The present title was prepared by a seafarer specifically for seafarers, in order to assist in their studies of the various types of maritime law. It has been designed to provide all students with some kind of awareness of the maritime law in general; in addition to that, the author tried to give deeper knowledge in various specific areas in which ship Master's knowledge is expected. It took several years to write this book because the legislation keeps changing all the time.

It shall be noted that the book is primarily intended not to the students of law but to the mariners. Nowadays, the importance for the mariners to have a good understanding of the maritime law is obvious. The publication is divided by the author into twelve major sections. The opening section provides some introductory info on the maritime law; the second section mainly addresses international marine conventions, classification rules and other related items. This section is followed by the one covering port activities.

The other sections deal with the commerce, matters related to the salvage and towage, marine insurance, further legislation including ISM, ISPS, risk assessment, employment at sea and associated employment law, engaging seamen, repatriation-related issues, and safe manning of the vessels.

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As it is required by SOLAS, each ship must comply with the requirements of the IMSBC Code, as applicable - the purpose of the subject Code is to provide necessary technical guidance on the procedures that have to be adopted during the transportation of various solid bulk cargoes, and it applies to all solid bulk cargoes, with the sole exception of grain. Nowadays, the cargoes falling in the category of liquefaction risk continue to be transported.

Liquefaction related accidents cost the marine insurance industry more than hundred million dollars in the period 2010-2013. All details of the mineral cargoes are listed in the Appendix 1 to the above stated Code together with the info related to their properties and handling and carriage peculiarities. The Code draws the attention of the shippers to the hazards that are associated with the transportation of damp/wet mineral cargoes.

Such cargoes often have high density - thus, their distribution in the cargo holds of the vessel must be specifically considered since any error may inevitably lead to the structural damage of the ship. In addition to that, these cargoes are often loaded at a quite fast pace and such loading may stress the plating of the cargo hold.

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This pack of technical files consists of Operating Instruction for Buran DC0020-0850 air dryer, two Specification files and Technical Data Sheet for refrigeration compressed air dryers for volume flows from 20 to 850 cubic metres per hour. Donaldson Ultrafilter - Operating instruction - includes following parts - Important User Information, Installation, Description, Operation, Maintenance, Technical Data, Appendix Legend. The dryers produced by Buran feature the truly unique design which, combined with the well-though control logic, provides the peak level of energy efficiency...

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Nowadays, the tough conditions that are there at the market, are dictating the very intense operational demands on more than four-and-half thousand bulk carriers transporting nearly 30% of all of the world ocean cargoes. The cargoes having high density and weight - like coal or mineral ores - add some physical demands of the structures of the vessels, with particular focus made on their cargo hold areas.

For sure, the bulk carriers shall be handled with the extreme care both at sea and in the port. Ship's officers, stevedores bearing the responsibility for the cargo operations, as well as other involved parties, are the key ship safety partners since the lives of the seafarers depends on how careful the cargo is handled. Taking that into account, we understand how vital the proper ship-to-shore planning, exchange of information and good communication can be.

The present research conducted by IACS shows the readers that improper handling of high-density and heavy cargoes in the course of the loading/discharge may easily cause excessive stress which, in turn, may result in the physical damage to the ship's cargo holds and bulkheads. In the future, it may threaten the structural safety margins when the vessel is at sea during the severe weather condition.

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This thorough and very important study is offering completely new perspectives on the marine hunter-gatherers on the basis of the information and data collected during several decades of the cutting-edge researches conducted in southern California region.

The list of issues covered within this publication includes such the important ones as early seafaring, human-environmental interactions, colonial encounters and others. This truly provocative volume is intended to energize the healthy debates about the maritime societies in the above mentioned region. This work is addressing many critical issues in the recently conducted studies, including maritime intensification. The authors of this book have also tried to demonstrate that the original colonization of the San Clemente Island took place much earlier than anyone thought.

In short and according to the numerous review by the professionals and enthusiasts who have already tried this book, it offers readers an excellent and thoroughly compiled synthesis which brilliantly summarizes many years of intensive research in this field and placing San Clemente Island in a very heart of the ongoing debates about the problems of peopling of Americas, as well as the nature and antiquity of the marine adaptations, cultural complexity and other important aspects.

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The cargo access equipment used on board vessels include hatch covers, ramps and elevators, doors (bow, stern and side) as well as movable decks, and all of them serve the purpose of facilitating the cargo loading and discharging operations. In total, the equipment listed above may account for about ten percent of the initial cost of the ship.

And, despite of the huge importance, which is enhanced by the developing Ro-Ro shipping, no decent publication n this matter has ever been released. In this publication, we are trying to deal with all aspects of shipboard cargo access, including the description of the basic equipment, design requirements, economic aspects of selection and operation of the cargo access equipment, ad, of course, performance in service issues. Some useful material relating to the weights and stowage requirements, has also been added to the contents of the book.

Apart from that, there is some background information included on vessel types and cargo handling techniques. Note that the authors did not confine it to MacGregor products - the material included was drawn from all over the world. Though the editors are not specialists in this sort of equipment, their experience in ship design and operation and their engineering background make this book very helpful and practical.

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The version 3.2 of the recognized and popular BunkerMaster marine application that was developed by the professionals of the DNV Petroleum Services and was proven to be very effective. This compact software offers users a perfect suite of valuable applications as well as info-updates and tools intended to assist crew members in different aspects of the fuel management.

The most important features of the present program would include calculation of the fuel change-over helping to properly plan the switching from normal-sulphur to low-sulphur fuel oil and vice versa at the time when vessel enters or leaves ECA, determination and conversion of the fuel quantity assisting in working out the quality of the fuel to be delivered to the vessel, calculation and conversion of the energy content for proper evaluation, calculation of fuel blending which helps to find an accurate fuel blend ratio and minimize any stability and compatibility issues, etc.

Believe it is needless to underline that such a wide choice of available tools makes this software very useful to everyone involved in the fuel management of the vessel, bunkering activities, persons responsible for the quality of the fuel, control of the emissions to the atmosphere and all other related issues.

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The latest tenth edition of the award-winning Business English by Mary Ellen Guffey and Carolyn Seefer. The publication will help learners of English refresh their knowledge of grammar to make them more confident today, where the communication skills are becoming more and more important. It has already helped so many students over past three decades to improve their written and oral communication skills and served as a leading source for all that time because it really works.

The authors have applied the three-level approach making the grammar less intimidating and much easier for the students to grasp. Such approach allows to provide smaller learning blocks proceeding from simple items to complex, helping learners to understand and remember the material. The readers will find the useful learning tools and some completely new features included to ensure the improvement of their grammar and punctuation, as well as the language usage skills.

The authors bring a truly outstanding feature called "online reinforcement exercises" - the readers will now be available to complete their homework much faster. In addition, there are numerous pre- and post-tests included to keep learners informed about the progress; self-help exercises, in turn, provide more opportunities for the improvement through continuous practice.

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