The present book is very important and useful because of the approach applied by the author to the problems relating to the loss of ship stability by means of the study of different operational aspects together with the dynamic ship behavior in severe condition of the sea and offering a complete picture of the selected modes of stability failure not currently covered by any criteria or applicable regulation.

The original motivation for the idea that has driven subject approach and the requirement to address the assessment of the ship stability is coming from numerous observations on losses of stability and capsizing of the ships. Though there are several regulations in force that all refer to the stability of the vessels, so many ships continue to loss their stability and capsize.

The subjects elucidated within this volume represent parts of the works relating to the critical importance of the assessment of ship stability and fit into the complex research system relating to the intact stability of the vessels, and particularly to the failure modes and how the proper assessment of the stability might prevent the possible losses. Five chapters of the book provide the general information and provide the historical background and analysis, cover the failure modes including ones in the severe conditions, and shed some light on the possible improvement in the field.

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For a long time and until now, there has been a serious need for the work that would systematically present the whole subject of the acoustic fish reconnaissance and detailing all the most important and major technical aspects of the application of the acoustic equipment in the field of commercial fish reconnaissance, and also offering readers sufficiently deep and thorough analysis of the actual effectiveness of the established fish-finding techniques.

The publication by K. Yudanov and I. Kalikhman was specifically worked out and released to respond to this need through provision of the required comprehensive overview of both theoretical and practical aspects of the acoustic detection and search, as well as the interpretation and estimation of the population, performed for commercial benefit. Particular and close attention has been paid by the authors to the accounting surveys for the quantitative estimation of relevant bio-resources and fishing conditions in the areas considered traditional for fishing activities.

They have also analyzed different applications of the acoustic technique on the basis of the extensive investigations carried out by themselves. The main content of the volume includes the results of the applicability of the various fish-finding tools, and useful recommendations on the improvement of the techniques in question.

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The present manual has been developed by YORK Marine ApS specialists to describe the whole functionality and control of the "Standard ARP" plant. It is arranged in three major parts dedicated to the interlocks and shutdowns, display images and functionality, and function/control description.

The main content starts with the introduction where the technical description of the system, plant design and control components are provides, followed by the chapters addressing the picture hierarchy, alarm list, PI regulator function, word list, and additional functions. The document revision record has also been provided for reference.

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The compilation of applicable regulations released by the BG Verkehr. The content of the booklet is arranged in seventeen chapter. First chapter contains the general regulations, it provides the scope of application and definitions, describes the general duties of the employees and of insured persons, and also gives some instructions for the implementation.

The second chapter contains basic provisions while the third chapters is dedicated to the occupational physicians and also experts for the occupational safety. The next chapter is dealing with the special installation, their construction and equipment, plus operational requirement. The fifth chapter is addressing the hull equipment together with the construction and equipment. This one is followed by the chapter focusing on the machinery and electrical installations plus applicable operational requirements.

Remaining chapters of the publication cover the hazardous materials, fire protection and protection against excessive noise and mechanical vibration, catering and galley, closing devices such as shell doors, hatches and ramps, cargo handling arrangements and lifting devices, handling of the dangerous goods, fishing vessels, including stability, fire protection, lifesaving arrangements, mechanical/electrical, fishing and special equipment, diving work, tankers and passenger vessels, medical measures.

The final chapter of the book is solely dedicated to the transitional and final regulations.

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Here is the complete set of technical documentation for AALBORG Mission OL 20000 and AQ-2 boiler plant. The pack of folders includes the technical data, flow diagrams, technical description, operation and maintenance manuals, then paperwork related to the feed and boiler water, water level gauge, safety valves, feed water system, control valves, chemical dosing unit, salinity alarm equipment, oil detection equipment, burner, oil flow regulating valve, oil flow meter, DP transmitter, regulating valves, ignition burner pump, combustion air fan, fuel oil pump, heat exchanger, as well as the drawings, data sheets, performance curves, MISSION control system, operating principles, operation of the panels, commissioning and service manuals, flame safeguard, menu structure for panels, PC monitoring system, electric drawing for local panel and for power panel, set point diagrams etc.

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This official catalogue was released by AC Antennas, recognized and world leading company manufacturing the antennas possessing a huge portfolio of products.

The publication is provides its readers with the required general technical descriptions of all their antennas, their electrical and mechanical specifications addressing every type of the antennas produces, namely CELmar VHF, cellular, AIS, VHF, UHF, GPS and other antennas.

The present booklet also contains the specifications of the accessories plus mounting hardware. The AC antennas have proven to be designed to provide an extra-class technical performance while maintaining cost effectiveness.

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The present exceptionally useful and practical volume will be providing readers with a good systematic exposition of both the abrasive erosion and corrosion that would commonly occur in the different types of hydraulic machinery, and in this volume the authors have been mainly dealing with theory plus with the established engineering practice proven effective.

In fact this book could for sure be treated as a very first so comprehensive book addressing subject area deep enough. The author have covered all critically important subjects related to the abrasive erosion/corrosion - among the topics there are theoretical fundamentals of these processes, associated calculations, analysis, numerical simulations of the "liquid-solid" flow design, interaction between abrasive erosion/corrosion and cavitation, different popular construction materials that are resistant to erosion etc.

This publication is arranged in seven chapters, and the first one is describing the theoretical basics of abrasive erosion and how the subject process usually takes place in pumps and turbines, while the second chapter is mainly dedicated to the analysis of the various factors that are influencing silt erosion. The other chapters of the book address the particle laden flow analysis together with the important technical aspects of the design of the hydraulic machinery expected to work in such conditions, anti-abrasive-erosion materials, corrosion etc.

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The full set of technical documentation pertaining to the AALBORG Inert Gas System, Mission OL Boiler, and AV-6N Economizer. The first part, for Mission OL Boiler, contains following - technical data, operation and maintenance instructions, flow diagrams, safety valves, technical description, water level gauges, feed water system, set of drawings, oil flow meter and regulating valve, data sheets, differential transmitter, ingition burner pump, combustion air pump, drawings and operating instruction and data sheets for burner, operating principles for control system, smoke density monitor, performance curves, mission control system, commissioning and service, burner sequence diagram, operation of the panels, flame safeguard, monitoring and control system, set point diagrams, menu structure for the control system, spare parts for boiler, burner, and control system.

The second part, for Inert Gas System, includes chapters covering general description of the subject system, operation, alarm and safety devices, parts list, piping and operation diagram, schematic control diagram, operating instruction, operation flow chart, operation guidance and emergency procedure, scrubber, deck water seal, pressure valve breaker, action on faults during operation, maintenance and periodical checks, inert gas system fault, recorder SR-1000, oxygen analyzer GB-II, positioner YT-1000, pressure transmitter EJA-110, pressure controller UT-420, pressure switches JM-21, RT113 and RT116, temperature indicator UM-330, flow switch BQS, level switches S01 and FR29Z, digital indicator UT-150.

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