The list of topics addressed within this official SKF document include the virtual elimination of damage effects from the stray electric currents together with the associated bearing damage plus the cost-effective solutions, recommended range and INSOCOAT bearing designs, important technical features and benefits, dimensions of the bearings, fits and tolerances, internal clearances and cages, various electrical properties, components design, hybrid bearings...

When the bearings are used to provide a path for the strayed current in the motors to the ground, it can get damaged. Among the top causes of the electric stray currents we shall note the asymmetry in the magnetic circuits of the motors, fast switching PWM frequency converters in the modern VFDs and unshielded electric power cables...

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For the past half-century or even more than that, the electrical energy has significantly diversified and got much broader. There are several new topic areas that range from light-wave technology to the microelectro-mechanics. The book has been prepared and released with the specific intention to keep pace with the industry progress mentioned above.

The technical info contained in this publication can hardly be found in any other publication, presented in a single volume. The opening chapter of the publication provides readers with quite a brief intro to the basic concepts that are relating to the electrical power system structure, just an overview, while the following two parts have been solely dedicated to the parameters of the multi-circuit transmission lines. Then, the steady state and transient presentations are discussed together with the modeling of the synchronous machines.

After that, the chapters come dealing with the power system component modeling and covering the modeling, performance and compensation of the transmission lines, presenting the coverage of the load flow solutions, covering balanced and unbalanced flow analysis, discussing upon the key concepts of power system stability types, AGC of interconnected and isolated electric power systems etc.

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Here is the 2nd, revised and updated release of the popular publication, which continues to serve as one of the best available reference sources on all medium-voltage/low-voltage electrical power cables; it is cataloging all relevant technical characteristics of the cables and is therefore assuring the eventual success for the manufacture, correct choice, installation and operation plus, of course, subsequent technical maintenance of the electrical cables.

Some of the segments related to the insulation of the electrical cables and to the field assessment were revamped in order to make them reflect the latest transformations in the electrical industry; moreover, some completely new chapters were added, for example ones touching the location of the underground faults, thermal resistivity etc. The author of the book, William A. Thue, did pay so much of the attention to the historical perspective of electrical cables, and addressed the basic dielectric theory of electrical cables, major technical characteristics of electro-conductors and cables.

The electrical properties of various insulating materials and shielding of power cables, jackets, sheaths and armors have also been dealt with in this publication. Finally, the last part of this publication has been dedicated to the various relevant industry specifications and standards.​

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Initially, from the very time of its preparation, this publication has been conceived as a revision of another one, also very practical and proven useful to the readers, namely Linear Network Analysis, which was published in 1965. Sometimes, when conducting the study of the electrical systems, is may become appropriate to specifically address to internal structure and the composition of the electrical system in question.

Then, the topology shall definitely be considered the critical analytical tool to use. However, it shall be noted that in most of the other cases the external characteristics analysis would be the one that presents interest. In this book the authors are mostly dealing with the internal composition and port, or system, characteristics. The most important mathematical tools are matrix analysis, complex variable functions, linear graphs etc. The good attempt was made in this book to a very careful development of the network theory fundamentals.

The authors also considered the frequency and time response, synthesis and analysis. Though most part of the book is limited to the linear and time-invariant electrical networks, one of the chapters have been specifically concerned with time-varying and non-linear networks.​

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Below you may see the list of topics that have been covered by the authors of this publication - as you can see, the main emphasis was made by the authors on the various techniques and ways of measurement of following characteristics. The readers will get necessary technical information describing the electromagnetic variables measurement as well as the voltage and electric power measurement, understand the power factor and electric phase measurements and energy measurement.

The book sheds the light on the measurement of the electrical conductivity/resistivity and charge and also on the measurements of the electric capacitance and permittivity. The issues relating to the measurements of the electric and magnetic field strength, permeability and hysteresis, inductance and immittance, Q-factor, distortion, noise and microwave measurement have also been addressed together with the signal processing, filters and modulation matters, spectrum analysis/correlation, analog-to-digital converters, computer technology and telemetry, sensor networks/communication.

Among another important topics there are electromagnetic compatibility, various types of displays including LCD, plasma, cathode ray tube, light-emitting diode etc, reading and recording devices... Well-illustrated and useful source of technical information for electrical engineers.​

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This publication appears to be the only one available, that would be able to provide a truly comprehensive coverage of this vital area. It was prepared by a world leading and Internationally recognized UK authorities in the subject field. The books will be very useful for all readers since it brings together all relevant technical information from the number of various European and British technical standards and presents all gathered info in a single volume.

We are pretty sure that the present title would be not only very useful to the marine engineers from the United Kingdom and/or European countries who are involved with electrical installations that have been located in hazardous areas, but especially to United States professionals who are not as conversant with the technical approach taken in the Europe and UK. We would therefore highly recommend this book to all such engineers. It is the must have book for everyone who need to decide how to rate an area properly.

The publication is intended to address all issues related to the location of the various equipment in the hazardous areas on offshore installations and other facilities, and explains readers the increasing complexity of the relevant technical codes and standards...

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While the very first edition of this handbook proved the most successful of the whole Portable Handbook series, being aimed at electrical technicians and engineers who are working in building electrical power systems, the present new release of this book has been necessitated by the very latest version of the NEC, i.e. National Electrical Code, rendering much of the existing material obsolete.

This, in turn, necessitated about half of the book's content be re-written. The publication will definitely be very useful for any worker of the electrical industry since it contains so much valuable technical info plus recommendations provided from the equipment manufacturers, covering grounding issues and maintenance, fire protection systems and lighting, electrical motors etc. The text is supplemented with numerous charts and graphs for illustration.

We would consider this publication a truly indispensable and handy reference source for all electrical engineers. Most part of the reference material in the handbook bases on the recognized engineering practices and classic methods. Some basic design calculations have also been included in this book. This is a quick-look-up working tool for the electricians which is intended to take the guesswork out of nearly any electrical design calculation and related task.

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From the very early times of hieroglyphic writing and up to the modern graphics, people have always understood the need to represent their thoughts and discoveries as well as the inventions in order to keep the other people informed. As the human civilization is becoming increasingly complex, its graphic representation which is paralleling both science and engineering is also becoming more complex.

Graphics is definitely a lifeline for the engineers since is connects their thoughts, inventions and researches with the actualities coming as a result. In order to keep in line with all advances in engineering and sciences, graphics has always been and is still being refined in different ways. In the past, it emphasized the drawings as a communication language. The present textbook is going to promote the traditional conception. The text of the publication has been arranged in three major portions.

The first portion deals with the engineering drawing together with the projection basics and communication, while the second portion addresses the descriptive geometry and solution of the various space problems. In turn, the third and last portion of the book covers the graphical solutions as well as the solutions of math problems presenting the particular interest to the practicing engineers.

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