Ship Security


This video training course was prepared by the world known Maritime Training Services provider. The lesson is the very training instrument you will need in order to raise everyone’s awareness on board the ship in connection with the risk associated with the unauthorized access. The video course will step the trainees through the real situation and explain why the timely and effective actions are critically important.

Moreover, the efforts expected from each person on board are clearly explained. The authors have covered each of the potential threats. The facts have been presented by the recognized experts in the field of maritime safety and security, reflecting their own practical seagoing experiences. All you need to do is to watch the video very attentively and benefit from their shared experience.

Numerous specific recommendations have been provided and shall be familiarized with by all crew members, including planning and coordination of the crew’s approach to the ship’s security. The list of the areas covered include understanding of the risks commonly arising from the unauthorized access, threat identification, access control while in ports, measures to be undertaken in order to prevent hijacking and/or piracy, and others.

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