We are all aware of the fact that absolutely all hydrocarbons including both oil products and crude oil are normally considered flammable. The IGS, standing for the inert gas systems, are installed on board ships with the purpose of preventing of the potential fires and explosions from happening. That is why they are treated as the critically important arrangements providing safety of the ship and her crew members.

The present training video will demonstrate and explain the main operating principles of the IGS. Taking into account the importance of the properly working and duly maintained inert gas system and the role it plays in the provision of the safe operation of the vessel, it is obvious that any crew member engaged in operation or maintenance of these systems shall have an absolutely clear understanding of its working principles and main components.

We would therefore recommend all such persons to pay serious attention to the content of this video and watch it very carefully. The video is interesting and easy to follow even for the newcomers on board.

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This is a training video showing in detail the maintenance of the Sauer air compressors. The three-stage air cooled high-pressure compressors are manufactured by one of the most respected and recognized manufacturers in the world. These compressors are internationally known and used worldwide because of their reliability and effectiveness.

The list of areas where the Sauer compressors are commonly used include commercial shipping, oil and gas industry. naval marine industry and others. Three basic features of the compressors are less temperature and less installation and further maintenance cost. The present instructional video will be helpful to the crew members and shore support personnel engaged in the maintenance of the subject compressors on regular or even occasional basis.

Note that this training should also be useful to the students who can use this video as a visual supplement to their theoretical learning since it covers the most important stages of the maintenance process in detail allowing for proper understanding. we would even recommend this one to the general audience willing to have an idea of how the air compressors are usually maintained and what techniques shall be followed.

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We offer you to have a look at this short but still very useful training video film which is intended to provide the description of the basic principles of the shell-and-tube heat exchangers. In fact, this is the interesting and informative animation allowing to observe the whole process of exchanging heat starting from the point where sea water commonly enters the heat exchanger.

It will definitely be of real practical interest for the students of marine engineering and any persons dealing with the day to day operation, periodic routine maintenance or even repair of the subject machinery piece on board ships. Even though the duration of the video is not more than a minute, this is still an excellent way to spend a minute of your time improving your technical understanding of the fundamental operating principles of subject piece of shipboard machinery. We recommend you to have a close look and download this short animation to make it readily available for demonstration to other interested persons.

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The short training video showing the Rolls Royce Promas propulsion and maneuvering system in detail. Subject system is a really novel design integrating the ship's rudder and propeller into a single system in order to provide optimization of the hydrodynamic efficiency.

This design implies fitting a special hubcap on the ship's propeller; subject hubcap is intended to streamline the flow onto a special bulb which is added to the ship's rudder - as a result, the flow separation is effectively reduced after the propeller. Eventually, the propeller's thrust increases since the energy which used to get wasted in the past, is now recovered from the water flow.

The bulb fitted onto the ship's rudder is also adding to the streamlining of the flow reducing the drag. The twisted design of the rudder is providing some further improvement in maneuverability and efficiency. Note that you will gain about 3-8% and 2-6% of additional efficiency for single- and double-screw vessels respectively.

In fact, any ship fitted with such system will benefit. It is much easier to watch this five-minute video and get even better understanding of the advantages that are offered to you by the Promas system.

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One of the best training packs for the persons willing to get a full understanding of the electrical installations onboard marine vessels, their arrangement and operations, from the very basic knowledge to the in-depth analysis. The pack is made of eight video films each of them covering one particular topic.

The first video is devoted to the maintenance of the shipboard electrical systems and safety issues involved, and this is a sort of intro. The other films deal with the starters and motors, distribution of the electrical energy, survey requirements, ancillary services, main circuit breakers, alternators, special electrical practices etc.

Note that the electric propulsion and high voltage matters have been addressed in two films due to the large size. There is a separate pdf file providing some supplementary information on shipboard main and auxiliary electrical systems, high voltage safety, certification and classification requirements, and other important issues.

Recommended for the students and crew members engaged in the operation, maintenance and repair of the electrical equipment and systems on board - they will find absolutely all information in a single video course and may wish to supplement it with the book on practical marine electrical knowledge we have.

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The present collection of instructional video films will definitely be of great practical use for all marine engineers and students of marine engineering and shipbuilding. The content of the films is covering such fundamental activities as the removal of pistons and connecting rod, detailed removal of cylinder head, process of disassembly of the crank pin bearing, removal of the cylinder liners, and many other operations commonly carried out in the course of the periodical overhauls of the shipboard diesel engines.

The information contained will also be helpful at the time of repair of subject Wartsila engine. The videos are the excellent supplements to the theoretical course; we recommend to have them all readily available on board, particularly for the engineers of the vessels with the Wartsila SW38 engines installed, as well as to the shore-based supporting personnel engaged in the subject operations, on a regular basis taking into account the remarkable coverage of the operations. All of the operation are explained in detail and made easy-to-understand. In short, it is a must-have instrument for the visual training and practical assistance for the practicing engineers and students.

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When you join your vessel for the first time, note that it critically important for your safety to become thoroughly familiar with the particulars of the vessel, safety equipment on board, their design features and locations. One of the design features normally fitted to nearly all types of ships is the use of the powered watertight doors intended to protect the ship's hull from the risk of flooding in case of the grounding, collision or structural damage.

When closed, these doors become part of the ship's structure acting as a sort of reliable barrier for the flood water, and their strength is vital - they are built from the heavy steel requiring them to be moved by hydraulics or powered by means of the electric motors.

Watch this training video and you will get a full idea of what the shipboard powered watertight doors are, how and where they are commonly installed, what are the dangers associated with their operation in you fail to follow the correct procedure, and how to avoid the risks of getting trapped and harmed. This training will be best if watched with this booklet on same topic since they perfectly supplement each other.

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This is one more instructional video offered by the B&W company professionals and providing the crew members with the necessary visual aid to conducting the periodical overhauling of the fuel valves. This video film should be used as a very valuable visual supplement to the information contained in the operation and maintenance manuals, some of them are presented in this section of our website for familiarization.

Obviously, watching something being done will be of great use for the person engaged in the subject overhaul. In addition, believe you may wish to have a look into the other training packs we have, for instance Note that there are some other instructional videos available at our website, such as the ones devoted to the overhaul of piston and overhaul of the exhaust valve, overhauling the stuffing box - have them all saved and use whenever necessary.

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