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This is an excellent supplementary training tool to be used by the students of marine engineering as well as practicing engineers. The content of the book will address all training needs. The materials included by the author have been arranged in four basic sections, the first section of the book provide the essential information about the marine diesel engine commonly used on board modern vessels.

Among the aspects covered in this section there are types of the engines, scavenging, lubricating oil and cooling water systems, air starting and fuel oil systems. The second and third sections are dealing with the two-stroke and four-stroke marine diesels, respectively, covering all parts and components of the engines together with their working principles duly explained. Finally, the closing section of the publication provides necessary operational information.

Here, the readers will find the info on the working principle of the starting air systems, timing of the engine’s exhaust valve, crankcase explosion, scavenge fires presenting hazard, fatigue problem. There is a chapter devoted to the materials used for fabricating of the bearings. The purifiers and clarifiers deserving special attention have been described in another chapter.

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The main purpose of the present publication is to let students better prepare for their Certificates of Competency with the focus made on the steam engineering. The text of the book is covering the essentials that are necessary for the above exams. We would treat this volume as a specific examination guidebook. All sketches and illustrations included in the book can be used as the applications to the particular exam requirements.

It is recommended that the students first study the content of each chapter carefully and then practice the sketches and images; after that they should proceed to the examples provided at the end of each chapter. There are six main chapters in this book. The first two chapters are dealing with the boilers and turbine theory. They are followed by the chapters devoted to the gearing, turbine practice and fundamentals of the control arrangements. Finally, the last chapter of the volume concentrates on the feed systems and shipboard auxiliaries.

This is where the main part of the book ends and the readers proceed to the specimen questions selected and embedded to make the learning process more effective and interesting. This is an excellent volume not only for the students but also for the crew members of the vessels with subject equipment installed.

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This excellent textbook has already gained world popularity. Note, however, that it is mainly intended to be used by the owners of the boats rather than ship engineers. The content has been presented in a very readable way and any use of professional jargon has been avoided to make sure that the book can be helpful to non-professionals.

This latest fourth edition of the publication has been fully revised and thoroughly reworked; it now includes many updates reflecting all recent advances as well as numerous colorful images and illustrations, informative data diagrams and other supplemental information.

The volume features remarkable coverage including everything that the boat owners shall be aware of in order to maintain and service the diesel engine in a safe and effective way. The author has explained in detail the whole process taking place inside the diesel engine, i.e. how exactly the fuel is converted to the power moving the boat forward.

All sub-systems have been paid due attention together with the various tools used on board, winterizing of the boat engine etc. many practical and valuable tips and instructions have been provided by the author including useful tables for troubleshooting.

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Here is an absolutely excellent publication and a must have one for many marine engineers, from students to the practicing professionals. However, it will be of particular practical interest to those marine engineers who are in need of upgrading their ratings. The information contained in the pages of this volume will help them test their grasp in the scope falling within the endorsement exam. The author added hundreds of questions to provide better coverage.

There are also several subchapters newly introduced that address the machine shop devices, maintenance procedures to be followed in the pump room, troubleshooting of the shipboard machinery, electrical review and so many other aspects. The sections related to the routing maintenance of the equipment and applicable regulatory framework, piping and pumping arrangements, HVAC, lubrication, bearings etc. have all been significantly expanded in this fourth edition of the book.

According to the numerous reviews, this title is one of the most helpful ones of those available today. The author has covered info that the marine engineers shall be aware of so that they perform the troubleshooting of the engines and all associated equipment. Recommended to all people involved in operation and maintenance of the machinery installed on board ships.

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Here is one of the most popular marine engineering textbooks that has gained as really great popularity during the past decades. The content of the volume reflects the huge practical experience of its author in the field of marine engineering and particularly marine diesel engines. There was a real need to provide students with a good and comprehensive publication which they could use when preparing for their examinations.

Note that the material is presented in a very easy-to-understand manner making the book ideal for the students and it will also be useful to the practicing marine engineers willing to refresh their professional knowledge. The main content if arranged in fifteen chapters starting with the one with the basic theoretical knowledge. The next three chapters address fuel and combustion process, air system and exhaust system, and fuel injection equipment.

The analysis of the stresses experienced by the engine is there in the fifth chapter, following by the information on the engine lubrication, components of the marine diesel engines, starting/reversing, engine governors and maintenance of the engines. The remaining part of the publication tells readers about the automation, various hazards associated with the marine diesel engine operation, and different engine types...

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This is a very popular textbook on piping systems providing readers with the valuable information on every single aspect. The text of the volume is full of the live examples that were drawn from decades of practical experience in the field. The content of the publication offers all necessary info on the installation and repair of the piping systems as well as their rehabilitations. The author included all latest industry standards, codes, and specifications.

The book will give you a ready engineering and design resource explaining all reasons commonly standing behind the piping system designs. The coverage of the materials and components of the piping systems, applicable specifications, all calculations involves and safety matters are impressive. The style of writing chosen by the author is even a bit entertaining making understanding of the content much easier even to the people without deep theoretical knowledge or field experience.

The piping system designers will be provided with the insight into practical aspects; moreover, it covers such topics as general arrangements and pipe supporting, plus many others. In short, this book shall be treated as a true must-have one for the people willing to improve their technical knowledge of piping systems and particularly their design.

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The main intention of this classic volume was to treat in a very connected and consistent way, the essential theory of the ship propulsion and to provide readers, mainly students of marine engineering, with the useful and effective methods, formulas and rules to be applied when dealing with such manners. The contents of the book are prepared on the basis of the model experiments conducted by the world famous William Froude in England.

At the time of the initial release of this book, the subject experiments were considered the most effective method of investigation of the ship propulsion and ship hull resistance. Every effort was made by the author to underline the limitations of this method and the regions where it can be applied and stay reliable.

Taking into account that the physics of the ship propulsion remains unchanged and that the results of the Froude’s experiments are still considered one of the reliable methods when designing ship hulls, we would recommend it to the people interested in the naval architecture, ship design and marine engineering, especially students making their first steps in the field. Note that the powering of ships and sea trials have been covered in the separate chapters.

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Have a look into this volume which is the latest edition of the book specifically designed for use by people interested in the basics of the engineering processes, including those taking place in the machinery installed on board ships and offshore installations. This normally includes internal combustion engines, heat exchangers and many others.

The content of the document will help readers with solving the various engineering issues, providing them with dozens of technical shortcuts and associated calculations. Moreover, the author covered all recent developments in the geo-information systems as well as pipeline toughness and safety management. It will be an excellent handbook for the process engineers and also be a great reference for the students.

The information contained in the book shall be used for the preliminary designs of the plants and when assessing their operations. In short, it contains all technical knowledge that shall be possessed by the practicing chemical and process engineers and as such is recommended to both professionals in the field and the students who will all benefit from going through all chapters. The equipment design has been paid particular attention.

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