as a reference book. The key topics of the handbook include marine flora/fauna, genomics and microbiology, tools and methods, biofuels and bioenergy, bioproducts and so many more...

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Review Procedures for Water Resources Project Planning

   The Corps of Engineers of the United States Army can deservedly take pride in the invaluable contributions throughout the American history to the proper developments of the infrastructure of the waterways, together with the navigation and environment restoration, reduction of the flood damage and protection and development of the water resources. And many projects were made possible owing to the dedication and creativity of outstanding engineers, builders and scientists. The Corps has always performed the review of the processes relating to the evaluation of the project planning, often focusing mainly on their technical aspects. However, in the past decades the consideration of such important factors as the economic evaluations, impacts on the environment, political pressure and others, have significantly increased, resulting in the rising criticism and even the concern that the Corps' studies lead to the recommendations and conclusions not adequately supported by the analyses and scientific assumptions used. The present document has been arranged in seven chapters. The first chapter defines the purpose and scope of the report, and the second chapter provides some historical background of the planning studies; the other chapters of the book provide the considerations and principles of the review, alternative approaches, administrative group and recommendations, supplemented with numerous appendices with additional information.

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