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In this interesting historical title released by Squadron/Signal Pub. Compiled by Wayne Patton and perfectly colored by Don Greer, the famous IJN heavy cruisers that served during the Second World War have been addressed. The readers will find lots of interesting technical information including figures and sketches plus photos of those heavy cruisers. Following famous classes of Japanese heavy cruisers have been described in detail - Yubari, Furutaka, Tone, Aoba, Mogami, Takao, Myoko.

The heavy cruisers of the IJN were truly fascinating with their massive pagoda-like superstructures; there were speedy and armed with the "Long Lace" torpedoes. They have established a brilliant "heavy hitter"-reputation during their action throughout the whole Second World War. The present title should supplement another publication by Wayne Patton, dedicated to the Japanese light cruisers serving in the historical period covered.

Following the same approach to the layout and content of the book, this volume offers its readers a really huge amount of technical info that includes images, data tables, line drawings and informative text descriptions. One of the most informative titles about the Japanese naval warfare of that times.

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The present informative technical publication belongs to the famous and popular Yellow Periscope series. As it is quite clearly implied in the title of this paper, it is mainly intended to address two remarkable naval vessels of the past, namely the American destroyer USS Bagley, and Japanese destroyer Fuyuzuki. The content of this publication has been compiled by three world recognized and respected naval history and warfare experts.

The document provides all interested readers with the technical information related to each of these two destroyers, including main characteristics, dimensions of the vessels, their machinery installations, armament and complement. Numerous photographs are supplementing the text part and ship plans provided in the book. For example, the first photo shows the battleship Yamato and destroyer Fuyuzuki at the time of their action near Okinawa in the April of 1945.

Looking at the photographs, all readers may track the history of both Fuyuzuki and Bagley destroyers. Some photographs of the sister vessels has also been provided, e.g. of the Harutsuki and Yoizuki destroyers. The people interested with the naval warfare of the past may used the information included in this document to compare the characteristics of these famous destroyers.

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The present historical book by Alda Fraccaroli contains main particulars of all the combatant vessels of the Royal Italian Navy that served during the Second World War, covering both old and new ships, including those which did not reach the operational stage, or which had been captured by the German forces and completed by them; also the "simply planned" vessels; and finally the ships taken over from other countries that served under the Italian colors or were under repairs preparatory to doing so.

The content starts with the introductory chapter providing the definitions of the terms used throughout this publication and generally in naval architecture and ship construction. The document is covering literally all types of the naval warships, such as the aircraft carriers and destroyer vessels, light and heavy cruisers, coast defense ships, fast and colonial sloops, motor torpedo boats including special ones, escorts and escort gunboats, corvettes and different submarines, assault crafts, submarine chasers, battleships, subchasers, large- and medium size submarines, ex-enemy cruisers etc. The content of the book is concluded with the data tables relating to the mines, torpedoes, depth charges and naval ordnance. An excellent source of information for the people who like naval history.

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As the name of the publication implies, it contains nearly full list of the losses suffered by Japanese Naval and merchant fleet during the World War Two. The list was prepared and published by the joint U.S. Army-Navy Committee which was intentionally established with the purpose of estimation of subject losses and consisted of the U.S. Navy, Army and Air Forces representatives.

The members of the subject committee were supposed to meet from time to time in order to perform the periodical study and evaluation of the reports of human losses as well as damages to the enemy. Among the information sources utilized when compiling the reports of losses there were prisoner of war reports and captured documents, Ariyoshi's List, Naval Ministry and Shipowner's Lists, US Photo Intelligence and many others.

The results of the assessment agreed by all members of the committee, have been included in the present report, which includes the naval ships known or believed to be lost, and all merchant ships of more than 500 GT. Some minor number of ships have not been subjected to the assessment due to the insufficient information available as to cause their loss. This is a good reference source for those interested in the history.

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The interested readers have already found this volume remarkably informative and enjoyable. The content is reflecting the "British" point of view on the story, containing so many relevant historical facts and details. Numerous excellent maps are supplementing the text descriptions, allowing readers to better understand what happened. According to the feedbacks, this volume is exactly what the intelligent readers would expect. such endeavor.

Talking about the battle itself, the people will always award the overall victory according to their personal judgment. The book should be highly recommended to the people with the interest in naval history and naval warfare of the past centuries, even regardless of the background. Even the general readers will definitely find the content of this title fascinating, appreciating the historical information, images and maps.

Charles London has made the professional selective use of the technical information and data available on the famous naval battle, noting that the gunnery possessed by the both sides was nearly same and also noting the fact that technical advantages and defects of the designs of the ships participating in the battle from both sides actually did cancel each other out. Numerous beautiful illustrations by Howard Gerrard are the excellent supplement to the text content.

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This nice and informative historical account is dedicated to not too glorious days in the history of the Royal British Navy fleet. The content of this book by "Tank" Nash is describing the whole chain of the historical disasters which in fact were avoidable - it all took place in the January of 1918 when the elements of the Grand Fleet were conducting a transit to the place where the naval exercises were planned to be conducted in the North Sea.

The content of the publication was made up on the basis of the invaluable contributions by the professional scientists and researchers, and is drawing a really great deal from the ADM 156-86 Admiralty file. The author of this historical book is a soldier who wanted to be a sailor for all his life.

As the name of the title implies, it will tell readers a very interesting and true story of what happened during the famous Battle of the Isle of May; the text of the book is arranged in seven major sections and supplemented with the numerous informative illustrations, and such approach lets the readers build the full and clear picture. The author was inspired to write this work as he could see the Isle of May itself and the "battlefield" from his residence in North Berwick...

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Here is another nice and informative booklet chock released to provide people interested in naval warfare and history with a real wealth of information relating to the destroyer escorts at the time of the Second World War. The text of the book is supplemented with numerous data tables, detailed ship line drawings and numerous photographs.

The design and further construction of literally hundreds of destroyers escorts is considered one of the most amazing achievements of the American industry during the Second World War. Subject vessels were constructed with the intention of the government to protect the convoys of the Allied forces worldwide.

Nearly six hundred destroyer escorts were constructed serving the United States Navy and Coast Guard, as well as the Royal Navy together with the navy fleets of Brazil and France. The author of the present book, Al Adcock, has managed to summarize the story of the destroyer escorts.

The document features numerous close-up photos and general view, also addressing the machinery of the vessels, their equipment and electrical installations etc. Each class of the vessels covered in the content of the volume has been nicely illustrated. The comprehensive text and great artwork of the book has already made this book a winner.

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Among the best attributes of the present volume the readers have noted the compactness of the volume and combination of the historical profile. It is highly recommended to the general readers and to the undergraduate-level students. The fast cruisers and battle cruisers considered the eyes of any naval fleet have always been the ultimate warships of the gunboat diplomacy - no any other vessels were so well-equipped to be capable of serving as the working war machines and projection of the national might. The publication is covering the significant designs of the cruisers and battle cruisers, with the content providing all required details including the hull dimensions and armament, crew complement and propulsion means etc. The first introductory chapter of the volume discusses the general history of these cruisers starting from the eighteenth century up to today, including the technical development and importance of the cruisers. The readers all around the world have already appreciated the good historical and technical overview provided by the author in the pages of this work covering different types of the cruisers, life aboard those vessels, and other relevant and interesting information. This is a real treasure for the people looking for a comprehensive overview of the subject vessels taking into account the attention paid to the details...

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