This instructional video film has been prepared and officially released by B&W company, one of the world leaders in the field of construction of the best class marine diesel engines. It is covering all K and L engines produced by B&W and is intended to demonstrate and explain in detail the process of the chain control and adjustment performed on the above stated engines.

Needless to say that the film will be of great practical use for the crew members and shore-based personnel directly engaged in the periodic maintenance and technical overhauls of the shipboard engines as well as to the repair teams. However, taking into account that the instructions presented are very clear and easy-to-follow, this film may be recommended even to the students willing to supplement their paper training materials with the visual instructions.

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This training video will be greatly appreciated by the students of marine engineering, that is for sure. It will be equally useful to the practicing marine engineers working on board vessels and involved in the operation and maintenance of the M32C power systems that are produced by Caterpillar and supplied for installation onboard seagoing ships.

The video allows you to have a look inside the virtual working engine without having to disassemble the real one. Such knowledge and understanding of the working principle of the engine is very important as it serves as the basis for making the further technical decisions related to the operation, maintenance and repair of the marine diesel engines.

Launch the video and you will see the process of dismantling of the cylinder head and removal of the piston not only shown to you but also explained in detail.

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This short video was prepared in order to demonstrate the real internal arrangement of the typical marine diesel engine.

The authors had made an excellent attempt to produce a very short training video that would illustrate how the engine is constructed and how it actually operates. Only one minute long but so interesting.

For sure, will be appreciated by all people trying to improve their knowledge of the diesel engines, their constructions and processes taking place during their operation. You should agree, it definitely deserves attention.

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This officially released video file describes the Alfa Laval PureBallast which is the ballast water treatment system developed by the company and based on the unique pure ballast concept. Subject system has been already type approved by the IMO and USCG and well met by the maritime industry.

It is energy efficient and offers a truly superior technical performance in fresh, marine and brackish waters. Note that this is the ideal option to choose for the low-clarity water.

Watch this video and get the necessary information which is now quite important taking into account the latest movements regarding the Ballast Water Management Convention entering into force...

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There are a great variety of ships at sea today whose many technical specifications of engineering installations. The one thing that is common to all of them is that they all require the use of water - one way or another. It may be used for steam production or engine cooling, or simply for consumption by the officers and crew. In fact, water will be used on board in considerable quantities.

Fortunately, there is always plenty of it available in the form of a sea water; they can pump it and use it straight away for washing the deck, for example. But if you try and use this water in a boiler, or for cooling your main engine, in a few days catastrophe will hit the ship - the boiler could blow up or the main engine get damaged. This is because sea water is contaminated by dissolved and dispensed solids, namely sodium chloride, calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate and calcium sulphate.

These form deposits which can cause overheating and mechanical breakdown, making it unsuitable for use in boilers and in engine cooling systems, just like it is unsuitable for drinking by human being. that is why the cleaning and treatment of water on board the vessel is so important for the ship's efficient operation - and that is where chemical treatment plays a vital role by preventing internal corrosion and scaling formation...

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