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This publication is mainly aimed to provide required guidance on the basic principles of electronics to the students in the field of material science and other fields requiring some knowledge of the electronics. The material provided in the pages of this brilliant volume will let them get better understanding of the subject. The author of the book leads the readers through the whole analogue and digital electronics covering all important aspects.

There are numerous problem solving practical exercises included in the book to help students gain more practice in each of the areas covered; there are also several practical experiments described by the author to encourage students to make their own try. The book will fill practical demand of the interested people including students and specialists in different fields.

The volume opens with the general introduction chapter covering basic definitions, inductors and capacitors, electrical energy and power, energy sources and other aspects. It is followed by the chapters devoted to the digital electronics and analysis of the direct current circuits. The remaining chapters of the book address operational amplifiers, field-effect transistors, bipolar transistors and their circuits, AC theory and semiconductor P-N junction diodes.

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One of the most popular books on electrical engineering. The content of the volume features valuable contributions from the recognized leaders in this field and was carefully crafted by the authors. This third edition of the publication has been significantly updated in order to provide readers with the convenient access to the detailed technical information on may power engineering aspects.

Nearly every part of the book was amended to reflect the very latest developments in modern electrical systems, duly reflecting all recognized international standards and industry practices. Among the topics covered there are generation of the electrical power using both conventional and non-conventional methods, power transmission and distribution systems, utilization of the electric power and its quality.

The newly introduced chapters cover such important matters as linear electric motors and reliability of the transmission lines, high-temperature conduction, HV DC transmission system and others. A must-have publication for every person engaged in electrical engineering, generation and transmission of the electric power and any relevant disciplines and activities.

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The present book is mainly intended to provide a comprehensive coverage of the essential theoretical work on electrotechnology to be used by the students as well as practicing engineers. The authors of the book have concentrated on the basic theoretical principles and refer to the numerous informative illustrations. There are many works examples included to supplement the theoretical part of the volume.

There are also several examination questions included at the closing part of the book to check the progress of the students; it means that this book could be used for self-study as well. The main content of the publication has been arranged in fifteen chapters followed by the solutions to all examples provided inside. Note that the first- and second-class examination questions are also there and supplemented with the correct answers.

The book will start with the basic electrical terms and information on circuits, conductors and insulators, electrochemistry topics, magnetism and electromagnetic induction, AC and Dc motors, electronics and so many other topics that are of the utmost importance to the electrician working in any field and particularly for the ship crew members.

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One of the most popular reference books on the design and repair of the electrical insulation of generators and motors, widely used by all professionals involved in the design, technical maintenance, and repairs of the larger rotating machines. The text of the volume is presented in a clear and easily understandable manner and it shall be treated. The team of the authors did the best to fill the gap in the knowledge in a single volume and cover all relevant aspects of the design of electrical insulation, possible deterioration, and periodical testing.

The evaluation of the materials used for insulation has also been addressed together with the monitoring of the condition of electrical insulation and different strategies for the maintenance of the insulation. Particular attention has been paid to the failures commonly occurring in the mechanisms and their repair. More than thirty stator and rotor winding failures have been reviewed. 

For sure, people who go through the content of this publication will gain all necessary knowledge enabling them to avoid the undesired failures in the large rotating machines under their maintenance and supervision, reduce the associated costs for maintenance, and make them much more confident in the technical design of the machines.

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As the readers begin their journey through this brilliant book, they will get to know absolutely everything related to the electricity used nearly everywhere owing to the detailed examination and analysis by the author. Of course, the author duly appreciated the differences in the electrical wiring requirements applied in different areas. The wiring will be examined in detail, leaving no unanswered questions.

In fact, the intention was that the readers would not only why the wiring is done this way or another, but also how same is accomplished by the specialists. The content was developed based on the valuable contributions by the industry professionals – the master electricians featuring excellent theoretical knowledge and decades of practical experience. First of all, the essential circuit types will be examined together with composition of electricity and its handling.

There will be interesting information given on the wires and the way the electricity actually flows. Of course, you also should have the basic understanding of the electrical insulation including the most commonly used types and their application. In short, the volume covers absolutely everything you would need to know in order to feel confident when dealing with the electrical wiring anywhere.

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This content of the present guidebook was prepared specifically for the electrical engineers involved in the design and selection of the electrical equipment, as well as its subsequent installation and technical maintenance and inspection. The low-voltage installation complying with the IEC standards are covered.

The main idea of the authors was to provide engineers with the clear and step by step information for the full study of the installation. In fact, this is a quite compact yet remarkably comprehensive publication which covers all applicable standards and techniques, making it a best choice for the electrical engineering professionals. The intention is to facilitate the proper and timely implementation of the IEC standards by the designers of the electrical equipment and contractors.

This latest edition of the guide considers all recent changes in the techniques, applicable standards and regulatory framework. The book will take you all the way starting from the general rules of the design of electrical installation and connection of the LV/MV distribution networks, and up to the harmonic management and EMC guidelines, so you will find everything covered.

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Electromagnetics is commonly referred to as the interaction of two fields, namely electric and magnetic, in association with the so-called radiated energy. So the main focus here in this book is made on the devices normally found installed on board vessels. Such devices emit electromagnetic waves or sense them, and the subject waves belong to the spectrum between the extremely low and extremely high frequencies.

The authors did not address the light waves and some other portions of the spectrum in the pages of this volume in depth. Every effort was made by them to avoid complicated mathematical treatment. The book opens with the historical overview of the subject, followed with the chapter on EME, standing for the shipboard electromagnetic environment. Then we will proceed to the EMC, i.e. electromagnetic capability, and EMI, i.e. electromagnetic interference.

Three chapters devoted to the EMR, EMP and EMA, meaning the electromagnetic radiation hazards, pulse, and assessment, conclude the main part of the publication. The glossary will provide explanation of the terminology used in the book. This is quite rare volume and it is recommended to be on the bookshelf of any ship electrician.

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The content of the present volume reflects the results of the more that thirty-five years of practical experience of the author as well as his years teaching the marine electrical engineering. The volume is intended to cover the entire scope of the Marine Engineers and ETO syllabus as applied to the merchant ships, and will also be useful for the people engaged in the training for qualification for the competency exams. The requirements of the STCW have been kept in mind when preparing the material. There are hundreds of the photos and figures supplementing the text part of the publication, provided by the leading manufacturers of the relevant equipment.

The document covers such the important aspects of marine electrical engineering as the safe working practices to be considered when performing any works, practical aspects of any electrical circuits, ex-proof equipment commonly found on board ships and offshore installations, instrumentation and automation systems becoming more and more popular these days, and all components of the shipboard electric systems, there is a separate chapter devoted solely to the electric switchboard and alternators, as well as the switchgear, motor control arrangements and many other areas considered critically important.

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