The publication has been specifically designed and released for the advanced learners of English language. The volume has been significantly updated to be fully compliant with the latest scope of the CPE exam and to provide users with the most comprehensive coverage of all important grammatical structures and vocabulary considered essential for successful CPE and CAE exam.

The author finely detailed the grammar content of the volume and the made the presentation of the material very clear for easier understanding of the theory. Apart from the theoretical part, the book is full of very informative and interesting examples providing some supplementary information. Obviously, the main focuses has been made on the vocabulary - the revised sections of the vocabulary are basing on the feedbacks from the users and concentrate on words and expressions that are usually very useful during the exams.

The publication is intended to provide all learners with an excellent opportunity to practice; it offers them a variety of practical exercises to confirm their understanding and to better prepare for the CAE/proficiency examination. The approach is very flexible therefore the book can be used in different ways; in addition, the very clear cross references will point the user in the right direction.

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The book by A. J. Hoge, one of the leading and recognized experts, released it to teach readers the most effective methods for learning to speak this language fluently and with enough confidence. The book will tell you how to speak without any nervousness and shyness, experiencing no fear at all, how to achieve high scores when passing IELTS and TOEFL tests, how to build up the vocabulary in a short period of time; you will also feel much stronger and calmer when speaking English, if you follow all recommendations provided by the author.

The book has been specifically designed and released for the people who have already been studying English for years but still don't speak well. The materials in the book are very interesting and authentic - they are not too difficult to use. It is really worth reading and is full of truly wonderful tips. Huge amount of useful information will help you learn English language effectively.

You will see how fast your knowledge of English will be improving once you have started using this book every day. Your vocabulary will grow up, and grammar skills will improve, it will be much easier for you to communicate the other people, write letters, read texts and understand then properly.

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This book does not require any formal exposure to the practical grammar of English language. It was designed and released with the intention to provide all learners of English with some basic grammar foundation. This publication will serve other students as a review or reference tool. It takes a very practical approach and does not focus on definitions and rules. It studies how English words work and what they do in sentences.

The authors made their best to present material an easy and step-by-step format. As the readers/students move through this book, they gain a good and thorough understanding of the basic principles of the English language. Gabriele Stobbe, who is the author of the book, uses fun and informative illustrations together with the colourful diagrams and schemes for easier learning of the very essential grammar points. as a result, this publication will definitely give readers proper understanding of the parts of speech and teach how to use them.

The book is written very well and the concept used by the author is truly well-thought. It is also very useful and practical for people willing to build up their vocabulary, refresh their grammar skills or just get to know something new.

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The author of this book, Carl Smith, who is one of the world recognized and popular experts in the field of children's writing and reading. By following all instructions contained in the book, children may significantly increase their vocabulary which, in turn, will let them raise their IQ level, boost their success at school, college or university and improve their job opportunities in the future.

Yes, this is all true, because all recent studies have proven that the success at school, university and at the job is directly linked to the vocabulary, and this is not that surprising. We all know that all our ideas are expressed with words and, the more words you have in your vocabulary, the more precise you will be and the more easily you will communicate your ideas to the other people.

You have to do your best in sharpening your vocabulary skills as it will definitely let you gain control over the school, and, in the future, over the various workplace issues - this all makes the strategies presented in this book very important. each of the techniques presented by the author will help readers expand their vocabulary and, when followed, they may double the vocabulary of the average given person.

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As it is clearly implied by the title of this publication, the intention of it's author was to provide all readers with all training materials required for preparation for the TOEFL examination. Satisfactory results of this exam are the requirement for the entry for non-native speakers of English language at thousands of universities all over the world.

The author has included a range of activities to make the learning process easier for the students and let them increase their vocabulary. The material is supplemented with the exercises. At the end of the book there is a search index. The program is intended for ESL students at intermediate-to-advanced levels. However, it will of course be very useful for native speakers of English. This is a remarkably helpful and practical book - you will definitely wind everything you need here.

It will not only help you with your vocabulary but will also assist in improving your writing skills; of course, your thinking and speaking fluency will also get improved - just check the material chosen by the author, and follow the instructions in the book and you will see the results shortly. We do recommend this publication for both classroom training and self-study at home.

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Brief contents as below - General Terms - Multimodal Transport; Combined Transport; Road-Rail Transport; Accompanied and Unaccompanied Combined Transport; Roll-On Roll-Off; Lift-On Lift-Off; Feeder Service; Logistics; Short Sea Shipping; Consignment; Limit of Liability; Combined Transport Actors - Shipper/Consignor/Sender; Forward Agent/Freight Forwarder; Consignee; Transport Operator/Carrier; Actual Carrier/Subcontractor; Principal; Multimodal Transport Operator; Transport Units - Articulated Vehicle; Road Train; Trailer; Semi-Trailer; Pocket, "Basket", "Spine", Low Floor, Rolling-Road, Double Stack Wagons; Bimodal Semi-Trailer; Panamax; Overpanamax; Loading Units - Intermodal Transport Unit; Container; Land Container; Maritime Container; Air Container; High and Super High Cube Container; TEU; Swap Body; Stacking; Stuffing/Stripping; Corner Fitting; Twistlock; Tara; The Unit Load - Palette; "Big Bag"; Infrastructure and Equipment - Terminal; Logistic Center; Hub; Freeport; Dry Port; Rail Loading Gauge; Track Gauge; Loading Gauge; Private Siding; Crane; Gantry Crane; Straddle Carrier; Reach Stacker; Fort Lift Truck; Ro-Ro Ramp; Spreader.

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This Dictionary is a good, complete and practical reference of most common mistakes made in English usage; the material provided in it is supplemented with numerous informative examples. Apart from the introductory part and dictionary itself, the publication includes a good Pronunciation Guide.

The book will be perfect when used as a reference guide since it will allow users to better understand the words that are usually very confusing and get to know how and where to use them properly. The arrangement of the dictionary is alphabetical. The cross-references permit readers to locate every single word much quicker and easier, saving time. The pronunciation key supplements every word included in the dictionary.

As a result, the volume helps readers to find the words and also to discover what is their correct pronunciation, understand their meaning and proper use. The dictionary was designed with the intention of the author to assist readers in mastering the confusing words, and offer them clear and practical guidance.

The phonetic transcription in IPA symbols will also help them better recognize words. An excellent choice for the students of the intermediate/advanced levels, who are studying English as a second (non-native) language. Take some time going through this book.

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Mary Iorio and Charles Beyer, authors of this book, have made an excellent attempt to unlock the important rules of the English grammar in a very simple and clear manner. The logical format of presentation of the material allows easy use of the book.

All grammatical material included into this book has been presented in comprehensive and pretty direct terms. The authors have divided the book into eight part and included hundreds of exercises and informative examples plus notes making up the essence of this guidance.Here is a very brief contents of the booklet - Letters - alphabet, pronunciation, spelling, capitalization, shortcuts, exercises; Parts of a word and word analysis, syllables, exercises; Words - etymology, parts of speech, related words, exercises; Phrases, clauses, figures of speech, exercises; Elements of a sentence; Sentences - sentence classification, types of sentences, punctuation, exercises; More than a sentence; Essays, articles and books - theme, writing style, outlining, structure, proofreading/editing, exercises.

The publication is very useful and valuable when used at all levels of learning, and can be used by both beginning and advanced students. 

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