This is one of the most popular books on commercial shipping. The author of this volume tried to achieve the three main objectives, namely the competent handling of shipping contracts, accurate calculation of the transportation costs and effective commercial communication. It has been recognized and proven useful as a very handy reference tool and a sort of guide bridging the gap that is there in the knowledge between the office personnel and the ship's crew.

It will be equally useful when used for education or as a reference book for everyday work. Should you face a problem, just check the index and the chapters of the book and we are sure that you will find some explanation. The volume opens with a review of the basic shipping terms and ship characteristics, and then the author proceeds to the optimization of cargo capacity. The following chapters address the costs of voyage, liquid cargo measurement, draft survey of the dry cargo, bunker management, finance planning applied to shipping, computerization and other important aspects of commercial shipping.

Two separate chapters have been specifically dedicated to the bills of lading and charter parties. And, finally, the last one addresses the disputes. Apart from the theoretical part, the publication is full of real practical advice adding to its value as a reference source. In addition, there is some supplementary information included in the appendices, e.g. terminology used in charter parties, abbreviations, sample calculations, guidelines for invoicing and other useful information.

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The Masters of the ships carry the huge responsibility. While in the distant past their vessels were relatively small-sized and could only carry some limited amounts of cargo, nowadays the Masters are in command of the passenger vessels, VLCCs, large container ships, Panamax-size bulk carriers controlling huge capital assists with the cargoes worth dozens of millions.

Such responsibility assumes great importance as the today's community demands much higher standards and, consequently, the P&I Clubs make the larger provision for the liability insurance. The Masters have a crucial role in managing the risks associated with the marine transportation. In order to be effective as commercial managers, the Masters shall have a thorough knowledge of the trading terminology and detailed appreciation of all provisions that are expressed and also implied in the shipping contracts; in addition, they shall be confident during the communications with the contracting parties in order for the best results to be achiever for their companies.

For sure, today the job of the Master is much more complicated that it used to be say a decade back. While the modern communication equipment allows much quicker information exchange, this enables the shipping companies to control their subcontractors in new ways. This often results in the Master having to handle quite a complex relationships and making decisions relating to the conflicts of interest to support the owners...

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Every single person trying to learn English language makes more or less same mistakes at start, and this book is primarily intended to show readers examples of such mistakes, how to correct and avoid them in the future. Paul Hancock, who is the author of the book, has included more than thee hundred of most frequently made mistakes - note that most of the mistakes shown in the book have been illustrated, so the reader can see what people really say when they make them!

Such approach helps readers to properly understand why exactly they are wrong, and to stop making these mistakes. This book contains ten chapters which cover different areas like work, family, travel, education. Each of the chapters has five sections containing more than three hundred typical mistakes including grammar, prepositions and confused words, supplemented with the review exercises. The explanations of the mistakes provided in the publication are very simple and concise. Each of the pages can be studied on its own, and since the number of the examples contained on one page is not that large, readers are able to choose any page and are more than welcome to spend some minutes learning about those errors.

You will learn much more by doing some quick study like this on the regular basis. Check a few mistakes every day and you will see how you begin to remember them. It will be very useful to anyone who wants to improve his English and avoid the mistakes.

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Here is one of the most invaluable reference tools aimed at anyone involved in shipping industry and international trade. The book provides all information necessary to make a first step towards proper understanding the whole process of transportation of the goods by sea and of the associated framework.

It provides quite concise yet comprehensive explanations of numerous types of activities comprising the shipping, and explains the terms together with their interrelation. Among the topics covered within this publication there are documentation used in the shipping industry, such as the charter party and the bill of lading - you will know what these documents contain and see their different types, supplemented with the examples; the book also covers generic types of vessels, goods, containers and sea ports, as well as required details of the most important maritime associations considered prominent in policy making and drafting of contracts - some brief explanation of their main objectives is also there; in addition, it covers the additional costs and surcharges that are usually found in shipping - and liner shipping, in particular.

The chartering terms are also dealt with, including explanation of their context, plus the clauses that appears in BOL, time charters and voyage charters. More than a thousand of commercial shipping terms are discusses in the pages of the handbook.

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This book provides readers with a necessary guidance on the whole survey process - they will know what shall be done to prepare, and what exactly would constitute good practice; all info presented in the publication is completely detailed, making the process able to be executed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

In addition to the process of conducting the survey, some supplementary topics have been described in this book - such topics include the ships likely encountered, the rigging and gear, as well as the required special techniques. The author performed an excellent and thorough research, providing numerous practical examples and photo reference materials; you will understand not only what happens during the marine surveys but also how the ship officers and marine surveyors are expected to perform those surveys.

This book ensures that the readers clearly understand each step of the surveying process. In fact, it is the first work to describe the on/off-hire and bunker surveys so comprehensively and, at the same time, in a very clear and easy to understand way. The publication includes numerous images and illustrations to clarify the key concepts outlines by the author. We would highly recommend this book to anyone who is conducting marine surveys or planning to get involved in such activities in the future. Apart from theory, the book is full of valuable practical examples.

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The present Code has been published by the MCA, i.e. Maritime and CoastGuard Agency and endorsed by the NMHOS Committee and other recognized organizations to serve as a guidance to the best established practices for the improvement of the H&S on board ships. The publication is aimed to anyone on a vessel regardless of their rank as well as to the people working ashore and responsible for safety; it shall be taken into account that the recommendations provided in this volume will only be effective if they are fully understood by all parties involved and only if there is due co-operation.

The workers not directly involved in a job in hand shall always be aware of what is actually being done  in order to avoid any sort of risk. In cases where some of the risks are really unavoidable, the appropriate, adequate and effective measures of control shall be implemented so that the exposure to the hazards causing the injuries, diseases or deaths are minimized. These risks would include the ambient factors, inherent hazards, various serious health risks like fatigue and so many other risks, and all of them have been covered in this publication, making it so useful and practical for all people involved in maritime industry and willing to perform their activities in a safe manner.

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The present Code has been worked out and officially released aiming to provide the participants of the maritime industry with a recognized internationally used standard for the safe marine transportation of the liquefied gases plus some of the other substances that are listed in chapter XIX in bulk, through prescribing the constructional and design technical features of the vessels that are directly involved in such transportation together with the associated equipment that is required to be carried on board in order to minimize the risks associated with the gas carriage by sea.

The provisions of this Code are based in the sound marine engineering plus naval architecture principles and the best marine practices and proper understanding of potential hazards that may be posed by the various products being transported. the brief contents of the Code as follows: General; Vessel survival capability and cargo tank location; Ship arrangements; Cargo containment; Process pressure vessels and vapor, liquid and pressure piping systems; Construction materials; Cargo pressure and temperature control; Cargo vent systems; Environmental control for cargo containment systems; Electrical arrangements; Fire protection; Fire extinguishing; Mechanical ventilation in cargo area; Instrumentation; Personnel protection; Established filling limits for the cargo tanks; Use of cargo gas as fuel; Special requirements; operating requirements; Summary...​

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Since the world ocean covers more than seventy percent of the planet's surface and has the average depth of  almost four kilometers, it should not be too surprising that the exchanges occurring there between the atmosphere and the ocean exert quite significant influences on the climate of Earth. The great variety within the ocean's expanses shall also be taken into account, including large differences in temperatures and huge biological diversity that is brought about by chemical diversity in the same environment.

The present publication has been compiled by a group of internationally recognized and experienced professionals in the field of marine chemistry, with the intention to offer readers a very authoritative and truly multi-disciplinary technical review of the subject topic. The content of the title also includes a thorough review of the existing challenges and opportunities connected with the development of the pharmaceutical from the sea water, together with the examination of pollution and contamination of the marine environment - this is actually considered one of the most serious threats.

The book shall be used worldwide and will be of great use to both students and professionals, engaging their further interest and close attention to the topics addressed within the publication. It is really an essential reading for them due to the expert and concise review provided.

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