Fracture Mechanics

Author(s) Nestor Perez
Publisher Springer
Date 2004
Pages 284
Format pdf
Size 10 Mb







We are offering you to have a look in this excellent reference volume prepared to be used by all graduate students plus professionals and describing the established analytical methods commonly used to derive the functions of strain and stress that are directly related to the fracture mechanics.

The main focus of the publication has been made on modeling and also problem-solving as the instruments to be utilized for the interpretation of the meaning of math solution for a concrete engineering situation or problem. Once this has been accomplished, the readers are expected to be fully able to think mathematically, consider the significance of the micro-structural parameters on properties from the metallurgical point of view, perform the analysis of the mechanical behavior of various materials, and realistically recognize how dangerous the cracks in the stressed structures can be.

The present publication differs from the other books in that the content has been organized around the modeling as well as the predictive approaches generally used for the explanation of the negative consequences of the crack growth cases. That is the reason why this volume is expected to take much more practical approach making it particularly useful and practical when utilized as a fundamental reference for the practicing mechanical engineers...

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