Handbook of Nautical Medicine

Author(s) W. H. G. Goethe, E. N. Watson, D. T. Jones
Publisher Springer
Date 1984
Pages 40
Format pdf
Size 12 Mb







From the earliest times, the doctors faced with the necessity of dealing with the numerous medical problems quite specific to the seafaring. That was because the seafarers of the past times used to be particularly vulnerable to the dangers during their long sea voyages much more than they are exposed today. And that was the time when the small group of ship’s doctors representing the different countries, developed and introduced a completely new field of the medicine.

There have been numerous treaties written and released since the XVI century onwards. We can actually divide the whole history of the seafaring, and the associated development of the nautical medicine, into three main periods, namely the manpower age, where the oars were in a wide use, sailing times, when the wind power was used, and the age of the engine power, including the steam powered vessels and up to the nuclear-powered vessels of today.

The present publication was prepared to serve as a ready reference tool to the doctor. Opening with the general introductory information and historical background of the nautical medicine, it provides all necessary knowledge on the variety of important topics specific to the work at sea.

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