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The issue of the quality of the generated/provided electric power is becoming more and more important for the electric utilities as well as for the end users. Nowadays, the engineers involved in the power quality matters are trying to deal with such issues by means of the system approach.

We would use the "power quality" as the common term to describe the core subject of the present publication; however, it should be noted as necessary that in most of the cases the voltage quality is being addressed. From the technical point of view, power represents the rate of energy delivery and it would be quite difficult to try to define the quality of the power. The book consists of eleven major chapters with the first one being introductory and describing the scope of the book.

The 2nd chapter provides descriptions of most commonly used terms and definitions, the 3rd chapter addresses the voltage sags/interruptions, the 4th deals with the overvoltage problem, the 5th provides the fundamentals of harmonics... the rest of the chapters deal with the applied harmonics, long-duration voltage variations, benchmarking of the power quality, distributed generation, grounding and wiring issues. and monitoring of the power quality. Some of the applicable industry standards have also been mentioned in the last chapter together with the references.

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The author of this popular technical publication used the innovative approach to the very fundamentals of the electric power, that provided modern and comprehensive treatment. The book covers the most important and actual problems relating to the electrical power systems and looks at the traditional power plants as well as the ones utilizing sunlight and wind to extract the energy. It may be used for self-study and in the classroom.

The problems included in the book, at the end of the each chapter,  are of different levels of difficulty level. We have found that the book is very well written and very readable. It means that one does not necessarily have to be a professional electrical engineer to be able to use this publication. The material presented in the pages of this book is easy to understand even to non-professionals. The author goes through every single topic in depth and makes his best to explain the methods used.

We think that the publication shall be treated as the indispensable reference source for students of electrical engineering and engineers willing to get some additional training and improve their professional skills. Among the topics included by the author there are power electronics, synchronous machines, induction and d/c motors, energy conversion and others.

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Here is the 6th updated and revised release of the famous and world popular Electric Machinery. It retains the emphasis made by the author on the physical understanding of the learning material and the very fundamental principles that has always been one of the key outstanding features of this publication.

It is covering the fundamental concepts and some advanced topics specifically for the readers willing to cover the material in detail. There are several new chapters added in the book, such as the one dedicated to the power electronics, another one dealing with the torque and speed control and AC/DC electric motors, etc. There are also numerous practice problems and examples added for better illustration and understanding. The application of the MATLAB software has also been introduced to this new release of the book.

As a result, the book shall be considered a perfect referenced to be used when studying the electric machines since it brings all the major aspects of the energy conversion devices without making the material too difficult for understanding. In fact, the way author explains the relations of power with current and torque in the induction electric machines in maybe the best one when compared to other books available at the market.

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The Automar thematic network was developed with the specific intention of the authors to foster the Spanish innovation and research activities in the maritime industry aiming to strengthen their role in Europe. Fourteen chapters of the present publication collect the excellent contributions showing quite clearly the level of the scientific knowledge in maritime industrial sector achieved by the Spanish RTD.

We would expect that this publication might serve to promote the related technical knowledge as well as applications of the mechatronic and control systems that are currently being developed. The opening chapter has been dedicated to the latest advances on mechanical and thermal monitoring of the load applied to the marine diesel engines while the second chapter is mainly dealing with the ship pedestrian flow simulation.

And, among the other topics that have been covered within this book there is a good overview of the dynamic positioning systems of vessels, a research on predicting/avoiding the seasickness, a seekeeping laboratory where the experimental control tests can be conducted, identification of the math models for HSC, steering control, underwater robotics and even application of the climbing robots.

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The very original intention of Adrian Waygood, the author of the present publication on electrical engineering, was to provide all readers, mostly tradespersons and apprentices in the field of electrical technology, as well as any other persons who might require the proper knowledge of the electricity for their everyday work, with a basic intro to the electrical science. However, the author hopes that others, will also find this publication useful and interesting.

Though there are so many books supporting the regulations and some practical aspects of electrical training existing in the industry, by necessity these books are actually unable to cover the electrical science in any depth. Therefore, we may say that there is a tendency for many persons to have quite a weak technical understanding of the electrical science. Moreover, even a very basic examination of the questions/answers on the relevant websites, reveals a huge number of misconceptions on the subject of electricity. 

So, in fact these are the two areas that the author of this publication has tried to address, namely an improvement in the knowledge/understanding of the basics of the electrical science, and an attempt to eliminate most part of the above mentioned misconceptions that people do have about the present subject...

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This handbook has been the single source blockbuster containing all essential technical information related to the design and installation, as well as operation and maintenance of the electrical equipment and systems for more than a century. The present latest, revised and updated, release of the handbook includes the very latest advancements in transient voltage surge suppressors, fiber optics, grounding etc.

It is fully in line with the latest releases of the NSC (National Safety Code), NEC (National Electrical Code) and other regulatory documents, and features new info on electronic control of motors and on high efficiency electric motors. In addition to that, the handbook reflects all recent developments in circuits and their translations, wiring tables, transformers, lamp application tables and so much more. Any reader of the book will gain necessary theoretical plus valuable practical information and it should also be used when preparing for the electricians exams since it is very comprehensive.

The book may be used in the classroom as well as for the self-study. You will see that this publication will for sure help you resolve nearly all possible technical questions. This is not an exhaustive reference source on any single subject but rather a perfect reference to provide the general overview.   

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