This book is exactly what all learners of English need. It is full of the useful and informative work sheets for better understanding of the training material. It will definitely be the best option for the ESL students; however, it can also be used by people willing to refresh the grammatical rules. The content of the book is very well-presented, covering all the most important grammar points.

The chapters of the book are full of practical exercises. The readers of the book have already rated it as very good and useful. According to the numerous customer reviews provided by the learners worldwide, this is one of the best grammar reference books available today. The text part of the publication is very concise and the format used by the author is very easy-to-follow.

There are fifteen tests offering some additional opportunities for practice; note that all exercises have been provided with correct answers contained in the Answer Key section of the book. The publication contains self-contained units that could be used in any desired order. This makes the book good for use in a classroom or for self-study. The explanations are very clear and supplemented with multiple examples, allowing learners to discover the target grammar.

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This book is responding to the serious need for supplementary learning materials as well as good exercises aimed  to help all writers to enhance their grammar skills, and it is mainly focusing on the English grammar, structure of the sentence, vocabulary together with its usage, and the language mechanics, e.g. spelling/punctuation.

The publication is also providing all readers with the valuable learning instructions/exercises that they could use in order to get their mastery of technical English language significantly improved. The exercises provided in the book will definitely allow readers to test their current knowledge of English and track the progress; and this, in turn, will let them determine which exactly areas need improvement.

Each section begins with the review of the basic grammar rules and principles. These exercises are selected specifically for the self-study and are supplemented with the keys. It should be noted that this title is not intended to present the complete coverage of whole English grammar and for the exhaustive coverage the readers would better refer to the other publications presented at our website.

In short, we do recommend the present publication to all people who are willing to improve their skills using some supplementary training materials.

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The publication has been specifically designed and released for the advanced learners of English language. The volume has been significantly updated to be fully compliant with the latest scope of the CPE exam and to provide users with the most comprehensive coverage of all important grammatical structures and vocabulary considered essential for successful CPE and CAE exam.

The author finely detailed the grammar content of the volume and the made the presentation of the material very clear for easier understanding of the theory. Apart from the theoretical part, the book is full of very informative and interesting examples providing some supplementary information. Obviously, the main focuses has been made on the vocabulary - the revised sections of the vocabulary are basing on the feedbacks from the users and concentrate on words and expressions that are usually very useful during the exams.

The publication is intended to provide all learners with an excellent opportunity to practice; it offers them a variety of practical exercises to confirm their understanding and to better prepare for the CAE/proficiency examination. The approach is very flexible therefore the book can be used in different ways; in addition, the very clear cross references will point the user in the right direction.

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This book was written to help all interested readers discover the whole exciting and ungovernable world of such weather phenomena as typhoons, hurricanes and cyclones. The history and science of cyclones around the planet have both considerably evolved since the first edition of this popular and world recognized publication was released about twenty years ago.

Among the changes made to the content of this volume we would note the improved techniques for the forecasting, increased duration and intensity of the associated records and new naming systems. The book also features many serious updates and data on the recent cyclones, typhoons and hurricanes together with the loss and devastation caused by them. We all know how destructive and deadly they were. This is a completely revised and updated edition of the book containing many photos and illustrations, plus historical events, and other information.

A generally excellent title giving readers a truly impressive amount of information related to the hurricanes as well as all related terminology using an encyclopedic layout allowing for the fast search. It is expected to be of great interest not only to a technical-related people but also to a general audience. The names of the individual storms have also been provided.

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The present excellent collection of documents has been made of the selected papers and presentations of the  IMO-WMU Global R&D Forum relating to the Emerging BWM Systems held some years back in Sweden. Nowadays, the great demand is there within the maritime industry for the development of the environmentally-friendly and also efficient BWM systems.

Taking this demand into account, the today's technological community has been dealing with the active developing of the various BWM systems to be able to cater to the emerging market of the ballast water technology, The systems in question have to undergo various applicable approval processes including the testing as per the  established testing procedures, in compliance with the requirements of the BWM Convention plus the Guidelines. While several systems are currently under development or approval process, testing among the BWM system TF, i.e. test facilities worldwide shows the gaps in the harmonization and methodology.

This has significantly contributed to the confusion and lack of confidence among the people involved in the development of the subject systems, and also among the ship owners. Therefore, it is really imperative that the end-users of the BWM systems have enough confidence that consistent and reliable testing methodologies are applied.

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These valuable guidelines were prepared and officially released by the ERRVA together with the OGUK in order to provide the participants of the offshore industry with the necessary technical guidance to all operators and charterers of the ERRVs and marine surveyors to help them better assess the suitability of the vessels of the above mentioned type, servicing the offshore rigs, platforms and other installations and providing the required arrangements for the most effective response and recovery by offshore HSE legislation.

They were worked out following the extensive consultation with the MCA, HSE and a group of professionals and other interested parties. They describe what is commonly treated as a good offshore industry practice and recognized standards in order to enable the ship to carry out their fundamental functions of the offshore standby. It shall be noted that the provisions outlined in the present document are not considered mandatory, and the vessel operators are free to adopt different recognized standards in particular situations where following  these recommendations will provide at least the equivalent or better safety level.

Among the topics covered in the document there are the certification process, stability, design and construction criteria, accommodation and various facilities for survived people, ERRV equipment, radio communications and others.

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The present guidebook has been intended to provide the crew members and Masters of the EERVs, standing for the "emergency response and rescue vessels", as well as the OIMs, i.e. offshore installation managers and all other personnel involved in the offshore operations, with the general technical guidance regarding the proper conduct of those operations as part of the recovery arrangements.

This publication opens with the list of references and acronyms, explanation of terms and definitions that are used there throughout the document, general introductory information and guidance, followed by the information on routine operations - mobilization to location, operations on locations, verification and validation of recovery and rescue arrangements, procedures to follow when departing from location, emergency response and environmental emergencies, data cards, emergency response plans for offshore emergency and also escape or evacuation, typical installation checklist, example of the collision avoidance strategy, STS (ship-to-ship) transfer of crew by using rescue craft masters checklist, some established trial procedures for validation of the ERRV baseline performance, adverse weather standards, overside working and flying operations, baseline standards for recovery and rescue, place of safety and sample emergency scenario checklist, helicopter winching procedures, infringement of the safety zone forms, recovery and rescue support sharing methodology, and the use of non-certificated ERRV.

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An excellent source of reference for the prudent mariners providing them with the significantly improvised and no-instrument methods. The content has been found to be useful, fun to read, interesting and informative, helping readers to get the proper clear understanding of the general principles of navigation not addressed earlier. The text of the publication is thorough, well-thought and authoritative, making it a very definitive professional work for the seamen of all experience levels.

The seamen know that any instrument can fail, get broken or fall overboard. The present title by David Burch is aimed to show the seafarers how to find a way regardless of the navigational equipment possessed, and regardless of what boat or vessel they operate. The author has made a great job in explaining readers the making use of literally all available means and materials and apply them to the calculation of the speed and direction of the vessel, longitude and latitude and also to deal with all important aspects of dead reckoning and piloting of the vessel.

They will learn about the steering of the ship by sun, wind, swells and stars, finding the sun in the fogbanks, improvise their knotmeters and sextants, estimate the leeway, current and latitude, and a wealth of other vital information.

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