Computational Ship Design

Author(s) Myung-II Roh, Kyu-Yeul Lee
Publisher Springer
Date 2018
Pages 377
Format pdf
Size 11 Mb







The present volume will offer its reader an excellent introduction to the very fundamental processes and also important systematic methodologies that are normally employed in the popular and effective computational approaches to the design of ships. The authors of the book are taking a detailed approach providing detailed descriptions of the relevant theories and definition of the problems, selection of the algorithms and math formulations etc.

The content of the publication is covering the whole ship design process starting from description of the basic theories and up to the latest applications. While the opening chapter is dealing with the basic models and equations of the ship design together with the freeboard calculations, hull resistance and powering of the ship, the other chapters are covering ship propeller design and ship hull form, selection of the engine, structural design and other relevant aspects.

The last two chapters address the operating ship design and consider the economic factors such as fuel consumption and construction cost. The volume is reflecting the huge practical experience of the authors in the field of ship design and s therefore recommended to any person engaged in the shipbuilding.

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