The present training set is made of two books supplemented with the audio CD. This "Technical English" training course was developed and released by Longman professionals and addresses not only the grammar itself, but also the pronunciation providing users with the numerous recorded examples. The course has four levels and is aimed specifically at the students in both technical and vocational educational entities; moreover, it will suit the employees of the companies for use during their internal training.

The present course is covering the core English language and the important skills that all learners require to possess to be able to successfully communicate in all industrial and technical specializations. All technical concepts that have been dealt with in this course have been presented very clearly, using various motivating texts and supplementary clear and informative illustrations. The topics covered within the course are reflecting the very latest technological developments and are all relevant to learners' needs.

The grammar is regularly practiced; note that there is a comprehensive grammar summary chapter included in the course. Just try this course and you will see how your grammar skills improve, or use the material provided in the course to refresh the knowledge of the grammar rules; note that in all cases you will get to much better pronunciation.

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Released some years ago, this publication by Lorenzo Cimador remains one of the most popular and recognized maritime glossaries widely used by the people involved in the shipping industry all over the world. Supported by International Maritime Academy, this volume is intended to provide all readers with the excellent, concise and easily understandable explanations of the most popular and important maritime terms.

The publication has been released and offered to the participants of the marine industry as a good aid to better understanding what exactly is meant by people making their living from ships and ports. The title will be of great use to ship owners and operations, crew members, people supporting them from the shore, various port authorities, marine surveyors and all other parties involved. We would definitely recommend this one to keep a copy of this publication readily available at your desk or on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone so that it can be used as a quick reference at any time.

This is definitely must-have book for anyone whose work is associated with communication in English language. For sure you will find all the terms you need for you everyday activities in this small but very useful glossary. Would recommend you to use this book together with the Maritime Acronyms and Abbreviations which belongs to same series.

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This interesting and attractive volume has been organized thematically in a number of separate segments; the content of the publication covers the whole history of the English language starting from Old English to the very Modern English. The text part of the book has been vividly illustrated with more than five hundred images. In fact, each of the segments in this book can be treated as a separate reference.

We would say that this publication is a truly tremendous compendium of information addressing nearly all aspects of English, and the approach used by the author has made the book very readable - all the information inside is very easily accessible for the readers. The book is very well-written and the style is not pedantic at all. The images reinforce the understanding of the materials and make the learning process interesting.

The book will be appropriate for all ages, maybe with the exception made for the kids. It shall be used to introduce the newcomers to the mysteries and wonders of the English language. It is highly recommended to any person willing to know a bit more about the English language itself. Such people will of course keep this book on their desks for ready reference.

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This book will be good for people who have been trying to learn English for a long time but still having significant problems with understanding native speakers. The arrangement of the book makes is very easy to use for everyone. The publication starts with a very interesting chapter describing five limiting beliefs about studying English language. The other chapters cover the mindset and goals, re-evaluation of the way you learn it, most valuable instructions on the improvement of your speaking, reading and writing skills etc.

The publication may and will definitely serve as a very useful source for all students of English. You will know the best ways of making specific goals to achieve, relating to the learning process, find some advice to making the process easier and much more interesting. Of course, it is very frustrating to be learning the language without seeing any progress.

Though there are so many books, guides, vocabularies and online resources available today to help you learn English, the present book is intended to provide readers only with the best ways of improvement of the learning process. According to the numerous customer reviews, this book may be recommended to all learners of language as everyone will find it valuable.

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This excellent and informative book has been specifically aimed at the people whose writing lets them down, who are concerned about proper punctuation, who are experiencing difficulties with turning their thoughts into writing and in fact everyone having some problems with the English grammar.

The approach used by the author allows to provide users of the book with important details of various essential grammar aspects, proper usage of the language as well as punctuation issues; numerous exercises have also been provided there for tracking and control of the whole learning progress. In addition, a comprehensive glossary has been included in the publication, defining the terminology used in the texts.

Note that this is a completely revised edition with the structure and layout significantly update to cover standard and academic English, punctuation/construction of the sentences, reflective writing matters and other aspects of English grammar. The reader-friendly approach has made this book very popular and well-loved by learners of English all over the world. Of course, we do recommend this one to anyone studying English or even to the native speakers who need to clarify some grammar rules from time to time.

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Here is a popular essential guide aimed to anyone willing to communicate in max effective and clear English language. The guide has been organized very clearly and consists of four major sections. The first section has been named "Communicating in everyday life", and it covers numerous examples of communications including preparing e-mail messages, various reports and presentations.

The second section - "Getting your message across" - is mainly focusing on the most important factors like time, purpose and subject. The third section - "Communication tools" - provides valuable information on the grammar and vocabulary, punctuation and spelling to make sure that the communication is kept as accurate as it is possible. Finally, the last fourth section of the book, named "The process of writing", as it is implied by the title, looks at what is involved there in preparation of longer written pieces, including drafting and planning, summaries, editing, research and presentation.

The publication is full of so useful practical guidance, exercises with keys and other informative supplementary materials. It is considered one of the best and most comprehensive grammar guides to using English for effective communication. We would also underline that the layout and arrangement of the book makes it nearly ideal for use everywhere - it will guide the reader step-by-step through all important aspects of speaking and writing. 

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The present authoritative and comprehensive dictionary will provide clear definitions of all units and prefixes, together with the measures and weight per SI system. In addition, the content covers both traditional and industry-specific units. Some scientific and historical background is also provided.

This work has already proven invaluable to the practicing engineers, technicians and scientists but will be equally useful to the general user and students. It is an excellent and well detailed reference book giving a professional discussion on the most important topics of metric and regular measures. The dictionary addresses all units used in engineering and science covering the associated terminology, as well. The book features a full exposition of the SI system.

Each of the entries in this dictionary provides user with the historical information that is required for conducting proper interpretation of the headword. Each of the units, in turn, has been accorded a separate entry. Some selected terms considered specific to metrology have been provided with clear and informative explanatory notes; same applies to the numerous math terms of measurement and counting. A perfect dictionary for every person in engineering and science, dealing with any sort of technical calculations or documentation.

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Here is one of the best, perfectly detailed and complete maritime dictionaries available today. It will be an excellent information source for the readers interested in square rigged vessels since the content details every part in three languages - English, French and German. It will also be very highly appreciated by the naval historians.

The book is full of reproduced illustrations that will definitely impress all enthusiasts of the maritime history. The author of the dictionary was in fact the first one to properly recognize the whole complexity and variety in maritime technical terminology and the demand for the classification of the terms.

Using his thirty-five-year sailing experience, he has managed to set out a truly exhaustive yet easily understandable explanations of all parts of the structure and equipment of the vessel, describing the man types of sailing and steam ships, iron and wooden ship hulls, propulsion machinery, anchoring arrangements, spars and masts, rigging, up to the bends and knots, concluding the content of his work with the list of standard measurements.

Since the time of the original publication in 1885, the volume remains invaluable resource for every single reader with the interest in ships and life on board, marine engineering and understanding of the maritime language...

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