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The content of the present publication on mechanical engineering is based on the proceedings of the IC-RIDME, standing for the International Conference on Recent Innovations & Developments in Mechanical Engineering, held back in 2018. It contains selected articles provided by the recognized experts in the field of mechanical engineering, covering numerous important areas.

In fact, we can say that the whole domain has been covered; the material is arranged in eight major sections, starting with the ones of fluid mechanics and the recent technological developments in the field of renewable energies. After that you will find interested articles on thermal engineering as well as the construction materials and manufacturing processes. The acoustics and vibration issues are covered within the following sections, together with the experimental aerodynamics.

The last two sections of the book address the mechatronics, robotics, and turbo-machinery considered so important in the XXI century. The articles included in the volume are reflecting the ongoing activities in the critically important mechanical engineering areas and as such can be used by both practicing specialists, and students willing to be up to date with all technological advances.

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This is a real must-have and must-read for any engineer. The world famous publication which has been considered a real “bible” for all engineers for the last half-century and it is still one of the most popular and useful volumes. Several generations of the practicing engineers as well as students of the engineering disciplines relied on this book due to the remarkable coverage provided by the authors.

According to the reviews by the industry professionals, the volume is a really ideal introductory reference for all engineers needing a bit more than just empirical data for evaluation and comparison between different types of rolling bearings manufactured by the different companies and used for different purposes. The content of the book will help engineers get better understanding of the essentials underlying the design of these bearings, their use and technical performance, i.e. literally everything they need to be aware of.

It may be used as a textbook for self-study or applied by the engineers performing their day to day duties. This fifth edition of the book features numerous improvements and completely re-written text. Fourteen chapters of the book cover such important aspects as types of bearings and their applications, macrogeometry of the bearings, speeds and loads, interference cleaning and others.

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The present textbook is dealing with the subject of “Theory of Machines” but the author also included several sections addressing the topics that are not normally covered in the most of the usual books. The publication will be of practical use for the engineers and designers of the machines. The analytical treatment of brakes, for example, has been explained in detailed, with particular attention paid to the theoretical basics.

The contents of the publication includes virtually all important topics thus providing both students and professional engineers with all information they are expected to possess. The book opens with the chapters on the velocity, acceleration together with the associated analysis and diagrams, vectors, instantaneous centers. Then the author proceeds to the force and torque, work and energy, explaining each of them in detail.

After that, the main part of the publication comes where the author addresses such aspects as, for example, the dynamical similarity, and analysis of cams, friction, turning moments, flywheels, toothed gearing and so many other topics. There are numerous worked examples included for better understanding. The information is presented in a very easy-to-understand way so can be used even by the people with no deep knowledge of the subject.

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This publication is the very latest edition of one of the most successful books for engineers. It goes without saying that proper understanding of the instrumentation and measurement principles is essential for the engineer working in any area including mechanical and marine engineering. No engineering activity would be possible without correct measurements. The readers will be introduced to the basic principles of instrumentation and wide range of various instruments and sensors commonly used when measuring different variables.

This edition features completely revised material covering all latest technological advances in the field of instrumentation and measurement, such as the smart sensors and electronic displays, associated software and others. The text is supplemented with numerous worked examples for better understanding of the topics and many exercises for the self-assessment.

There is one new chapter fully devoted to the safety issues where the authors focused on the relevant regulatory framework, and among the topics covered within this new topic are the electrical safety and different failsafe design proven effective. The book will be good for both students of engineering and practicing engineers.

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This book was first released over forty years ago and has managed to achieve the status of the real classic among all textbooks on mechanics. The author of the volume is known and world respected for his clear and easily understandable explanations of the fundamental materials of mechanics, i.e. statics and dynamics, giving the readers necessary insights not conveyed in most of the other volumes.

Apart from the theory, this book is full of real life engineering applications making it so valuable and useful for the practicing engineer when used as a reference tool. The general engineering students can use this book as a refresher. The size of the book is not huge especially noting the amount of information it contains, number of topics and clarity of explanations. According to the numerous reviews submitted by the students and engineers, this is one of the most readable textbooks on mechanics.

The text part is supplemented with more than five hundred drawings and data diagrams, together with the countless problems with answers, included for better understanding of the theory. All important aspects have been covered including equilibrium conditions and distributed forces, kinematics, dynamics, friction, work and energy, relative motion, and so many others.

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This is one of the best books on machine design and associated calculations of those available today. The reader will find all information required by the people engaged in the design and calculation processes. The content of the book is full of knowledge that is an excellent bridge connecting the theoretical principles normally outlined in the text-books and real-life practical engineering challenges.

The students of mechanical engineering will be impressed with the coverage of the topics offered by the book, while the practicing professionals will find this one as a great tool for their day-to-day use. There are numerous exercises included by the authors of the book to track your progress and make sure you understand the material in a correct way. According to the feedbacks collected from the students in different disciplines, this volume is equally useful to everyone.

The step by step instructions provided here are presented in a clear manner making them easily understandable. The book is also rich with supplementary materials such as the data tables, formulas and charts for reference purposes. In short, we do recommend this volume to both students and practicing engineers who will benefit from the content.

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This reference book has been designed specifically to provide the most comprehensive source of theoretical and practical information for the mechanical engineers. The content of the reference book is based on the contributions made by the recognized industry experts. The book has been appreciated along the students and engineers because of the highly readable style, numerous informative illustrations and truly extensive reference lists making it so valuable.

One of the best volumes available for the academic libraries, students and practicing engineers. The readers say that the author has managed to set an absolutely new standard for the highest quality reference volume for the engineers. This is the twelfth edition of the book - it has been completely revised in order to include all new subjects considered important to the mechanical engineers. The presentation of the material is so good and the text part of the volume is clear to everyone.

The diagrams and illustrations provide required additional information. This volume shall be there on the bookshelf of any engineer noting the number of topics covered from basic principles of mechanical and electrical engineering, computers together with their practical applications, standards that apply to the design, selection of the materials, power units, combustion and fuels, microprocessors, tribology and others.

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A fascinating book on classical mechanics telling the story of what actually physics attempts to do. The text part is remarkably clear and understandable, and the mathematics is utilized wonderfully. The book will be of great interest for all categories of readers irrespective of their level. The specialists and graduates will treat it as a sort of popular text that will help them to get the understanding of the concepts of physics of highest levels.

The students, in turn, may use it as an excellent reference book for their courses. The readers have found this volume to be nice, fully up to date and using modern terminology. The authors have explained and used linear forms in a fairly explicit manner. Most of the subjects have been covered and this makes this volume a real encyclopedia of contemporary classical mechanics.

The content features detailed discussion of geometry that will be appreciated by the students. According to others, the title is not only perfectly written but it is really inspiring. The derivations presented in the book will give readers due insight to the process and motivations of physics. In short, this is a book for those with deep interest in mechanics and willing to dig to a bit deeper depth than any standard textbook on mechanics may offer.

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