This guide to sailboat racing is unique - it shows the reader how to set their sailing goals properly, and then breaks them into some sort of mini-goals, more manageable but still stretching. It was prepared by Jon Emmett who is the veteran sailing coach. In his book Emmet tried to explain how any person can improve his sailing techniques in a number of manageable stages.

Apart from theory, there are many practical tips and wisdom, shared by the Olympic champions, including Joe Glanfield and Paud Goodison. Each of the twenty chapters of this book contains some useful exercises. Use this book and it will help you to get to the very front of the fleet, regardless of whether your aim is to be a winner at open, club, national or even international level. Again, the main objective of the book is to make you discover how to set the goals and create the practical and reasonable action plans to get those goals achieved.

Of course, it contains perfectly detailed analysis of the key sailing techniques with a step-by-step guidance on improving the particular sailing skill according to the reader's own objectives. We would treat this book as the excellent first time resource for the newcomers or club racers.

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Sails are a boat's engine, and they produce power in one or two ways. If there is a wind coming from the side, it flows around both sides of the sail thus creating lift "pulling" the boat forward. Should the wind be coming is coming from behind, it "pushes" against the sail and simply shoves the boat forward. This belongs to the Keelboat series by US Sailing and covers the basic skills and terminology that are required in order to skipper a keelboat in a responsible manner.

The authors broke down the manoeuvers in a very understandable and simple way. The publication is popular in the sailing schools all around the country as the introductory textbook because of the easy-to-understand approach. Of course, it is aimed mostly to the newcomers; however, it will be useful even for the people having strong skills, since they still find there the information to fill in some gaps of their knowledge. We all know that the fastest way to learn something is to learn from the professionals.

This book will give the readers anything they need to know for the very first sailing. The text is truly outstanding. Some people say that in fact sailing is like chess, i.e. quite easy to learn and so difficult to master...

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This book written by Ernest Sims, published by Adlard Coles, has been fully dedicated to aluminum boatbuilding was prepared by Ernest Sims who has the huge experience in boat design. We think it is a truly "must" for everyone making efforts in designing and constructing their own boat from aluminum - regardless of the type.

Apart from the theoretical portion, the author of this book included some practical information related to the construction of the boats. It will be very useful for the boat designers and engineers, who can consider it as a very simple-to-use and quick reference book. We do believe that one copy of this publication shall always be kept on every boatbuilder's deck.

Even though this book can be used by beginners to the field of boat construction, it is mostly aimed to be used  by people having at least some boatbuilding experience since it will be much easier for them to understand the material provided. In any case, regardless of who is using this book, the information compiled by the author and practical examples included in it made this publication very valuable and world popular. Every boatbuilder will definitely find something inside and will benefit from using this book. 

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Well, the title of this book John Finch is quite self-explanatory, The publication was prepared by him with the sole intention to provide the boat modelers with the necessary theoretical information as well as all what is required from practical point of view. As a rule, the racing strategies are usually set forth from design point, and are based on the idea that the boat models, first of all, must be easy to control.

This book starts with the easiest type of boat hulls, the tunnel-like, which is exactly the one for the beginner to start with. Every boat builder must have this book in his collection. You will not only know how to build a good boat but will also learn how to make it fast. In particular, we would appreciate the excellent info on how to properly set-up each type of the hull, for instance catamarans, outriggers, vee-hulls. The essential advantage of this publication is that people can easily build a model boat without struggling too hard with the handling problems.

It is also a very good source of information for those who wish to modify or optimize their "ready-to-run" models of powerboats to make them faster. In any case, this is a must-have source for every boater and modeler.

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Here is an excellent manual for the boat owners and marine technicians prepared by Ed Sherman. The declared intention of the author, who is the senior writer of the American Boat & Yacht Council, was to provide readers with necessary knowledge on the proper troubleshooting of the modern complex electrical systems installed on boats and protect such electronic installation from the interference.

The readers of this book will also get to know how to eliminate various charging and starting problems, and how to track down the wide range of wiring, grounding, bonding, and corrosion problems. We would treat it as the top notch for every advance amateur electrical do-it-yourself boater. Though it is not too big and thick, this book is densely packed and full of valuable technical information related to the corrosion, RFI, electrical leakage and other important issues requiring the immediate attention of the persons handling and maintaining the boat. It features very good and high-quality graphics and images.

It is not actually a primer on electronics but rather perfect textbook for those who have some fundamental understanding of electricity. Do not miss this one - you know, boats always have some electrical issues and you' better get prepared to fix them yourself.

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The content of the present handbook is mainly based on the experience gained by the authors during their in total four-year voyages. The authors express their hope that the information included in the volume will be useful to the people interested in cruising. The book starts with the introductory part providing the general information about the basics of seamanship.

Then, the second chapter named "Starting-off", provides readers with necessary tips on buying a boat and also contains an article covering the cruising life in general. This one is followed by a "How to's" chapter giving the idea of anchoring activities, boat notes, book of lists, deck log and defect book, departure checklist and other relevant paperwork, nautical chart management, equipment instructions, maintenance schedule etc.

Remaining chapters of this interesting and fascinating book shed the light on various possible situations that the seamen may face at sea, including emergency situations, getting aground, fire on board, leaking hull, heavy weather conditions, rigging failures, crew overboard, steering failure etc. The book addresses the marine radio communications, navigation techniques and equipment used, fog and sound signals, medical emergencies, using radar and so many other important and useful topics that would definitely help any cruiser.

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This book by Peter Spectre contains the most popular boat designs. It will definitely be very useful and practical for people who intent to construct their own boat and are now searching for some suitable design; it will be also very interesting to those trying to improve the existing boat designs or even trying to create the unique ones. Some of the presented designs come from the past; however, some of them are even designs of the future.

We all know how important the drawings are in the boat- and shipbuilding - in fact, good drawings shall be treated as the essence of any boat review. The publication contains so many excellent and well-detailed design reviews, accompanied by class technical drawings. Most of the designs presented in this book are conventional while some of them are definitely not - the latter ones are very interesting for the boatbuilding enthusiasts.

The idea of the author to supplement the design descriptions with the experts' opinions was brilliant - the reading is now much more interesting and entertaining because of their enlightening commentary. We would say that this book will be very useful for the wooden boat owners; however, some ideas will be of interest and use for all boat owners and builders. 

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This is a very beautiful book indeed; it was written by Peter H. Spectre, who is a world popular renowned writer with a really lifelong experience of the sea traditions and a former editor of the famous and respected Wooden Boat magazine plus the author of the 100 Boat Designs Reviewed book - these days, he is the editor of Maine Boats. One of the most important advantages of this publication is that all construction bugs have been cleared out of the boat designs  by the author.

The book includes so many construction plans and detailed drawings, diagrams and materials lists, clear photographs and useful step-by-step instructions. The book contains not only the technical information on the boats but also so many interesting ideas that will definitely be appreciated by the boatbuilding and bat design enthusiasts. It will be equally useful to the boat builder and carpenter.

Even the boat modelers will benefit from having a look in this work. It is a very nice source for beginners and we may consider this publication maybe the best one to start with. Not too much of theory and not full of complicated difficult-to-follow instructions. Quite simple and motivating. The name is pretty self-explanatory - take this book and start. You will not be disappointed with the result.

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