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Here is a very monumental retelling of the world history through the sea lens that was prepared and released to reveal in remarkable depth how humans first contacted with one another by water, i.e. by rivers and oceans, streams and lakes, and how various religions and cultures, languages and goods did spread along and across the waterways, connecting civilizations and defining what makes us human.

The publication is a rhapsodic narrative text covering the experience of the maritime enterprise. The author takes readers on a fascinating intellectual adventure making clear how the rises and falls of the human civilizations can be linked to the seas. The author has presented the maritime history of the world spanning from the ships recorded in the very primitive pictographs to the vessels of today, addressing every single regional arena of maritime activity and elevating the awareness of rivers and seas as important conduits between people and states throughout the whole history of the mankind.

The book contains a very good and informative discussion of the posture of the ancient human civilizations toward the sea and features the coverage if waning and waxing of the great empires as it could be evidenced in the exchange of various goods and vessels that were dealing with their transportation.

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Obviously, water is the most fundamental resource considered the basis of all life on our planet, and this resource is becoming increasingly important issue and potential source of conflict in today's world. The present fascinating volume setting out numerous ingenious methods used by the ancient human societies to gather, transport and store water, is a very timely book taking into account a profligacy and overextraction threatening the existence of the watercourses and aquifers that for millennia have been supplying people's needs for the water.

The book is intended to provide readers with a general overview of the water technologies established by some of the ancient human civilizations. No publication on water technologies of the ancient times might be considered complete without discussions of the engineering developments of the Greeks and Romans, and these have been covered in the present volume together with the examination of how American societies of that historical period accommodated their water requests.

The text of the book is really wide-ranging and offering some practical and effective technical solutions to the crisis taking place in today's water supply. Readers will find valuable insights made by the author into the ancient water technologies which underpin most of the contemporary practices of water engineering and management.

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A perfectly told story of the invaluable contribution made by the lightkeepers to the history of development of the lighthouses, combined with the maintenance of the navigation beacons where the human involvement is needed. Needless to say that the main function of the subject devices was the provision of the human safety.

As the employees working at the lighthouses were initially involved in their technical maintenance, they had to encounter a real wildlife and in some occasions they managed to develop the interest in the subject. Closer to the second part of the nineteenth century, they were to submit the annual reports of movement of the birds and the collected information as used by the specialists in their researches.

In addition to that, they were also used to engage in the weather forecasting activities. They noticed that the behavior and health o the birds could change depending on the weather conditions. Read this book if you are really interested in the maritime history; as everyone knows, the lighthouses have always been an integral part of the maritime life. the lanterns installed in the many of them are still in service, even in the age of satellite service, maintained and continuously monitored.

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The first edition of the present publication was released back in 1986 and provided a full treatment of all areas of the international marine industry belonging to the Classical world. It was actually prepared to be used by the scholars as well as the students as the supplementary reading. The author starts with the voyages dating the third millennium BC, and slowly proceeds to the more modern times.

He addresses the technical development of the design of the vessels, covering the various types of them; moreover, the author pays due attention to the shipping industry as a whole including its main purposed and how they used to be achieved throughout the history of marine navigation, as well as the conditions and status of the seamen. The volume also contains the results of thorough investigation of the historically important sea battles.

Numerous illustrations, images and plans supplement the narrative part of the volume. According to the author, his book shall be used by the people having interest in the ancient naval history. Take some time reading this book and you will get to know so much more about the history of maritime industry starting from the earliest times and with the focus done mainly on the classical period.

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This interesting volume describes the historical development of the science of marine navigation, and covers the entire period, starting from the very earliest times and up to today. The content was written by one of the leading specialists in the area and will be equally appreciated by the sailors and non-professionals. The author starts with the outline of the newly introduced methods, instruments, and practices.

The next several chapters are dealing with the most important navigational aspects, including the direction of the ship, distance and speed, nautical charts, and many others. The volume is the result of thorough research conducted by the author and combined with his great experience. Needless to say that the publication should be read by and recommended to anyone feeling himself interested with the ship navigation and handling.

It will be very useful to have an idea about the development of the particular methods of marine navigation to understand how exactly they work and how they shall be applied in a correct way. This is what the book is aimed to provide the readers with. It is written in a very readable way with little to no deep professional knowledge required.

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The main objective of the author of the present publication was to combine all available information relating to the shipping activities as well as to provide detailed explanation of their importance in the context of the maritime Britain of the medieval period. The volume will be of particular interest to the naval history enthusiast and particular those people who are dealing with the British history since it provides a truly brilliant historical background.

The first two sections of the book are devoted solely to the shipbuilding including the traditions in the northers seas, innovation and interaction. The technical aspects, such as the steering of the ships, their rigging and fitting is explained in the next section, followed by the one addressing maritime trade in the above mentioned historical period.

The inland water transport has been covered in a separate section and same approach has been applied to the ports. The sections on pilotage and ship navigation, and a good coverage of the ships in warfare conclude this excellent book. Note that there is also a good but quite compact glossary explaining all terms used throughout the publication and historical literature in general.

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This publication was officially released by the Division of Public Information of the United Stated Maritime Commission as part of the training program which was intended to give information about the significance of the merchant marine fleet to the general readers so that they could get better idea of the importance and value of this fleet to the American economy and also the national defense.

The main purpose of the volume was to provide teachers with the well told history of the merchant fleet starting from the very beginning and up to its present operations, with due attention being paid to the commonly experienced problems. The subject information would subsequently be transferred to the pupils and students, forming the good understanding in them all.

The material of the book is arranged in two halves, the first one providing some historical background of the American Merchant Fleet and the second discussing the relation of the fleet to the different areas including but not limited to the international trade, labor, industry and many others. Each chapter of the book Is provided with the questions for further discussion and consideration, and this will definitely result in better learning outcome.

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This classic volume was prepared mainly for the general reader, with the hope of the author that the future mariners will find useful information about the sailing vessels and the associated historical background. The book is full of records related to the sailing ships of the past times.

First of all, some essential introduction is given in the opening chapter of the book, followed with the info on the early Egyptian ships that used to sail some six thousand years ago. The ancient sailing ships belonging to the Rome, Greece and Phoenicia, and the earliest European ships are dealt with in the next two chapters, while the remaining chapters address the development of the ships in the period from eighth to fifteenth century, and in the subsequent historical periods, up to and including the nineteenth century.

There is a brief glossary providing the descriptions of the most commonly used terms. The title will be of great use for the people interested in the sailing ships of the past. The book is quite rare so we do recommend all interested people to have a copy of it on their virtual bookshelves. Should you happen to have some free time, go through all chapters and you will find it fascinating.

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