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We recommend that you have a close look into this mini-collection of training videos. The set consists of twelve video lessons each covering one aspect of marine engineering. Together they will provide you with the information about engine type designation and engine safety, start and stop routines of diesel engines, engine safety and governing systems, fuel oil system and jacket cooling water system, main and rocker arm lubricating oil systems, control air system, exhaust system and engine air starting system.

The main objective of this training set is to make the operational personnel duly acquainted with the important aspects of operating and maintenance of the machinery they deal with when performing their routing assignments. The material is presented in a form of animations with the text and images and this makes the learning process go much smoother and facilitates easier understanding of the subject by the trainees.

That is why these videos can be used on board for training crew members as well as ashore and even for self-training. All explanations are very clear and the supplementary materials are informative making it easy to follow even to the novices in the world of marine engineering.

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In the maritime shipping industry as everywhere else, staying safe, i.e. alive and healthy, is the considered the absolutely most important aspect. That is why every worker regardless of his or her position on board a vessel or ashore shall be fully aware of the situations that may result in accidents, it means changing approach we used when thinking about the safety and giving us the tools to stay away the danger.

Fortunately, tools like pre-incident notification can help, and this is exactly what the present training video film is about. Note that there is one more video available at our site and that one is coming under the "Nitriles - Safety for Maritime Operations" title. We recommend you to download and watch all of them to have a full picture of the dangers that may be there when transporting the nitriles by sea, and ways to avoid them and make the transportation safe to the people and environment.

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One more instructional video from B&W specialists - the present film is devoted to the process of adjustment of the mechanical VIT-system. The VIT, standing for the variable injection timing, is a function of the diesel engine associated with the load-dependent adjustment of pressure developed in the combustion chamber and allowing to get to the maximum pressure during the part load helping to decrease the consumption of the fuel oil and also to reach to the efficient combustion.

The content of this training video will be of practical use to the personnel engaged in the operation and maintenance of the marine diesel engines with the VIT, and facing necessity to perform the associated adjustment. The explanation provided is very clear and will be understandable even to the people without too extensive experience with subject marine engines, who would like to use this video as a reference and supplementary training material. As it is the case with any other training videos from B&W, this one is remarkably informative and interesting, and will be appreciated by any engineer and student.

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This is the instructional video produced and officially released for distribution by the B&W, one of the world leaders in production of the marine diesel engines. This film is devoted to the main bearings installed on the engines of S-K-L 60-80MC series.

It will demonstrate how to perform the inspection of the main bearings in the most effective and correct manner. The content of this video will be greatly appreciated by all crew members involved in the periodic maintenance and repair of these marine diesel engines as it provides invaluable visual instructions that will perfectly supplement the information obtained from the books and instruction/maintenance manuals for the engines.

The more information you have, the better will be the inspection you perform. An absolutely recommended one for the marine engineers working on the vessels with B&W engines installed.

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An excellent training video, also produced by B&W pro's - this one has been devoted to the overhaul of the marine diesel engine pistons. As the title implies, it is intended to provide the marine engineers, and particularly crew members and other specialists involved in the overhaul of the pistons, with the required supplementary visual aid that will help them in performing subject task and can be used in addition to the info contained in the relevant technical manuals coming with the engines.

All of the operations have been covered and commented in a professional manner. Please also check all other B&W instructional videos we may offer - overhaul of exhaust valve, overhaul of the fuel valves, and overhauling the stuffing box - since they are all equally useful both for familiarization purposes and for practical use.

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This is one more instructional video offered by the B&W company professionals and providing the crew members with the necessary visual aid to conducting the periodical overhauling of the fuel valves. This video film should be used as a very valuable visual supplement to the information contained in the operation and maintenance manuals, some of them are presented in this section of our website for familiarization.

Obviously, watching something being done will be of great use for the person engaged in the subject overhaul. In addition, believe you may wish to have a look into the other training packs we have, for instance Note that there are some other instructional videos available at our website, such as the ones devoted to the overhaul of piston and overhaul of the exhaust valve, overhauling the stuffing box - have them all saved and use whenever necessary.

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This is the instructional video produced by the specialists of the B&W company in order to provide required assistance to the crew members performing the periodical overhaul of the exhaust valves. Though most of the information can be found there in the technical manuals to be referred to, some visual guidance will of course be very useful.

Note that there are some other instructional videos available at our website, such as the ones devoted to the overhaul of piston, overhaul of the fuel valves and overhauling the stuffing box of the marine diesel engines and we definitely recommend to download them all as a set readily available when required.

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This instructional video film has been prepared and officially released by B&W company, one of the world leaders in the field of construction of the best class marine diesel engines. It is covering all K and L engines produced by B&W and is intended to demonstrate and explain in detail the process of the chain control and adjustment performed on the above stated engines.

Needless to say that the film will be of great practical use for the crew members and shore-based personnel directly engaged in the periodic maintenance and technical overhauls of the shipboard engines as well as to the repair teams. However, taking into account that the instructions presented are very clear and easy-to-follow, this film may be recommended even to the students willing to supplement their paper training materials with the visual instructions.

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