As it is implied by the title, this publication prepared and distributed by the professionals of the world popular and famous Marine Insight community, is mainly dedicated to the piping found on board ships and other floating structures. In fact, it is a brilliant compilation of series of interesting articles on this subject prepared written by one of the contributors of the website.

The marine engineer is responsible for all operations taking place in the engine room of the vessel and of the proper watchkeeping. As a rule, marine engineer shall have a very good technical knowledge of all piping and fittings installed on his ship - this applies to both new construction and repair works. Sometimes it makes difficulty for the people to distinguish between tubes and pipes. It shall be noted that, though the meanings are quite similar, these terms are not synonyms.

The difference is based on the fundamental rules of pipes and tubes nomenclature. In short, this publication will be of great interest to people involved in the new construction of the ships, maintenance and necessary repair of the ship's pipeworks. The book has been divided into five major chapters addressing basics of the pipes, pipe bends and elbows, types of nipple, adapters and tees, and miscellaneous pipe fittings.

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Another brilliant title presented by MarineInsight experts. This one is devoted to the components of the two-stroke marine engines. A two-stroke engine is deservedly considered the most critical part of the merchant ship since it provides the power required to propel the ship transporting the cargoes between ports.

Though there are numerous newly established regulations and technologies released to govern the maintenance and operation of these engines, some of the things remain same, and these include technical maintenance procedures, such as testing and measurements as well as taking clearances.

The authors of this volume have prepared an excellent compilation of the important checks and tests plus measurements commonly performed on the components of the two-stroke marine diesel engines. The content of the publication is covering the calibration procedures to be followed when conducting routine technical maintenance of the MAN B&W and SULZER marine diesel engines widely used on board marine ships.

The volume will definitely be of great practical interest for the students of marine engineering as well as for the machinery room personnel who will find many useful tips to be applied for their day to day work.

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The pumps are widely used in many industries and they are commonly installed on the vessels. Same applies to the seals and associated piping arrangements. And installation of pumps implies the use of the valves and actuators. The present reference publication was released to provide readers with the required information about subject equipment pieces.

The content of the book will be of particular practical interest to the persons directly engaged in the design, use or routine maintenance of the valves and their systems together with the operational, design and performance information required to be in hand. The author of the volume is a world recognized expert and his work will be very useful since it provides lots of information. The content is very well documented and all explanations contained are very thorough.

There are numerous calculations presented in quite clear manner. Numerous data tables and charts supplement the text part. The practical approach applied by the author is backed up with so many technical information and engineering know-hows making this book a perfect reference, and this is one of the reasons why this volume gained huge popularity among both students and specialists.

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The present comprehensive work prepared by the recognized experts of ASME Codes and Standards organization. It is a standalone publication with the content significantly expanded and updated. The book has deservedly became very popular and greatly appreciated by both students of engineering and practicing engineers working in the relevant fields.

The content of the publication has been arranged in more than thirty chapters covering absolutely all important aspects. The book opens with a historical overview of the ASME Code Rules applicable to the accreditation and certification plus the related issues, while the second chapter has been devoted solely to the maintenance rule addressing purpose and scope, general requirements, existing standards/programs and their application, evaluation of systems that shall be removed from service, documentation etc. The third chapter is dealing with the pipe vibration testing and analysis.

The remaining chapters of this brilliant volume cover stress identification factors, flexibility factors, functionality and operability, cyclic loading and applicable sections of the Code, fluids, joints and connections, cyclic, impulse and impact loading, integrity and security of pipelines, seismic protection of piping under pressure, American transportation regulations for the radioactive materials, development of the decommissioning technology, valves, flanges, gaskets and fittings, license renewal... the list of the topics covered in this book is too long, just download the volume and have a look, this is a must-have for any engineer.

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The main declared intention of the authors of this volume was to provide assistance to the piping engineers during the selection of valves for particular application and duly meeting all design parameters of specific process service. The book addresses virtually all types of valves and gives a good resume of the main concepts. The content is fairly comprehensive, the explanations are clear and supplemented by illustrations.

According to the reviews, the volume is remarkably instrumental and helpful when used for the calculation of the pressure drop. The commonly used packing materials have also been covered in detail. This is an excellent choice for both specialists and novices. This latest edition will be equally useful for the designers and project engineers. There are several new chapters added and covering the valve locking devices and actuators, bleed- and double ball valves plus providing the useful glossary of terms.

Ten chapters of the book are focusing on the different important aspects of valve technology. Due attention was paid by the authors to the new generations of valves intended for use offshore. In addition, the book addresses newly introduced environmental friendly equipment and relevant procedures considered critically important issue in the oil and gas industry of today...

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This training booklet is devoted to the powered watertight doors installed on board ships; subject doors are deservedly considered critically important for the safety of the vessel. They are usually very powerful and heavy - should they be used incorrectly, these doors can easily harm and even kill people.

That is why every single person on board the ship must have thorough understanding of the risks that are associated with them; all crew members shall also clearly know how these doors shall be operated to avoid such risks. The powered watertight doors of sliding type are normally fitted in watertight bulkheads subdividing the hull of the passenger, Ro-Ro and other vessels in watertight compartments. They are installed to allow ship crew to move from one such compartment to another and, what is very important, to prevent spreading of the water through the hull in case of flooding.

Should the water ingress in one watertight compartment, the closed door contains it in within that compartment and does not allow to flood further. Long story short, these doors play the critically important role in provision of the watertight integrity of the ship's hull and, consequently, provision of the safety of all people on board. You may use this training video with the booklet.

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Dr. David Blanco-Rodriguez, who is the recognized industry expert and author of the present volume, has made a successful attempt to introduce a completely new technology to be applied to the gas concentration measurements on board and also modeling of the required concentration in the turbocharged engines.

This informative volume is mainly intended to provide all interested categories of readers with a remarkably comprehensive technical review of the current situation with the lambda and nitrogen oxide estimation and also to describe the very latest technological achievements and recent developments. The topics dealt with in this comprehensive work include, among others, the online characterization of the sensors used and developments of the control oriented models of emissions, plus issues relating to evaluation and application of the various methods on board.



The book offers all readers (including the industry professionals, researchers and students) a good and practical guidance, thanks to the technically oriented approach that has been applied by the author, and inclusion of the many innovative findings as well as observations. All the explanations provided in this volume are presented in quite understandable language and the well-thought layout of the book makes it reader-friendly, that is why it has gained popularity in the industry.



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Nowadays, the heat pipes are deservedly considered one of the best technical solutions available for the passive thermal control, note they are also very friendly to the environment. The present publication comprises a work by the industry expert Bahman Zohuri, who did his best to provide readers with the useful practical study of heat pipe engineering including a very valuable discussion on how the application of the heat pipes could be further optimized and made more efficient.

The book provides a general introduction to the design and operational principles and explores the practical applications of heat pipes. The volume offers the readers a good tech review of mass and heat transfer theory related to the performance and covers the common technical issues that might theoretically affect the successful operation of the heat pipes. Subject matters would generally include balancing of the loads, compatibility of the construction materials, applicable power limitations, thermal resistance issues, rage of the operating temperature, and operating orientation.



The author has also compared the results of the calculations with the experimental data obtained from numerous sources. He has also provided the explanation to the readers of where and how exactly they could access the computer codes and relevant PC programs to the design and prediction of the performance.



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